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Tangram House South

133-27 39th Avenue Condominium in Flushing, Queens

Tangram House South

133-27 39th Avenue

Tangram House South at 133-27 39th Avenue Building Details
Tangram House South is part of the Tangram Development in Flushing, The development includes over 275,000 square feet of retail space, including a cutting-edge 4DX Movie Theater, and 85,000 gross square feet of prime office space. Phase I of Tangram House features 159 luxury residential condominium units, including an exclusive collection of 33 penthouse units. Phase II plans include approximately 130 additional residential condominiums. The development also includes a 207-key branded lifestyle hotel and three levels of underground parking.

Tangram House South, a 15-floor building, offers 195 units ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms. The design philosophy behind Tangram House emphasizes clean, elegant lines that maximize space and light, creating a calming and tranquil atmosphere. Rooted in Asian architecture and philosophy, the development combines contemporary design with timeless elegance.

The main lobby of Tangram House is a blend of organic forms and classic Asian design elements, offering residents a beautiful introduction to the development. Custom cabinetry from Doimo, an Italian company known for their craftsmanship and forward-thinking design, enhances the kitchens and bathrooms, creating a harmonious blend of style and utility.

Residents of Tangram House have access to a variety of amenities, including The Pavilion, inspired by traditional Japanese teahouses, offering cozy lounges and sitting areas within 1-acre walking gardens. Additional amenities include a conference room, library, dining room, lounge area with a fireplace and garden view, tennis courts, outdoor BBQ areas, and a children's playroom. Residents also enjoy direct access to the Tangram shopping center below, providing a plethora of retail, dining, and entertainment options.

Flushing, Queens, where Tangram House is located, is a vibrant neighborhood known for its rich cultural heritage and diverse culinary scene. As one of the largest Chinatowns in New York City, Flushing offers an array of Asian markets, restaurants, and specialty shops. The neighborhood also features cultural landmarks like Flushing Town Hall and the Queens Botanical Garden, providing residents with opportunities for artistic and recreational activities. With convenient transportation options, including the Flushing-Main Street station and access to major highways, residents can easily explore the neighborhood's diverse offerings and beyond.
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Building Facts for 133-27 39th Avenue, Queens 11354
  • Available Sales Listings: 6
  • Street Address: 133-27 39th Avenue, Queens, NY 11354
  • Property Type: Condominium
  • Elevator Building
  • New Development
  • Neighborhood: Flushing / Queens
  • Building Name: Tangram House South

Tangram House South Building Amenities
  • Bike room
  • Live-in superintendent
  • On-site laundry
  • Package Room
  • Parking Available
  • Pets - Cats ok
  • Pets - Dogs ok
  • Concierge
  • Courtyard
  • Doorman
  • Elevator
  • Gym/Fitness
  • Playroom
  • Pool
  • Storage

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Tangram House South Residences
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Recent Activity at Tangram House South
10/17/2023 #6K Listed for rent at $3,200
05/26/2023 #12M Listed for sale at $1,205,000
05/16/2023 #11R Listed for sale at $1,800,000
04/21/2023 #55 Listed for sale at $1,150,000
04/21/2023 #13 Listed for sale at $998,000
04/01/2023 #PHC Listed for sale at $1,349,000
03/27/2023 #B Listed for rent at $2,600
03/04/2023 #3L Listed for sale at $1,130,000
02/24/2023 #5D Sold for $683,000
01/31/2023 #10R Listed for sale at $1,943,860
01/12/2023 #9K Sold for $878,000
12/21/2022 #5Q Listed for sale at $1,468,000
12/13/2022 # Listed for rent at $4,000
12/12/2022 #3C Listed for sale at $1,130,000
11/21/2022 #10M Sold for $1,225,000
10/26/2022 #PH2A Listed for sale at $2,966,120
10/26/2022 #PH2B Listed for sale at $2,735,730
10/11/2022 #9Q Sold for $2,035,482
10/08/2022 #8Q Listed for sale at $1,430,000
09/28/2022 #9K Listed for sale at $878,000
09/09/2022 #3M Listed for sale at $1,150,000
08/09/2022 #12K Listed for rent at $3,200
07/07/2022 #9S Listed for rent at $3,000
06/24/2022 #10M Listed for sale at $1,225,000
06/21/2022 #3B Sold for $655,000
04/18/2022 #PHH Listed for rent at $3,900
04/06/2022 #8E Sold for $734,850
03/25/2022 #PH2D Sold for $3,099,800
03/09/2022 #11Q Sold for $2,041,654
03/07/2022 #7H Listed for rent at $4,000
02/24/2022 #9R Sold for $1,906,409
01/21/2022 #PHC Sold for $1,241,135
01/14/2022 #7H Sold for $1,311,171
01/11/2022 #12N Sold for $868,000
01/11/2022 #12N Listed for rent at $2,950
10/27/2021 #3B Listed for sale at $675,000
10/20/2021 #PH1C Sold for $2,785,240
10/13/2021 #3J Listed for sale at $830,000
10/05/2021 #3Q Sold for $1,305,092
09/30/2021 #5D Listed for sale at $689,000
09/28/2021 #10S Listed for rent at $2,700
09/10/2021 #7S Sold for $601,128
08/26/2021 #10J Sold for $695,142
08/24/2021 #5C Sold for $946,062
08/18/2021 #9Q Listed for sale at $1,999,000
08/04/2021 #3A Sold for $790,000
08/04/2021 #6C Sold for $954,585
07/27/2021 #PH1A Sold for $1,200,030
07/23/2021 #10Q Sold for $2,025,208
06/22/2021 #7F Sold for $744,876
05/28/2021 #8F Sold for $751,410
05/20/2021 #PH1G Sold for $2,891,668
05/14/2021 #12C Sold for $1,140,424
05/12/2021 #3N Sold for $791,639
04/29/2021 #9C Sold for $1,108,937
04/07/2021 #10N Sold for $853,010
03/31/2021 #9P Sold for $742,365
03/31/2021 #PH3A Sold for $2,701,774
03/19/2021 #12G Listed for rent at $3,500
03/01/2021 #9M Listed for rent at $3,300
09/24/2020 #11E Listed for rent at $2,750
09/18/2020 #10Q Listed for sale at $1,988,910
06/05/2020 #6T Listed for rent at $2,500
03/10/2020 #T Listed for rent at $2,500
02/25/2020 #3H Listed for rent at $3,200
02/23/2020 #D Listed for rent at $2,200
02/11/2020 #10D Listed for rent at $2,300
01/31/2020 #8B Listed for rent at $2,300
12/31/2019 #10L Listed for rent at $3,300
06/18/2019 #PH2C Listed for sale at $2,722,930

Apartment Floor Plans
No floor plans found
While every attempt is made to ensure accuracy, this floor plan is for guidance only. The measurements, dimensions, specifications, and other data shown are approximate and may not be to scale.  We assume no responsibility for the accuracy of this floor plan or for any action taken in reliance thereon. This floor plan does not create any representation, warranty or contract. All parties should consult a professional, such as an architect, to verify the information contained herein.
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Alternate Addresses for Tangram House South in NYC
  • 133-25 39 AVENUE
  • 133-33 39 AVENUE
  • 133-27 39 AVENUE