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Highline Residential Testimonials

ISMAIL (for Alessandra Lykogiannis)
06/18/2019 02:30AM
Alessandra was lovely to work with, very responsive and listened carefully to our needs and requirements.
JOAN MARTINEZ (for Shiri Rahamim)
06/14/2019 09:46PM
Shiri was great to work with and I would highly recommend her, especially if you are interested in apartments in the West Village or the East Village. She was responsive to e-mails ,texts and calls and was there for me througout every step of the process, which was very helpful as it was my first time resting on my own. She was conscious of my budget and never tried to push for anything outside of my parameters. She was also friendly and fun to talk to while walking around to see apartments.
MIKE MARANDO (for Yakub Laguda)
06/12/2019 08:44PM
Yakub reached out to me as I was trying to find a new tenant to take over our rental - and I'm so glad that he did! From the initial conversation throughout the entire process, Yakub was professional, timely, organized, and transparent. He was great to work and he clearly puts in the time and work to deliver for his clients. From the first conversation I had with Yakub to having a new tenant signed was less than a week! A true professional and highly recommend!
ZEE (for Richard Philips)
06/10/2019 01:20PM
Yolanda, you just wrote my interaction with Richard. He was not prepared and did not know what to show, the apartment he wanted to show was not available due to current living tenant can show while at home. Totally unprofessional and he wasted my time. A pleasant fella though!
ELEONORE KOPERA (for Idress Orya)
06/06/2019 11:17AM
Idress was a pleasure to work with. He was very professional, efficient and found a tenant for my unit at the first week-end of holding open houses. He then quickly moved through the process of putting together an application package with the tenant and obtaining board approval from my coop building. Within three weeks from beginning to end, the unit was rented and the tenant had moved in. I have never before worked with such an efficient real estate agent. In the past, finding a tenant and going through board approval always took two to three months. I can highly recommend Idress and his team at Highline Residential for any real estate project. And I will certainly use him again in the future.
ELAINE CAMPBELL (for Yakub Laguda)
06/06/2019 11:00AM
Yakub reached out to me to list my unit and I'm so glad that I agreed to work with him! My co-op is located in Manhattan and I now live more than four hours away so previously renting my place had been tedious as I did all of the work myself and thought that no other person would take the care that I do. But I was wrong. From the beginning Yakub was patient with me, respected my trepidation, and worked hard to build trust and rapport. He went above and beyond in working with the current tenant to get professional photos of the space. The tenant even mentioned to me how nice she thought he was during this process! He worked with me long distance to obtain access to the unit and when confronted, sought to ensure the building shareholders were comfortable with him as he held showings. He met my rental deadline and stayed on top of everything! Its sad to say but I never really thought of anyone in real estate as being honest or genuine but he truly is. You can tell he takes pride in his work and reputation. Unfortunately, the tenant he found for me will most likely be a long term renter so I will not have the opportunity to work with Yakub in the immediate future (happy/sad). But better believe I'll be looking for him when the time comes.
JUSTYNA KOSTEK (for Yakub Laguda)
06/04/2019 12:04AM
Yakub helped me greatly with getting the apartment. He was responsive and awesome in action!
CLARK S. (for Yousaf Rehman)
05/31/2019 02:44PM
Yousaf is a tremendous resource for your search for finding a new home in NYC. As we just moved from London to NYC we had limited to minimal knowledge of the city. Yousaf knows the city, different neighborhoods, and properties in each and as such can customize based on your interests, preferences and budget. We highly recommend and endorse his expertise, knowledge and professionalism and most importantly his guidance in navigating New York City market. To me honesty and being straight up when dealing with these matters are key characteristics that distinguishes people and Yousaf is just that. Thank you for helping us find our new home.
NATALIA GORDON (for Alessandra Lykogiannis)
05/30/2019 08:20PM
Amazing energy and such passion !! Love this girl!! Quick communication , great knowledge, super understanding in a Realtor is key and she definitely has that !
JENNIFER (for Alessandra Lykogiannis)
05/30/2019 08:04PM
Thank you so much for your help and support! Working with you made all the difference and I cannot express my gratitude enough. I would recommend you to anyone I know buying or selling!
EMILY L. (for Alessandra Lykogiannis)
05/30/2019 07:56PM
Alessandra was such a breath of fresh air! After working with lazy agents who couldn’t be bothered, it was so refreshing to work with an agent with such passion. Her attention to detail, knowledge of the area and positive personality really sets her ahead of any other realtor I have worked with in the past. Most importantly, she even had my children feeling comfortable. They would look forward to seeing her each time we would look at different places! I would highly recommend Alessandra and will be using her again!
NICK L. (for Alessandra Lykogiannis)
05/30/2019 07:52PM
I used Alessandra to find a place closer to where I work, She really knows the area and helped me figure out a great part of the city to live in! She was very much on top of it. Usually when I look for a place I have to send my realtor the places I would like to see. With Alessandra, I didn’t have to do that at all. She would send me options lightning speed and was very thorough with helping me through the process. I would highly recommend.
05/30/2019 02:48PM
Aaron is an amazing agent. To say he works exceptionally hard for his clients is an understatement. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him. I believe that TRUST is transferable... I trusted Aaron from day 1 and he never let me down. He treats every listing like it's his only one. He treats every client like they are the only one and he does it all with grace, kindness and a crazy amount of drive.
SANDRA (for Anna Khait)
05/30/2019 01:57PM
Anna has played a vital role in finding an apartment in Kips Bay. She worked effortlessly to help me and my roommate find the right apartment that suited us. I would recommend using her to help find the perfect place you’re looking for!
TAYLOR & HELEN (for Anna Khait)
05/30/2019 12:14PM
It’s been a real pleasure working with Anna. She is trustworthy and quick to work around the clock to make sure all our questions were answered. So glad to have worked with Anna to secure the home we wanted!
SANDRA & SARAH (for Anna Khait)
05/29/2019 06:49PM
I was very pleased with the time and effort Anna has put into finding my roommate and I an apartment. She was very responsive and found exactly what we wanted based on our needs. Especially since I am from Florida I was hesitant but once I found Anna I felt very comfortable. Thank you so much!
BERT (for Mihoby Rabeharison)
05/29/2019 06:32PM
I just can't say enough great things about Mihoby. Such a great present to be around she is on time go over and beyond to make sure her clients are satisfied.. Very professional very easy to inform her of all your needs..I am highly recommend Mihoby to anybody looking for a fresh start in their lives.. Wonderful young lady.
YOLONDA (for Richard Philips)
05/29/2019 05:30PM
Meeting Richard I was very excited happy me and my husband. We thought he would get the job done in finding a great place for a new start..I First day of showing Richard was more then 30 minutes late..After waiting until he came we found out house was not for rent but for sell..No good...Second showing when we arrived no keys to enter not so good.. 3rd showing apartment had no livingroom or cents or windows in kitchen .No good 4th showing is when Richard showed he is very unprofessional he wanted to show us a 3 floor walk-up. Me and my husband was not interested in walk-up and if Richard would informed us before arriving we would informed him we was not interested.. He started screaming at us very high voice in front of Landlord and walked off from us screaming good bye..Please don't waste your time giving him commission. Richard want his clients to just take anything weather you like or don't just so he can get a commission..I recommend nobody deal with Richard very unprofessional very strong accent hard to understand..Thanks
ANDREA L. ROSSER-GAYE (for Mihoby Rabeharison)
05/05/2019 06:43PM
Even though, I passed on the apartment, Mihoby has a terrific vibe about herself and was the utmost professional. She will do well in real estate. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
BISWAS (for Maria Monroe)
05/04/2019 03:26PM
Maria is as friendly and empathetic as she is professional and resourceful. She helped me find an apartment in an impressively short amount of time under several stringent constraints ranging from budget and commute time to illumination and pet allowance. She responded quickly whenever I had any question and worked hard to make sure my application was filed in time. I will definitely seek Maria's expert service when I feel ready to move on from renting an apartment to buying one.
