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25 Park Row Condominium in Financial District, Manhattan

25 PARK ROW at 25 Park Row Building Details
25 Park Row is a newly developed condominium located in the heart of the Financial District in New York City. Designed by COOKFOX Architects, the building boasts a contemporary interpretation of the Art Deco style. The 50-floor structure houses 110 units, each offering unparalleled views overlooking the historic City Hall Park and the cityscape beyond. The penthouse residences provide sweeping vistas from the East River to the Hudson, showcasing the city's architectural marvels and the scenic City Hall Park.

The interior of each residence is meticulously designed, emphasizing fine materials and craftsmanship. Custom textured woods, veined marble, and mosaic tiles are paired with top-of-the-line appliances and fixtures in kitchens and bathrooms. The building also features amenities designed by Studio Mellone, known as The Park Row Club. This suite of curated amenities includes a residents' lounge, library with a fireplace, private dining room, golf and billiards areas, playroom, and fitness center with a 65-foot pool and yoga studio. Additionally, the Park Row Club offers outdoor spaces such as a garden, dining terrace, grilling kitchen, and naturalistic playscape.

The Financial District itself is a bustling neighborhood in Lower Manhattan, serving as the city's financial hub. Beyond its financial institutions, the area offers a diverse range of attractions, including historic sites like the South Street Seaport and the 9/11 Memorial and Museum. The neighborhood also features upscale dining options, high-end shopping destinations, and a waterfront promenade with stunning views of the East River and the Statue of Liberty.

Residents of 25 Park Row can enjoy the convenience of on-site parking and a discreet Theatre Alley entry, making it a coveted living space in this dynamic and vibrant neighborhood.
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Building Facts for 25 Park Row, New York 10038
  • Available Sales Listings: 3
  • Street Address: 25 Park Row, New York, NY 10038
  • Property Type: Condominium
  • Elevator Building
  • New Development
  • Doorman: Full-time doorman
  • Neighborhood: Financial District / Manhattan
  • Building Name: 25 PARK ROW

25 PARK ROW Building Amenities
  • Common terrace
  • Full-time doorman
  • Media Room
  • On-site laundry
  • Parking Available
  • Private outdoor space
  • Elevator
  • Gym/Fitness
  • Playroom
  • Pool
  • Storage

Active Listings & Units
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25 PARK ROW Residences
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Recent Activity at 25 PARK ROW
11/28/2023 #72C Listed for rent at $16,500
11/14/2023 #DX48D/49D Listed for rent at $33,000
11/03/2023 #44A Listed for sale at $12,950,000
11/03/2023 #22C Listed for sale at $4,670,000
10/20/2023 #73A Listed for sale at $13,600,000
09/26/2023 #39D Listed for sale at $1,350,000
09/13/2023 #68B Listed for rent at $35,000
09/08/2023 #60C Listed for rent at $14,000
09/06/2023 #16C Sold for $4,060,000
08/11/2023 #67B Listed for rent at $27,000
08/09/2023 #19C Listed for sale at $4,250,000
08/02/2023 #58B Listed for rent at $23,500
07/21/2023 #56C Listed for rent at $14,000
07/21/2023 #55B Listed for rent at $23,500
07/12/2023 #59A Listed for sale at $7,500,000
07/08/2023 #15A Listed for sale at $3,995,000
06/09/2023 #12A Listed for rent at $12,500
06/07/2023 #42B Listed for rent at $14,000
05/30/2023 #25A Listed for sale at $4,170,000
05/25/2023 #PH81 Listed for sale at $45,000,000
05/01/2023 #20C Sold for $4,305,000
04/30/2023 #67A Listed for sale at $12,250,000
04/22/2023 #26C Listed for rent at $14,995
03/29/2023 #20C Listed for sale at $4,575,000
03/13/2023 #41C Listed for sale at $2,600,000
03/08/2023 #11C Listed for rent at $10,500
03/07/2023 #8D Listed for rent at $7,400
02/22/2023 #58D Listed for sale at $4,100,000
01/23/2023 #12D Listed for sale at $3,950,000
12/08/2022 #9B Listed for rent at $7,000
10/25/2022 #17C Sold for $4,330,000
10/17/2022 #10D Listed for rent at $6,750
10/04/2022 #5A Sold for $6,350,000
08/01/2022 #38A Listed for rent at $15,000
06/21/2022 #19B Listed for rent at $10,500
06/09/2022 #22A Listed for rent at $13,750
06/02/2022 #25A Sold for $4,083,000
05/17/2022 #21C Sold for $4,500,000
05/17/2022 #17C Listed for sale at $4,470,000
05/10/2022 #PH43A Sold for $12,000,000
04/29/2022 #11A Sold for $2,750,000
04/27/2022 #26A Sold for $3,950,000
04/08/2022 #18A Sold for $2,825,000
04/05/2022 #10A Sold for $2,735,000
03/30/2022 #16C Listed for sale at $4,195,000
03/22/2022 #21A Sold for $2,945,000
03/10/2022 #12A Sold for $2,775,000
03/08/2022 #21C Listed for sale at $4,610,000
03/08/2022 #26B Listed for rent at $8,300
03/05/2022 #11A Listed for sale at $2,840,000
03/04/2022 #26A Listed for sale at $4,205,000
02/10/2022 #18C Sold for $4,350,000
01/20/2022 #PH44A Sold for $12,000,000
01/07/2022 #18A Listed for sale at $2,950,000
12/30/2021 #36A Sold for $3,800,000
12/16/2021 #22C Sold for $4,500,000
12/10/2021 #14A Sold for $2,750,000
12/08/2021 #6E Sold for $3,475,000
12/08/2021 #PH43A Listed for sale at $12,750,000
11/22/2021 #PH41A Sold for $11,500,000
11/22/2021 #PH42A Sold for $11,500,000
11/09/2021 #39A Sold for $3,740,000
10/18/2021 #34A Sold for $3,975,000
10/18/2021 #37A Sold for $3,750,000
10/14/2021 #15C Sold for $4,402,583
10/05/2021 #15B Sold for $7,000,000
09/27/2021 #26C Sold for $3,520,000
09/24/2021 #27A Sold for $4,137,188
09/21/2021 #11D Sold for $4,900,000
08/18/2021 #38A Sold for $3,735,000

Apartment Floor Plans
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While every attempt is made to ensure accuracy, this floor plan is for guidance only. The measurements, dimensions, specifications, and other data shown are approximate and may not be to scale.  We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of this floor plan or for any action taken in reliance thereon. This floor plan does not create any representation, warranty or contract. All parties should consult a professional, such as an architect, to verify the information contained herein.
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Alternate Addresses for 25 PARK ROW in NYC
  • 32 PARK ROW
  • 23 PARK ROW
  • 24 PARK ROW
  • 25 PARK ROW
  • 26 PARK ROW
  • 27 PARK ROW
  • 28 PARK ROW
  • 29 PARK ROW
  • 30 PARK ROW
  • 31 PARK ROW