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Testimonials for Max Salazar

I usually don't write reviews online. But finding an apartment is a very painful and stressful process. And in the jungle that NY is there are few opportunities to get real, concrete, and truthful feedback on brokers. My name is Marc and I'm a Belgian national that moved 2 years ago to the city with very few ties in the US. For us foreigners, finding an apartment is even more difficult given the amount of paperwork required, especially if you don't have income (I was a student until a few months ago) and credit history in the country. In my case, I was additionnaly extremely rushed with time, given I got to the city from my summer on Sep 22 and had to vacate my previous apartment on Oct 1st. I got in touch with max through Craigslist, and every single listing he showed was of truly high quality. He was extremely flexible in adapting to my busy schedule and used a no b******t and efficient style of working. After a failed application at the Caroline (our application got there only 30 min after another one) he found me an even better 2 bedroom, 2 baths apartment that takes dogs in a beautiful building in SoHo - all of thatwhile still negotiating the price down despite the deadline. He managed the application process admirably and really fought for me and my roommate despite the flaws in our respective files (e.g. guarantor requirement, etc.). Finally he even helped me moved when I realized most of my friends couldn't take enough time off their job to do so. All in all, Max is the best broker I've met in the city, and I've worked with a bunch of them (I moved 4 times in tow years). This review should be sufficient to convince you, but if not, feel free to contact me. Best, Marc
Max is one of a kind. He is charismatic and always on the move to find the apartment that's perfect for you...no matter your budget. He is flexible with his schedule and promptly responds to emails. More importantly, his 10+ years of experience in conjunction with his deep relationships across the city helped my roommates and I secure an apartment quickly...it came on the market 15 minutes before our appointment and we were closing by lunch (the landlord called him personally to give him first dibs). To sum up, if you need an apartment in NYC, call Max Salazar. You will not be disappointed.
Max knows the apartment hunting game better than anyone else, and that's why he's extremely successful. As a newcomer to NYC, I had a lot to learn; many brokers came at me with lots of listings, and many of them wasted my time showing me places that clearly did not meet my criteria. Max, however, listened to exactly what I wanted in terms of cost, size, and amenities, so every place he showed me was a strong candidate. He also went out of his way to find places that weren't clearly listed. When it came time to do paperwork, Max was completely honest about all of the various fees and deposits, and I never felt pressured or confused during the process. Most importantly, Max is extremely quick and aggressive, and that is EXACTLY what you need in a NYC real estate broker...especially in the summertime when the demand is extremely high. If you know exactly what you're looking for, Max will find it for you (and he'll do it quickly), so be ready!
Max grew up here and knows his stuff, He's highly organized and efficient and stays in budget. He was able to figure out what I would like with just a few clues. Plus it's a pleasure to work with him.
Max did an incredible job helping my girlfriend and I find an apartment in Kips Bay. He's always on time and on top of things, and responds promptly to emails ant texts. He will only show you things in your budget that meet your requirements. He was able to get us a great deal on an apartment in a competitive market.
I genuinely couldn't recommend Max any higher... he is just brilliant!! The viewing process was quick as he takes everything into account and ensures he is only showing you stuff that suits exactly what you want. He goes above and beyond for his clients... everything from picking up the documents to sign, dropping cheques off and providing constant reassurance and support with any questions. Max is the best!!
Max helped my boyfriend and I find our first apartment together in New York City. I reached out to Max about the type of apartment we were interested in renting, along with the location and amenities we were hoping to get with our budget. Max promptly got back to us, and had a list of buildings he thought would fit our needs. The first place Max took us to we loved! Max was able to work around our busy schedules to accommodate us, and was always quick to get back to us with any questions we had. Overall, our experience working with Max was awesome! He was knowledgable about the building we moved into, and was genuinely happy that we found our first place together.
Max is hands down the best and most detail oriented broker I have ever interfaced with. I have been dealing with real estate in NYC for over 5 years and have met with 20+ brokers, none of which hold a candle to Max's service. He will help you find exactly what you need as long as you are specific and upfront with him. Trust me when I say he is the example of how brokers should work in the modern age. Constant and honest communication and a knowledge level like no other. Thanks Max!
Max is easily the best broker I've worked with in the 5+ years I've lived in NYC. In spite of how picky I am, he managed to find me exactly what I was looking for, incredibly fast, and under budget--it was unreal. Unlike many other brokers out there, Max is very efficient, trustworthy, and does not waste your time. Highly recommend.