DANNY J HURTADO (for Carter Chen)
04/24/2019 11:33AM
Carter was an amazing person to work with, my family and I were new to apartment applications so we were not too sure how to do it thoroughly. Carter took time to explain and guide us through the process which resulted in us having a new home again. Since the beginning he showed genuine care for my family’s needs with such compassion that it felt like a blessing. He is a great agent and I highly recommend him.
RAY (for Steve Ragan)
04/23/2019 04:04PM
Steve was great to work with. I was not always the most decisive customer but he was patient, thorough and professional. He helped me find the perfect place.
KATHY (for Steve Ragan)
04/23/2019 04:02PM
Steve was amazing to work with! He was extremely attentive and noted everything that I was looking for in my next apartment. He followed up with me frequently with new listings and was always responsive and communicative, which to me is very important in a super stressful process. I really enjoyed working with Steve and would highly recommend him!
MIREILLE LEROY (for Katherine L. Pino)
04/11/2019 11:32AM
Working with Marielle has been absolutely amazing. She helped my fiancé and I find our first apartment & made the process very simple, exciting & easy. For anyone looking to rent, sell or buy I highly recommend you working with Marielle.
WILLIAM LAFLEUR (for Maria Monroe)
04/10/2019 08:22PM
Maria Monroe definitely went above and beyond helping my wife and I to find an apartment. She stayed in constant communication and kept us updated on every detail. I would absolutely work with her again to find a new place.
KIM.... THEE (for Maria Monroe)
04/10/2019 08:18PM
I thanked GOD for Maria. She was pleasure working with . She worked very hard to find me an ideal apartment. She did not made me feel stranded but instead she was with me till the day i got inside my beautiful apartment. All the way through the process, she was professional and pleasant. Very satisfied ... tenant KIM...
04/10/2019 08:12PM
It was wonderful working with Maria in securing my new tenant. Maria is very pleasant, energetic and very professional. I would high recommend Maria to any landlords who are thinking to rent their property. You will enjoy working with her!
KEITH BROOKS (for Steven Christie)
03/26/2019 06:09PM
I am deeply appreciative of the attention, friendly service and dedication Steven provided in finding me a new home. Steven worked thoroughly with me not only in finding apartments within my budget, but he truly acted as an advocate on my behalf and looked out for my best interests and needs. I also valued his personal connection to the neighborhood, suggestions on conveniences and amenities and other helpful information to help me adjust to moving to a new apartment. If you are in need of a real estate agent or someone who can help you navigate the process of finding an apartment in Queens and the New York City area, I can't recommend him enough.
WILANDA SMITH (for Katherine L. Pino)
03/21/2019 10:23PM
Mireille Leroy was my agent and she definitely helped me and my sister find the place of our dreams ! She is trustworthy and she takes care of her clients ! She had truly helped me and my sister and I a grateful for her ! Contact Mireille Leroy for your dream home
HOWARD C (for Ralph Chiaia)
03/20/2019 06:50PM
Ralph was an absolute pleasure to work with. He's very easy to talk to, and makes the apartment hunting process much more enjoyable than it tends to be. Ralph is very quick and responsive, which also makes the process a breeze. I will definitely be referring my friends to him, and highly recommend trusting Ralph to help you find the apartment you're looking for.
03/09/2019 11:27AM
Tyshawn was an excellent broker, listening to what we required in an apartment and carefully considering our needs in showing us a place. For that reason, we found the perfect spot and one month later, we love it more than ever!! Thank you Tyshawn!!!
MIKE G. (for Ralph Chiaia)
03/08/2019 12:17PM
I had a great experience with Ralph finding a renter for my condo. He is a pleasure to deal with and made the transaction quick and easy. Would highly recommend working with him!
BRIANNE (for Mireille Leroy)
03/08/2019 11:08AM
Working with Mireille made my moving process so much easier than I expected. Not only did she find me exactly what I was looking for, she made me feel supported and included in the entire process. If you have the pleasure of working with her, I'm sure she will find you a lovely space.
GWEN (for Anthony Schiano)
03/07/2019 04:49PM
Met with Anthony to look at an apartment and while we waited for the owner to arrive I mentioned one of my worries with Bay Ridge was the parking. He explained geographically what areas of the neighborhood would be less or more challenging, then we joked about the various parking nightmares and strategies us as city dwellers experience and develop. He was informative and enjoyable!
STEPHANIE HOFF (for Katherine L. Pino)
03/05/2019 04:05PM
Mireille and Katherine were perfect sales agents. They helped me to find a handful of excellent options in my price range and in the neighborhood of my choice. They were both extremely professional, accommodating of my time, efficient and a pleasure to deal with. I was able to find my dream apartment, and had help to negotiate a fair price. These ladies went above and beyond to provide service and guidance throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Highline agents, Katherine and Mireille if you are looking to rent or buy in Brooklyn. Thank you so much ladies, I am very happy in my new home - couldn't have done it without you!
MATHEW TEDESCHI (for Maria Monroe)
03/02/2019 09:59PM
Maria is a wonderful woman Ms. Maria Monroe helped me so much and I couldn't be more thankful very nice lady and beautiful real estate agent .She got me a real nice apartment and really worked hard for me to get it for me and for my wife and I are happy we couldn't ask for a better. Thank you Maria.
JONATHAN RATCLIFF (for Maria Monroe)
03/02/2019 09:56PM
Ms. Monroe was extremely helpful. I was so stressed out when it came to searching for an apartment..." 5-stars review.
VANESSA RATCLIFF (for Maria Monroe)
02/22/2019 07:48AM
If ever there was an Angel on Earth, Ms. Maria is it! There are not enough words to type here to describe the beauty of this flower. I have a new start in life and it was facilitated by the Maria. She saw more than my ability to rent, she saw my Spirit. The only words that come close to how I feel is: " Thank you!" Great energy, great communicator, and an awesome Soul. I have been Blessed to have her in my life.
DENISE STEENECK (for Sanjaya Shakya)
02/16/2019 01:38PM
Sanjaya is totally professional & dedicated himself to finding you the perfect place. He’s thorough, caring & straightforward. He’s also with you every step of the way through signing your lease & even beyond. Let him assist you finding that next apartment or home. You won’t be sorry.
DENISE STEENECK (for Sanjaya Shakya)
02/16/2019 01:38PM
Sanjaya is totally professional & dedicated himself to finding you the perfect place. He’s thorough, caring & straightforward. He’s also with you every step of the way through signing your lease & even beyond. Let him assist you finding that next apartment or home. You won’t be sorry.
CHARLES NECK (for Norma Solorzano)
02/07/2019 06:16PM
Norma is the ultimate professional. She is so confident and truly knows the market. I’m glad I came across Norma and her organization. I’m not only found a nice apartment, but an excellent human being who fulfilled all my demands.
TIFFANY BALICO (for Erwin Oviedo)
02/06/2019 05:00PM
Erwin was a great agent and helped my boyfriend, dog, and I find a new apartment within 2 weeks. He kept us posted frequently via text/call/email. Erwin is not a 9am-5pm guy; he will work with you through all hours of the night. He was accommodating with my overnight work schedule. I would recommend him to any family/friends looking for a new a place.
EDGAR DE LA VEGA (for Erwin Oviedo)
02/06/2019 04:59PM
Reached out to him in 2016 and he helped me greatly back then. I didn't use him at that moment unfortunately, however I remembered that Erwin went above and beyond for me back then. Because of this I recently reached out to Erwin and he exceeded all expectations and helped me obtain a dream apartment. I not only gained a great agent, but also a great friend. I will reach out to Erwin again upon my next move.
ANTHONY JADUS (for Erwin Oviedo)
02/06/2019 04:57PM
Erwin was very helpful for us. He guided us through the process, and he made me understand how complicated the NYC apartment searching process is. I'm glad to have had him help us.
AZALIA BROWN (for Erwin Oviedo)
02/06/2019 04:56PM
Working with Erwin was amazing! The first day we went apartment searching we were able to find something that we really liked. We were informed every step of the way, as waiting for approval in any process is a nail biting experience. Considering how long it takes to find an apartment you can envision as your own in Manhattan, we found ours in less than 2 weeks (super fast). More than excited to move in and I'd definitely recommend Erwin for anyone who knows what they want and has no time to waste!
