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Welcome to your Highline Career

Meet Stacey Max
Sales Manager
Cornell University | Hotel Administration

Stacey's favorite thing to do is to sell homeownership and to teach real estate agents not only what are the real benefits of owning property in NYC, but how to be the best agent and provide exceptional service to their clients.

Why Join Highline?


Richard Miensky
New Developments,
East Village Specialist

Leverage, Our Proprietary CRM

I joined Highline after viewing a demo of Highline’s Technology Platform (Leverage). It definitely delivers! Tasks that used to take hours (creating CMA’s, sending listings to clients, bulk texting) now take minutes. But the biggest change to my business is based on Highline’s CRM. Rather than managing my clients through a combination of email, phone, and social media, I now manage everyone on a platform integrated with all other software I use daily.


Imrul Hassan
Team Leader
Brooklyn Specialist


Highline’s leadership team has always been open to feedback. After suggesting to them that they should try to leverage social media to generate buyer and renter leads, Daniel, our CTO, and his team went into action. They created a website and landing page within days which now generates hundreds of warm leads. My experience is these leads are more likely to convert because we are able to capture and nurture them earlier in the process and are able to build a relationship and rapport with them before they go out and meet other agents.


Chris Mezera
Upper East Side
Sales Specialist

DeepSearch New York

I used to maintain a PropertyShark subscription for $700 a year. Highline built an even better tool internally which I now use for all of my building, landlord, and property related research. The best part about this tool is it’s available for all Highline agents at no additional cost. I can now reinvest the $700 into marketing to generate more business.


Sharon Royce
Lower East Side Specialist

Listings Department

Highline has a great Listings department that gives out landlord leads. I have been able to successfully launch my business in the manner the company represented. I receive introductions to multiple listings and landlords on a weekly basis. These are listings that are not represented and I convert them to exclusives for both sales and rentals. In fact, a few of the introductions I received last year now use me for all of their business.


Nitin Wadhwani
Midtown West Specialist


The training offered at Highline is comprehensive ranging from an introductory course on how to efficiently close rental deals to building a sales business from scratch (by a coach who has been in the business 20+ years). There is a great mentoring program for new agents too. You get direction and advice from experienced agents and team leaders.


Charlie Le Grice
Prospect Heights Specialist

Claim Leads Portal

I love ClaimLeads! I can go to the claim leads portal and claim leads that have been generated by Highline internally. My largest commission came from a sales lead I claimed from the claim leads portal.

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