TIARAH APONTE (for Erwin Oviedo)
02/06/2019 04:56PM
Erwin is a fantastic agent, he helped my roommate and I find an apartment very quickly and was extremely helpful. He listened to what we had to say and understood us very well. I'd highly suggest Erwin, he's very patient and fun to hang out with!
JACKIE (for Louise Torrisi)
02/05/2019 11:17PM
Louise is a great agent. She is very honest, responsive and personable.
02/03/2019 05:26PM
Richard is an amazing person and a fantastic realtor! My boyfriend and I were searching in queens for a place for us and also my mother. So looking for a space where 3 adults need to be happy is no easy task. Richard was attentive, funny, smart, kind and never displayed any of the pushy real estate attitude we had become used to experiencing. We looked at several different places and really enjoyed the process with Richard he started to feel like an Uncle we came to trust and really valued his opinion. I will always be grateful for finding Richard or rather I am grateful to the universe for putting him in our path. Richard is the man to call you will not be disappointed. I can’t wait to call him up when we are ready to stop renting and buy a house. Thank you for being a wonderful human being Richard!!
JULIET M (for Craig Meachen)
01/27/2019 03:03PM
My partner and I worked with Craig for ~6 months in 2017 and found him incredibly patient. We weren't sure if we wanted to continue renting or to take the plunge and buy. He helped educate us on the current market and what we could expect at various price points, identify what we really need (v. what would be nice to have), and guided us through all required considerations and neighborhoods. Upon deciding to purchase, he coached us through the entire process. Our first two offers didn't work out but it was the best in the end as we ended up in what is the truly right property for us. Craig was never pushy - he offered his opinions but also listened carefully to us and what we wanted. He reflected back to us what he heard and was quick to move once we made decisions. Thanks for your help, Craig, and we feel lucky to have you as a neighbor in Brooklyn Heights.
TAYLOR BALDWIN (for Craig Meachen)
01/26/2019 08:04PM
Craig is hands down the best real estate agent I have worked with. I am currently moving to New York from Los Angeles. Prior to meeting with me, Craig had a thorough phone call with me to discuss dealbreakers, the area I was interested in, budget and more. He was very diligent in follow up and preparing amazing options. My father and I met with Craig and he truly delivered. He showed us amazing options, educated us on what our price point would get in certain neighborhoods and really made us feel heard, and more importantly, listened to. Not to mention, he is a joy to be around. It wasn't just a business conversation. He took time to get to know our personalities and let us know his. At the end of our time with Craig, my father and I were so elated we went to a property he showed us and put down a security deposit. 15 out of 10 would work with Craig again. Absolutely will recommend him to my friends who move to New York.
ANN JOHN (for Maria Monroe)
01/24/2019 08:20PM
Working with Maria Monroe was indeed a pleasure. I was looking for an apartment for a while and finally thanks to Maria I was able to get one. Maria is very professional and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a home. Thanks a million.
ADDENDUM (for Craig Meachen)
01/22/2019 08:49AM
Craig provided a remarkable level of service in the sale of our home. With careful attention to detail, his marketing and staging resulted in a fully executed contract in less than four days with multiple offers and above ask. Closing table in only 29 days. Highly recommend.
BARRY COHEN & GAIL COHEN (for Craig Meachen)
01/17/2019 02:31PM
We had been living in our coop apartment for nearly four decades. When we decided it was time to move Craig worked with us over a long period - over a year - while we researched the best destination for our new home. Once we decided where to move Craig helped us plan for staging. This included planning for packing, choosing how much refurbishing was adequate, choosing new furniture appropriate for showing while being useful in our new home. Throughout the process, Craig helped us stay on schedule and when we were finally ready to list he finished the staging process by providing the pristine decorations that perfected the design. Immediately prior to listing Craig brought in a professional photographer for the listing photos, designed the listing ad and took care of all the details. All of these steps resulted in a sale significantly over asking essentially the same day as the open house. He helped make closing very fast and smooth. The entire experience was as positive as a major move can be.
VASILY PRYAKHIN (for Maria Monroe)
01/04/2019 11:35AM
Looking for an apartment in NYC is a challenge to say the least! Maria is a talented agent that was able to see beyond the surface demands and helped me find true home that a really needed and wanted. Thank you for making this experience so pleasant and easy. I am going to be back when I buy :)
KAYLA JARDINE (for Maria Monroe)
01/03/2019 09:27PM
Maria is an all-star! She made sure the entire process was easy and that we were getting the best from our management company- most importantly, she helped us find our dream apartment. Couldn't recommend her enough!
AJAMU WALKER (for Maria Monroe)
01/03/2019 09:26PM
Working with Maria was an absolute pleasure. Any New Yorker will tell you that moving in this city can be very stressful. Maria created an environment where the process was virtually painless and where our goal was met. We were placed in a new home that we absolutely love. What more can you ask for? If you’re looking for a businesswoman that will go the extra mile for you, look no further.
DENISE GUESS (for Maria Monroe)
01/03/2019 09:23PM
Ms Maria Monoroe is great. She worked with my sister and I to ensure that we found a place. We didn’t have much time or a lot of money and she gave her all. We are truly thankful that we still have genuine people in NYC. Blessings to her and thank you for all your hard work.
SHAMIMA AHMED (for Steven Christie)
12/29/2018 04:10PM
Steven Christie is an amazing realtor. He’s very professional, friendly and has wonderful personality. He went above the beyond to help me find the apartment I really want within a few days. There’s no enough words to thank him. I’ll definitely recommend him to my friends and family and if possible I’ll give him 100 stars for his amazing work.
HANNAH NEY (for Charmaine Covington)
12/27/2018 02:04AM
I want to express my token of appreciation for the service Ms. Charmaine Covington provided for me and my family. Her level of expertise combined with her professionalism and sincere warmth is truly commendable. Ms. Covington has a high degree of knowledge on how to find the perfect home in the forest that is New York. In fact it felt more like a labyrinth once you start trying to find something normal and that fits your needs. It is very hard to navigate through this alone. Ms. Covington is the expert guide that knows where to find that what you are looking for. Ms Covington shows a great passion for her job. She was able to provide super fast service, and did everything possible to make our experience finding an apartment and moving in smooth and painless. She established great rapport and provided excellent consumer education. Ms. Covington addressed all our questions and concerns with respect and care. I am confident that you will be just as impressed with Ms. Charmaine Covington as I am, and I firmly believe that she will achieve great heights in all her endeavors. Her diligence and hard work is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend her services to others. Sincerely, Hannah Ney
MAYA A GOLDBERG (for Keiko Tokita)
12/21/2018 10:14PM
We had the pleasure of working with Keiko at Highline Residential and she was fantastic. She was factual and realistic about timing and next steps and answered so many text messages (those are from our anxiety looking for new place) on weekend evenings without even a hint of annoyance or stress. She spent days pressuring the management company to make sure that we had what we needed. That sort of follow-through is insane. She is responsive and diligent in the extreme. We couldn't be happier with our whole experience and can't recommend her highly enough.
JESSIE LIMTIACO (for Sanjaya Shakya)
12/20/2018 11:39AM
Sanjaya was fantastic when helping me find an apartment. He was very responsive, courteous, and professional throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Sanjaya to anyone looking for an apartment.
TERRIE ACKERS (for Sanjaya Shakya)
12/20/2018 11:39AM
Impeccably professional, but also kind and courteous. Quick to respond to all communication, and showed me several great options in my price range. Sanjaya understands the import of the decision to choose a place, and didn't try to hard sell me or rush my decision. Highly recommended.
VALERIE (for Sanjaya Shakya)
12/20/2018 11:38AM
Sanjaya is the best agent any renters can find these days. He's organized, punctual, and most importantly for us - reliable. After seeing many agents and apartments, Sanjaya showed us a unit we had no doubts about. Sanjaya knows the market well but doesn't pressure you into renting. All those crazy things you hear about NY renting are true! And Sanjaya is an honest chap that definitely helped alleviated our stress.
MELINDA SNODGRASS (for Sanjaya Shakya)
12/20/2018 11:38AM
I cannot imagine a better broker than Sanjaya! He was responsive, respectful, organized, and thorough. He knew details about the buildings and units he showed me and provided fair and clear information about all. Even after I had signed the lease, he took me back to the building so I could take detailed measurements. Because I was moving from out of state and my super was going on vacation before I could arrive, he picked up my keys for me and met me at the building on my arrival date. In every way, working with Sanjaya made the process easy and stress-free. I highly recommend him!
CHRISTINE PENG (for Sanjaya Shakya)
12/20/2018 11:37AM
Sanjaya was wonderful to work with. He's very quick to respond, thorough with what we were looking for, and clearly had good relationships with the management and building staff of all the apartments he showed us. We definitely recommend working with him! Although we did not rent from him because we liked another apartment - we wish we could have paid him our broker's fee!
PHILIP LEWIS (for Sanjaya Shakya)
12/20/2018 11:37AM
Sanjaya was absolutely awesome. He was very helpful in every step of the way even when he didn't need to be. Sanjaya thank you for helping me to find my apartment!!
ALAA ABDELDAIEM (for Sanjaya Shakya)
12/20/2018 11:35AM
Sanjaya was a great agent. He met with me the day after I originally emailed him to view the apartment and showed me another one in the same area and budget. He was diligent in getting our paperwork in and communicated and eased any worries throughout. He's a local and knows the area extremely well, and was one of the most thorough agents I have worked with when giving tours. He goes above and beyond. Anyone would be lucky to have him help their search.
SAMIR (for Sanjaya Shakya)
12/20/2018 11:34AM
Sanjaya is the type of broker you want. He is honest, clear, and up front about what he is showing you. I never felt like he was trying to get me into the apartment at any cost and he actually cared whether we like the place. Though we didn't end up getting the apartment we wanted through him, I would recommend him to anyone looking in the Jackson Heights/Elmhurst area.
CINDY & JOSE JIMENEZ (for Sanjaya Shakya)
12/19/2018 09:55PM
Sanjaya is incredible. From the moment we met him he worked diligently to find us the right apartment we needed. He walked us through the whole approval and lease process from the beginning to the end. It’s hard to find a great realtor who takes pride in their field like Sanjaya does. We are very grateful to have worked with him.
JASMINE ROLLE (for Yakub Laguda)
12/07/2018 10:19PM
Working with Yakub was an absolute joy and after negative experiences with other brokers his expertise on the market and honesty came as a breath of fresh air. As someone moving to New York for the first time it can feel overwhelming and uncertain, but with Yakub I felt at ease and like I was truly being listened too. He showed me incredible options and I never felt pressured into making a decision. Yakub really went the extra mile to find a place that both my boyfriend and I would love and even thought we had a short time frame he made the time to take us to several listings in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. He literally worked through the night to get us into viewings and made himself available when we had questions or concerns. If you’re looking for a broker that will have your best interest at heart, look no further. I look forward to working with Yakub in the years to come.
QAHIR (for Yakub Laguda)
12/07/2018 10:08PM
Yakub was an absolute rock star when helping us try to find our place in NYC. He worked tirelessly to get us to as many high quality and varied listings as possible in Manhattan and Brooklyn. He was available at virtually every hour of the day (no joke he responded to an email I sent him at 1 AM!) and was extra communicative and patient with us. It requires a great deal of patience to deal with people navigating New York for the first time, and Yakub handled my crazy needs and decision timelines with the utmost professionalism. He did not constantly press me to give him an answer, which a lot of brokers will do, which was a huge relief. Yakub was a great guide to the craziness that is New York City apartment hunting, and I could not thank him enough for all of his help. I look forward to working with him in the future when searching for future spots in and around New York.
PATRICK C. (for Ralph Chiaia)
12/06/2018 08:54PM
Ralph is amazing! He is, by far, the best broker I have worked with in my 10+ years living in Brooklyn. He is extremely patient, kind, and understanding, and very quick to respond to inquiries, concerns, you name it. He treated us with the utmost respect and kindness, and I really cannot recommend him highly enough.
BLAKE R. (for Kharin Anderson)
11/28/2018 11:03PM
Professional. Punctual. Very detailed. Very friendly. There is no way we could have done this without her. Truly a life saver.
PAULA C. (for Kharin Anderson)
11/28/2018 11:02PM
Kharin was professional, hard-working, pleasant, and detail-oriented.
SARAH R. (for Kharin Anderson)
11/28/2018 11:02PM
I really enjoyed working with Kharin.
QUENTIN F (for Kharin Anderson)
11/28/2018 10:59PM
Kharin was amazing. Such a pleasure to work with and it gave me peace of mind to know that I could trust her and rely on her completely
TIM WEAVER (for Alexanne Pemberton)
11/08/2018 04:28PM
From start to finish Alexanne took care of our family needs. We were honestly overwhelmed with our housing search and she really made us feel at ease as she simplified the process. You can tell she wasn't just trying to sell us any apartment and was so passionate about finding the right fit for us. She was also very responsive as we had a lot of questions (Sorry!) moving from Connecticut. I would highly recommend!
TIM WEAVER (for Alexanne Pemberton)
11/08/2018 04:28PM
From start to finish Alexanne took care of our family needs. We were honestly overwhelmed with our housing search and she really made us feel at ease as she simplified the process. You can tell she wasn't just trying to sell us any apartment and was so passionate about finding the right fit for us. She was also very responsive as we had a lot of questions (Sorry!) moving from Connecticut. I would highly recommend!
PAUL MCFARLANE (for Maria Monroe)
10/31/2018 03:42AM
Amazing realtor. Great personality and very on point with your needs. Would definitely use her again and recommend her to anyone looking for a new place.
SANGEETHA ALAGAPPAN (for Dmitry Khodorovsky)
10/21/2018 06:01PM
Dmitry was fantastic in helping me get my apartment quickly and with little fuss. He was exceedingly prompt and responsive and walked me through the seamless process. He followed up at every stage to ensure I had the right materials and resources and was wonderfully polite through the whole process. He has quite a few interesting stories to tell and is genuinely committed to helping people! Highly recommend! :)
KRASSI IVANCHEV (for Dmitry Khodorovsky)
10/21/2018 06:00PM
Helped me rent a home. Dmitry not only helped me to find a fabulous apartment in Brooklyn, NY but actually made it happen! Trustworthy, dependable, hardworking and honest - a gem in the real estate industry. He was always available and helpful and added a real sense of positivity throughout the whole process. Dmitry's straightforwardness and can-do attitude were very reassuring every step of the way, especially when it came to the mountains of paperwork. I highly recommend him!
JEFF S (for James Nam)
10/21/2018 02:53PM
Working with James was fantastic beginning to end. I was trying to find someone to take over my apartment lease so time was of the essence for me. James worked digently and found a family to take over my lease within a month. He kept me in the loop on every move he was making and was creative in his efforts to attract potential tenants. Additionally, James is a great guy who I genuinely enjoyed interacting with. I would absolutely work with James again in the future.
J. M. (for Gisela Kruse)
10/20/2018 04:56PM
Gisela was easily the best and kindest broker I have ever worked with. She worked tirelessly to find units to match our rigid requests, and devoted so much time out of her week to organize and coordinate viewings with our work schedule. She was able to show us a large number of affordable apartments to meet our criteria, something other brokers were not able to do. She is well-connected, knows the city VERY well, and is incredibly passionate about what she does. Gisela is the first broker that I have ever worked with who authentically works within your best interest. Our satisfaction with our apartment choice was her number one priority, her commission was an afterthought. I highly highly recommend her to anybody looking to move within New York.
DALY (for Ralph Chiaia)
10/13/2018 12:45PM
Ralph is a rare gem! He is passionate about advocating for the tenant. An absolute pleasure to work with.
MICHAEL RUCCIO (for Maria Monroe)
10/12/2018 01:36PM
Maria was a great advocate for us in getting our apartment. She was always reachable if we had any questions. I highly recommend her if you are looking to get a place!
RAQUEL PALMA (for Maria Monroe)
10/12/2018 01:35PM
Maria Monroe is a devoted, respectful and exuberant. She follows through on her client needs. I’ve never meet a broker that dedicate so much time to her clients. She’s the best
PHILLIP (for Maria Monroe)
10/12/2018 01:33PM
Maria was very helpful and accommodating. I was so happy to move into my apartment after looking for 6months. I have interacted with over 6 realtors/brokers and Maria is the only one that follow through on everything pertaining to her clients. She takes her job very seriously and all her clients she goes above and beyond for them. Thanks again Maria #1 broker Phillip
MICHELLE (for Louise Torrisi)
10/07/2018 01:30PM
Louise helped my family and I find our dream home! She worked tirelessly to find exactly what we were looking for! She was always friendly, informative and she took care of any concerns we had. She took her time with us and explained everything very well. She was a pleasure to work with and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home!
ABDUL RIVERA (for Maria Monroe)
10/07/2018 08:34AM
Maria REALLY gets it done!!
SHAYNA (for Steve Ragan)
10/03/2018 04:22PM
Steve was really great during our search for an apartment. He is always quick to respond, easy to work with, and understanding. He goes out of his way to make things easier for you in your search. Even after we signed our lease and moved in, Steve was still quick to respond to any and all questions. We highly recommend working with him!
COLBY (for Steve Ragan)
10/03/2018 04:22PM
Steve was extremely helpful and crucial in helping my roommate and me secure the apartment we wanted for a great price. Always friendly and available to help, he was a pleasure for us to work with.
RALPH PUGLIESE (for Beverly Millett)
10/01/2018 04:35PM
Beverly was one of the kindest, helpful and most informative real estate agents I have spoken with in my search for apartments in Brooklyn. She made everything run very smoothly and helped me narrow down my options while keeping the environment calm and joyful. If Brooklyn is on your list of potential areas to live, I highly recommend Highline Residential and Beverly as an agent.
MICHAEL RUCCIO (for Maria Monroe)
09/22/2018 10:38AM
Maria was fantastic in helping us get our dream apartment. She was always reachable if we had any questions. She was a great advocate on our part too. I highly recommend her if you are looking to get a place soon!
KAYLA JARDINE (for Maria Monroe)
09/21/2018 02:05PM
Maria helped us find our perfect apartment and we couldn't be happier! She made sure the entire process was easy and that we were getting the best from our management company. Couldn't recommend her enough!
ELIZA O'NEIL (for Ana Maria Bazzani)
09/20/2018 10:52AM
I had a fantastic experience working with Ana Maria. She was friendly, open, honest, and incredibly organized and thorough. I moved from out-of-state and only had a small window of time to find a place, and she accommodated my timeline by working after hours, communicating frequently and clearly over the phone, and advocating for me. Even if she didn't have new information to offer me, she called me to keep me in the loop about the status of my application, which was so helpful during a sometimes nerve-wracking and stressful process. I recommend her highly.
MARKUS (for Dante Patterson)
09/19/2018 11:00PM
Moving to NYC at very short notice and on top of that under somewhat difficult conditions on my part, Dante was still able to provide me with the perfect place for my one-year stay. On top of that, he was very helpful handling things with the landlord and was always easy to reach for follow-up and general questions. Highly recommended.
SHELLI GIMELSTEIN (for Ulysses Echeverria)
09/18/2018 12:58PM
I really enjoyed working with Ulysses during my apartment search. He was very helpful, flexible and responsive to my preferences and priorities for my new apartment. I highly recommend working with him if you are looking for a new place to live in NYC!
BURGESS BROWN (for Alexander Pierre Louis)
09/14/2018 07:06PM
Alexander was great to work with. The apartment hunt is such a stressful time and he put me at ease throughout this process. He was really accommodating and was able to work around my schedule. He worked well as a liaison between me and the landlord and I could trust that he was going to get us a fair deal. Most importantly, Alexander is just pleasant to be around which made the entire process that much easier.
COLE SWECKER (for Shiri Rahamim)
09/11/2018 07:57AM
Shiri was fantastic to partner with during our apartment search. Her calmness and determination gave the process a refreshing sense of ease. Above all, she listens to clients. We will be recommending her to others.
MAHNOOR MAQSOOD (for Mohammed Abed)
09/10/2018 02:52PM
Mohammed was extremely helpful in helping me and my roommate find our apartment keeping in mind our budget and location constraints. He tirelessly worked with us to make sure we found a good place, and was very good in communicating the pros and cons of places to us. Highly recommend him!
RINALDI (for Myriam Scialom)
09/09/2018 09:49PM
Myriam is very professional. she has demonstrated a lot of patience and perception to find us the perfect dreamed apartment .. Due to her experience she really identified which housing we were looking for. She is a person in whom you can have total confidence.
VALERIE SA (for Maria Monroe)
09/06/2018 08:55PM
Maria was absolutely wonderful throughout the entire apartment hunting process. She responded immediately and was available throughout the entire application process with any questions we had. She is honest, friendly, and knowledgeable about the market and found us a fantastic apartment. She has the patience of a saint to deal with three roommates trying to make a decision! Definitely using her services again and I highly recommend her.
YING Q. (for Maurice Fitzgerald)
09/03/2018 10:03PM
You are so resourceful, and gave me lots of insights. Really lucky to have you as an advisor!
KENNY W (for Maria Monroe)
08/30/2018 09:53PM
Maria was a fantastic experience and a great help. She made sure that she always had our interest ahead of everything else, and she made sure that we were protected in every way possible when we signed our lease. She has a special way of paying attention to details that ensures we are always treated with professionalism and high quality.
BRYCE C. (for Maria Monroe)
08/30/2018 05:33PM
Maria was so helpful in finding my new apartment. She goes above and beyond with her time and kindness. I can't recommend her more.
LIZA BATKIN (for Charlie Le Grice)
08/29/2018 10:10PM
Charlie was terrific! She was extremely responsive and present throughout the entire process, and I felt very comfortable asking her any questions that I was nervous about asking the landlords, etc. I feel really lucky to have worked with such an incredible and friendly broker.
KATHERINE B. (for Maurice Fitzgerald)
08/29/2018 10:13AM
Maurice Moore of the Chiappetta Team was crucial in helping me find short term housing in Midtown East before I moved to the city. He made me feel at ease while searching from out of town and he kept in mind all of my apartment criteria when sending me options. He was very proactive and helped me work with the landlord throughout the process. He even picked up my keys for me and met me at night to deliver them when I arrived to the city. I couldn’t be happier with everything Maurice did for me and I highly recommend him for your real estate needs!
JOSEPH M. (for Maurice Fitzgerald)
08/26/2018 09:23PM
Maurice of the Chiappetta team was awesome! He helped my roommate and I find a perfect apartment for way under our max budget. Maurice was always reachable and super helpful, and he’s a good guy too.
ALEX H. (for Maria Monroe)
08/23/2018 11:29AM
Maria was extremely helpful, both kind and tenacious--helping me to look at a number of units, even nimbly building a new list on the fly when appointments had fallen through. What I had expected to be a stressful and difficult search was short, efficient, and even enjoyable. She has just the right amount of grit and warmth to make sure that you are well cared for. She was always available, communicated clearly, and checked-in during and after the leasing process. Highly recommended.
KATHLEEN FLAHERTY (for Sanjaya Shakya)
08/21/2018 10:29AM
I thankfully got in touch with Sanjaya through the "Contact Agent" icon in the listing that piqued my interest. He reached out shortly thereafter, and I explained my parameters - very specific ones, may I add, given my conservative price range. Needless to say, his intuition was spot on - I actually applied for the first apartment he showed me (I had not yet seen it on Naked). I just fell in love with the space and the cleanliness and pride evident throughout the building. What I also appreciated about Sanjaya was his honesty - he immediately presented the pros and cons of the unit in question, and, most importantly, he did not force me to make a decision on the spot. I made the decision when I was 100% sure … I guess I had just fallen in love with this apartment and couldn't get it off my mind! Lastly, Sanjaya was very patient and walked me through the challenging application process. He made sure I provided all necessary documentation and advocated for me in the eyes of management. I was approved in less than two business days. I can't thank him enough.
TOM AND LILI (for Max Lucas)
08/20/2018 03:31PM
what we loved with max is that we could really trust him and be transparent, very hard to find in other agents we've seen.
ALBERTO PORTAS (for Maria Monroe)
08/20/2018 01:08PM
Maria helped me find my dream apartment. She was professional, kind and very helpful. If you need somebody to assist you with the long and hard process of apartment hunting, Maria is the person you're looking for.
08/19/2018 11:38AM
Shiri was amazing, she helped us find out perfect home. We worked with a number of realtors and Shiri was by far the best. She was willing to work with our budget and was very respondsive. We appreciated her honesty and candor.
JULIA POTAPOFF (for Iyra Paboikina)
08/18/2018 08:56PM
I was an out-of-state client who was working with a tight budget, a short time frame and a complicated situation and Iyra was there every step of the way to find my partner and I the perfect apartment. She responded quickly to phone calls, text messages, and emails at all times of the day and all days of the week; she took all of the stress of finding your first apartment in New York City and turned it into an easy process for us! She really worked above and beyond, sending us videos, helping us gather all the correct documents, and meet deadlines for applications. She made the search easy and convenient, really understood what we were looking for, and found us a great deal...she really accepted the challenge and exceeded every expectation that we had! We will definitely be working with her again when we're looking for our next apartment!!
MAYA PREJBISZ (for Maria Monroe)
08/17/2018 09:25AM
Maria has been so lovely to work with. She has been transparent, efficient, and continuously communicated everything clearly throughout all steps of the rental process. I felt comfortable and informed every step of the way. I can tell Maria loves what she does, and it translates in how hard she works to keep her clients happy.
MIKE P (for Ralph Chiaia)
08/15/2018 10:47AM
Ralph was awesome to work with. I needed to get out of a lease early due to personal reasons, and he was incredibly helpful and diligent in helping me find new tenants to take over my apartment. He has a keen understanding of rental markets and the real estate game, but also gets the qualities of what makes for a good home. It never felt like he was just trying to move property around -- rather he was interested in the human qualities of my apartment that made it somewhere I wanted to live, and consequently why someone else would want to settle into it. He provided awesome regular status updates and his thoughts on how to best approach the situation on a week to week -- and sometimes day to day -- basis, and was generally a pleasure to talk to and organize/schedule with. Would definitely recommend working with him whether it's finding your own home or tenants for it.
SOPHIA V (for Shiri Rahamim)
08/09/2018 10:20AM
Shiri was extremely helpful to me and my roommate. She understood our needs and wants and was very persistent in finding us a great apartment. We really appreciate her time and dedication and will be referring her to our friends!
STEVE (for Craig Meachen)
08/08/2018 09:23PM
Craig is an exceptional real estate agent who goes above and beyond. My wife and I contacted Craig to put our apartment on the market, he came to the first meeting with with a ton of market research to help us decide listing price and within a week of meeting he had a multi-page packet outlining his suggestions to improve the look of the apartment prior to listing it. The suggestions included a range of prices points and even included specific links to suggested products, his background in interior design truly came out during this phase. With less than $1,000 he completely transformed our place to a fresh-looking apartment you would see in a design magazine, the best part was that Craig ensured all the furnishings he suggested (chairs, accent tables, accessories) fit our style and would work in our new home. Soon after getting the place ready he had our apartment photographed, posted on-line, out to his massive network and an open house scheduled. His marketing of the space brought a large turn-out to the first open house and within a couple days we had an offer, after some negotiations which Craig handled like a pro, we had a signed contract. As with any sale there were hiccups along the way but Craig was always able to stay calm and take care of the situation, he did whatever it took to make sure all went as planned. Craig continuously checked-in with me and my wife to ensure we were always kept updated and that he was in-line with what we wanted. I highly recommend Craig to anyone looking to buy a sale a home, having him on your side gives you an enormous advantage.
DONNA H. (for Maurice Fitzgerald)
07/31/2018 01:32PM
Thank you Maurice, I appreciate all your hard work. I contacted a couple different companies to start, and you are the shining star! You are very good at what you do!
CHRISTINA S. (for Maurice Fitzgerald)
07/31/2018 01:31PM
Maurice was an absolute joy to work with. He was in constant communication with me to ensure that I find the best apartment, within my budget, despite some difficult circumstances-- and he certainly succeeded! He goes above and beyond to make sure that you are incredibly taken care of. Great guy, very professional, and always looking out for your best interest. Seriously one of the best out there!
ALEXANDRA BOSCOLO (for Tyshawn Brathwaite)
07/30/2018 09:23PM
Tyshawn was amazing! We moved from out of state and were not able to see the apartment in person. Plus, we had had a bad experience with a broker that caused us to delay our move. Tyshawn went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and comfortable with our home. He was very responsive to texts and calls at all hours of day and night-- even after we signed the lease he had plenty of help and advice! I would 100% work with Tyshawn again and recommend his services to anyone who is moving. We are so, so happy in our new place.
KRISTIN (for Cynthia Onyebuchi)
07/30/2018 03:18PM
“Cynthia was absolutely excellent, professional and friendly - my husband and I felt like we had gained a new friend by the end of the experience. She kept it professional the entire time, and was extremely accommodating - she was quick moving and extremely knowledgeable, going above and beyond to help us out, listening to what we needed as we were in a time crunch. We could never have done this without her - so grateful for finding someone like her!!! ”
PETER TRAUNMUELLER (for Francisco Tejada)
07/29/2018 11:15PM
Cisco is fantastic! He was very patient, friendly, honest and competent and worked hard to show us places that fit our description.. He gave his everything and was always available when we decided to go ahead and sign the lease for an apt. I can highly recommend him!
MASSOUD S (for Katherine L. Pino)
07/29/2018 07:33PM
Katherine was great and helped me out with all of my housing needs. Also followed up afterwards, which was much appreciated
IVY AND MICHAEL POIANI (for Katherine L. Pino)
07/26/2018 09:38PM
Katherine is a rare gem in the fact that she truly cares about her clients first and foremost. She treated us like a partner and worked hard on our behalf as opposed to most agents who treat you like they are selling you something only worry about signing and moving on to the next. She is hard working and willing to fight for you (which is needed when you look in August!) while keeping your interests first. Thank you so much Katherine and we can't wait to send our friends your way or contact you when we are looking next time!!
CLAIRE CUNY (for Maria Monroe)
07/25/2018 11:41AM
My partner, my sister and I were looking for an affordable apartment in Brooklyn when we met Ms. Maria Monroe. Right away she knew exactly what we were looking for and showed us our dream apartment. Unfortunately, we were dealing with difficult landlords but Ms. Monroe never stopped fighting for us. She was always available to answer questions/guide us through the application process. She made us feel protected as we journeyed to find our new home. We just moved into our apartment and we are so happy! We have space, it's affordable, and it's already feeling like home. Thank you so much!
CASSIDY LITTLE (for Lakesia Hickmon)
07/22/2018 12:50PM
Lakesia is so sweet and super helpful! I highly recommend working with her!
THOMAS AND LISSA (for Alessandra Lykogiannis)
07/18/2018 07:56PM
Alessandra was wonderful! Attentive, detailed and always followed up. She was very respectful of our budget and was very timely in terms of scheduling visits. She also let us know how quickly she thought units would move. Highly recommended!
ARIE W (for Charlie Le Grice)
07/13/2018 01:36PM
Charlie was phenomenal as a real estate agent. We had tried to rent our Brooklyn condo with another agency with no results. Once Charlie took on the job, she found excellent tenants within 2 days. She understands the local market and is very efficient and professional. She will leave no stones unturned to get the job done. We highly recommend her!
07/12/2018 11:50AM
We have worked with Teddy on two transactions (finding an apartment to rent and then a condo to purchase), and would go to him first for any real estate need in the future! He quickly understood who we were and what we wanted, and worked diligently to find places for us to live that were perfect for us. Teddy has the ideal temperament and approach for NYC real estate deals: tough on issues, and professional (and quite fun when appropriate) with people. We have always felt in great hands with Teddy.
PHYLLIS KRUGMAN (for Teddy Montee)
07/11/2018 07:52PM
Teddy helped me sell my mom’s apartment. He did so much more than that. My mom was 99 years old at the time with dementia and many other health issues. A very strong opinionated lady. Teddy made her feel as comfortable as possible during the showing process and continued to help with many complications that unexpectedly appeared. All the while, he was a professional, a gentleman and so kind and reassuring. And he got the job done!
RACHEL KLEINMAN (for Katherine L. Pino)
07/09/2018 02:04PM
Katherine is an absolute pleasure to work with. She made herself available, attending to every question and concern I had along the way. I would be lucky to work with her again in the future.
JERRY M. (for Alex Vega)
07/09/2018 01:59PM
I met Alex Vega of Highline Residential last year when I was re-renovating my 2nd floor apartment. Unfortunately for me, finding a good and reasonable contractor took much longer than expected. By the time the renovations were finished, winter was upon us and made finding prospective tenants very difficult. During that time, Alex always kept in touch to see how things were going. When this summer rolled around, I got back in touch with Alex to let him know that the apartment was ready to rent. At that point, Alex came to take preliminary photos and to speak to me about my needs and concerns regarding the apartment, my house and what I was looking for with prospective tenants. Without further ad due, Alex brought in a professional photographer a few days later (I have never seen that before by any real estate agent in the past) and advertised the apartment in many different places. Several weeks after our initial meeting, Alex contacted me to tell me he had found some great tenants that knew the area and were looking for this type of apartment and layout. He assured me they were properly screened and vetted and were highly qualified. Alex immediately set up an appointment for his clients to see the apartment and for us to meet. It dawned on me soon after our meeting, that Alex had just hit a grand slam. I was quite amazed. I have rented out apartments in the past and I know it is a long and drawn out process and with the ever growing additions of new buildings in the neighborhood, it is much more difficult. Alex has an uncanny knack to closely match prospective tenants with prospective landlords and he was still able to get very close to the monthly rent I was asking for. Kudos to Alex! He is very professional, determined and listens to your concerns without being afraid to give his professional opinion and feed back about the current rental market. I had been contacted by other real estate agents and called several myself who never came by to see the apartment or talk to me in person, let alone bring any prospective tenants by. This was very disappointing. Alex, instead, was always in touch with me before I had the chance to call him. He is very diligent and serious about his career. Therefore, if you are a landlord, managing agent, etc., do yourself a favor...get in touch with Alex of Highline Residential for all your rental needs. The most I can rate Alex on here is "very satisfied," but I would say I was "EXTREMELY SATISFIED." Thanks Alex, keep up the good work and I hope to work with you in the future again.
CINDY HSU (for Evan Fernandez)
07/07/2018 11:34AM
Evan is so friendly and worked with me patiently even though I was overseas and out of the country. He was kind enough to give me a very detailed and thorough video tour of a unit, and the only reason we didn't take the place was because I didn't specify in detail exactly what we were looking for. He then offered to show me other listings available after I'd specified what we were looking for. Evan was really a pleasure to work with!
ANN HEPPERMANN (for Sanjaya Shakya)
07/06/2018 11:49AM
Sanjaya was incredible! He helped us find the exact apartment that we wanted. He was courteous and attentive. He also was very diligent in making sure we had a solid apartment application. I highly recommend him. The best broker we have had!
TASHA SOLOMITA (for Katherine L. Pino)
06/28/2018 05:44PM
Katherine went above and beyond in every possible way while helping us with our apartment search. She was extremely flexible with her time, very patient, and unbelievably helpful at every turn. Even after we'd chosen our apartment she was present every step of the way getting everything finalized and organized. It felt like having a proactive friend with endless knowledge and resources assisting us 24/7. She's incredibly kind and supportive and made an often stressful, complicated process, very easy, manageable and enjoyable. I can't rave about her enough and I'd recommend her a hundred times over!
GALLAGHER FAMILY (for Dawn Thompson)
06/27/2018 05:54PM
Dawn Thompson went above and beyond to ensure our satisfaction! Her knowledge of the city and understanding of our desires meshed perfectly! I highly recommend Dawn, She will listen, search, and deliver! She found a one of a kind property for us in our target neighborhood very quickly She remained in touch to ensure a smooth move in. I cannot say enough about her knowledge and service!
DANNY S (for Ralph Chiaia)
06/27/2018 05:19PM
Ralph was extremely flexible from the very start of my moving process, from responding promptly to my information request to arranging a time to view it that same morning! From there he was extremely responsive and helpful while we found our way around multiple obstacles and challenges in completing an out-of-state move. I can't thank Ralph enough for his assistance throughout the process, and I can't recommend him enough to anyone else looking in the NYC area!
AVIVA MICHELMAN-DUMAS (for Charlie Le Grice)
06/27/2018 12:20PM
Charlie was great; she was extremely amicable and helpful throughout the application process; she also acted as a liaison between the landlord and me before moving in - in order to ensure that the apartment was turned over clean and ready for my move. She was a pleasure to work with and I would be happy to work with her again in the future!
OLIVIA (for Kathleen A Eng)
06/27/2018 10:18AM
I would highly recommend Kathleen Eng to anyone looking for an apartment in Astoria, Queens. She was extremely knowledgeable, patient and helpful. While looking for an apartment can be stressful, my fiance and I really enjoyed looking for an apartment with Kathleen!
DENNIS NGUYEN (for Maria Monroe)
06/23/2018 05:14PM
Maria exemplifies the ultimate standard when it comes to real estate efficiency and heartwarming relations. It has been a blessing to have been able to work with her in signing the place of my dreams. You’d be a fool to ignore her presence as as person and a real estate agent.
VICKY & REMI (for Steve Ragan)
06/21/2018 01:59PM
Steve totally broke the stereotype of brokers for me. He was kind, courteous, and most importantly didn't try to just "sell" us something. He listened to our concerns, what we wanted from a place/neighborhood, and made a great itinerary for us. This was honestly the first time I wasn't bitter about paying a broker's fee. He's great -- 100% recommend and would go back to him in the future.
JAN (for Steve Ragan)
06/21/2018 01:58PM
It was great working with Steve. He had lined up many places within my price range and with the specs I was looking for. I would definitely contact Steve in the future to help me find an apartment again.
FERNANDO F. REDONDO (for Steve Ragan)
06/21/2018 01:56PM
Steve helped us finding our apartment and I only have good words. We had recently come from abroad and he planned visits to several buildings that had apartments in our exact price (and amenities) range (I have had quite the opposite experience with other agents, that just show you whatever they have). I would absolutely recommend Steve, you should trust him to arrange your viewings!
ANONYMOUS (for Steve Ragan)
06/21/2018 01:54PM
Steve was a huge help in finding an apartment in such a quick, stressful time period (especially when moving to NYC for the first time). I cannot thank him enough for all of his patience, dedicated work and following up with me to make sure I had all of my apartment documents taken care of. Highly recommend Steve!!
TONYA (for Steve Ragan)
06/21/2018 01:53PM
Steve was incredibly personable and helpful throughout my search for an apartment. He was completely transparent and explained the process to me, thoroughly and patiently. I was able to meet Steve a few times and look at a bunch of apartments, before we found the perfect one. I would definitely recommend Steve as a broker, but I would also recommend him as a trusted adviser and reputable source when it comes to the real estate industry. Thanks again for all of your help, Steve!
TIM (for Steve Ragan)
06/21/2018 01:51PM
Steve was a pleasure to work with. We spent half a day walking around Downtown Brooklyn. He knew exactly what I was looking for, was very familiar with the properties he showed me and there was never any pressure. Just a real nice, decent, kind and interesting person. I whole-heartedly recommend Steve as a real estate broker.
ANONYMOUS (for Steve Ragan)
06/21/2018 01:50PM
Steve was outstanding to work with. I made it tough on him by contacting him last minute, but he found the perfect apartment for the perfect price and there were absolutely no hidden fees, and he was true to his word on everything we discussed. I would highly recommend using Steve, as he also has extensive experience and knowledge of the apartment/housing market in NYC.
KRISTIN (for Steve Ragan)
06/21/2018 01:48PM
Steve was great! He was fast and thorough in all of his responses and was the only person I'd want to help me find my dream apartment. I liked that he was very considerate of my time and understood the rush I was in but still showed me some great options. Would definitely recommend him to my friends and family!
ANONYMOUS (for Steve Ragan)
06/21/2018 01:48PM
I worked with Steve and corresponded with him via email, phone, and person. He was very responsive and encouraging, and was straight-forward with the information we needed to know when pursuing an apartment in the city. Although its difficult, we saw great places with Steve and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is frustrated with the apartment search and looking to get it done!
ADRIANA (for Steve Ragan)
06/21/2018 01:45PM
It is rare to find an agent who truly listens and follows your criteria when looking for apartments to rent in NYC, but with Steve, we had a great experience. He was easy to reach, responsive, humble and personable. He was accommodating to our schedule and spent the time to show us quality apartments within our price range, suiting all our needs and locational desire, and giving us space and time to make a decision. I highly recommend Steve to anyone who is looking to rent in NYC.
MARTIONETTE (for Steve Ragan)
06/21/2018 01:44PM
I just would just like to say how much help Steve has been. I contacted him from the UK to arrange an apartment for my manager who is moving to the USA and he was very helpful. I would recommend anyone to use Steve Ragan as he is honest and caring in finding you the right place your are looking for. Many thanks Steve. You are amazing.
LYDIA (for Dante Patterson)
06/19/2018 09:22PM
It was a pleasure working with Dante. He was very professional, was easy to reach, and worked tirelessly to find my new home. I look forward to working with him again in the future!
KISA W (for Fernando Garcia)
06/16/2018 10:29AM
Fernando is an excellent real estate agent! He helped my partner and I find a studio on the Upper West Side in a matter of days. He kept all of our needs and wants in mind and ultimately found us the perfect apartment. Not only is he professional, but he is also very personable and caring. Fernando will absolutely do his best to make sure you get the apartment of your dreams.
JOHN S. (for Ralph Chiaia)
06/15/2018 11:01AM
Ralph is the best! Incredibly hard-working, responsive and on-top-of-it. Invariably pleasant, easy-going . . . And this is real estate, not always the gentlest of trades. Couldn't recommend him more highly.
JOHN S. (for Ralph Chiaia)
06/15/2018 11:01AM
Ralph is the best! Incredibly hard-working, responsive and on-top-of-it. Invariably pleasant, easy-going . . . And this is real estate, not always the gentlest of trades. Couldn't recommend him more highly.
K.L. (for Frank Gutierrez)
06/12/2018 12:02AM
I just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you for your time on Saturday. We saw a few places with different people that day and you were by far the best agent we met with. I know it may be a small thing to you, but no one else entertained a conversation with us about looking for other places so it made us feel very valued and taken care of when you explained everything about the brokers fees and the seasons of renting, and especially that you wrote down notes about what we were looking for. I wanted to make sure you knew that you were a bright spot in our day and we appreciate it! All my best,.K.L.
SOLUNY JEAN (for Maria Monroe)
06/09/2018 11:43PM
Maria works with her heart. She’s very patient. always takes her time to explain you every single detail. If you’re new in the field, like me, she makes sure that you get what’s best for you. she’s a cool and easy going person.
DROR (for Viviana Choi)
06/08/2018 01:08PM
Viviana is the single best broker I have ever worked with. While some brokers are just there to pick up a fee, Viviana is there to help renters navigate the rental market, the management companies, and to really advocate on your behalf. She helped me, my wife, and our baby find a place we love at a price we can live with. She was patient, flexible, and communicative. I recommend her unequivocally.
KAITLYN RICHTER (for Yuliya Vakulevich)
06/07/2018 11:21PM
Working with Yuliya could not have been better! From the moment we met her, she was kind, patient, and had 3 great apartments ready to show us. We had just seen several apartments we thought we liked, but the ones Yuliya showed us were better than everything else. She was able to answer all our questions easily and was communicative throughout the entire application process. I have already recommended her to my friends. Yuliya - thank you so much for finding us our perfect apartment!!
GABRIELLE SALGADO (for Viviana Choi)
06/07/2018 09:36AM
Viviana was an absolute pleasure to work with! This was our first time renting, so we had a lot of questions and we were pretty nervous at first. Along the way, we met some people that made us feel very uncomfortable and we started to get discouraged. When we met Viviana we realized that we were dealing with an honest person and a true professional. She recognized how we were feeling and she did everything she could to make us comfortable, including letting us come into the office to complete the application process. She walked us through step by step and at no point did we feel like she was trying to trick us or be dishonest with us. She really helped us understand the process and she made our first experience a positive one! I'm so glad we got the chance to work with her and I can't wait to move into our new apartment! Thanks so much, Viviana and all the Highline staff.
JON (for Craig Meachen)
05/29/2018 11:50AM
Craig was very helpful in helping me secure an apartment. From giving me a quick tour of the area, visiting different apartments, to getting my lease over the finish line, Craig was there at every step along the way.
BRIAN BENNET (for Maria Monroe)
05/25/2018 11:27AM
Maria could not have been more helpful in getting our place. Please do yourself a favor and work with her!
MIGUEL DELCHAN (for Maria Monroe)
05/23/2018 09:01PM
Maria is very professional and responsible. She is always on top of every detail and makes the whole process smooth and without stress. She is a big help.
OSO (for Maria Monroe)
05/17/2018 10:42PM
Maria is a trustworthy woman who is always willing to help. She takes her duties with utter most professionalism with the fear of GOD . I am proud of Maria. client OSO
OLUFERU IDOWU (for Maria Monroe)
05/17/2018 10:39PM
Maria is a lovely woman. She helped me find an apartment in 1 day . I was in great need for an apartment. She is best in her profession. Thank you Maria Idowu
05/17/2018 10:35PM
Thank you very much for doing an amazing job. Landlord for 45 Cumberland.
PAIVA (for Maria Monroe)
05/17/2018 10:34PM
Dear Maria, What a blessings to have met you. Thank you so much for finding a home that will brig great happiness me and my children. Best wishes, Ann Paiva
MARLEE (for Ana Maria Bazzani)
05/17/2018 12:48PM
Ana Maria was great to work with. Incredibly fast and always kept up with communication. We are super happy with our new apartment!
SARAH BERNIER (for Viviana Choi)
05/17/2018 10:33AM
Viviana was amazing to work with when looking for my new apartment. From setting up a time to view the apartment to the lease signing she always responded quickly and stayed in contact whenever needed. With a friendly and positive attitude she took the time to figure out what I was looking for and was just as excited as I was once I found the apartment right for me.
DASHA DYOMKINA REECE (for Francisco Tejada)
05/09/2018 05:23PM
Francisco was extremely professional, helpful and easy to work with. He found the building and apartment that exactly suited my requirements. He is so easy to get a hold of, always on time, very personable, accommodating, answered all of my questions, definitely has client's best interest at heart and just overall a very good person. He made me feel comfortable with the process and made it easy and quick. I definitely enjoyed my apartment search experience with him and I would definitely recommend him to others who are looking for their dream apartment.
MARC THIEBEAU (for Max Salazar)
05/09/2018 03:53AM
I usually don't write reviews online. But finding an apartment is a very painful and stressful process. And in the jungle that NY is there are few opportunities to get real, concrete, and truthful feedback on brokers. My name is Marc and I'm a Belgian national that moved 2 years ago to the city with very few ties in the US. For us foreigners, finding an apartment is even more difficult given the amount of paperwork required, especially if you don't have income (I was a student until a few months ago) and credit history in the country. In my case, I was additionnaly extremely rushed with time, given I got to the city from my summer on Sep 22 and had to vacate my previous apartment on Oct 1st. I got in touch with max through Craigslist, and every single listing he showed was of truly high quality. He was extremely flexible in adapting to my busy schedule and used a no b******t and efficient style of working. After a failed application at the Caroline (our application got there only 30 min after another one) he found me an even better 2 bedroom, 2 baths apartment that takes dogs in a beautiful building in SoHo - all of thatwhile still negotiating the price down despite the deadline. He managed the application process admirably and really fought for me and my roommate despite the flaws in our respective files (e.g. guarantor requirement, etc.). Finally he even helped me moved when I realized most of my friends couldn't take enough time off their job to do so. All in all, Max is the best broker I've met in the city, and I've worked with a bunch of them (I moved 4 times in tow years). This review should be sufficient to convince you, but if not, feel free to contact me. Best, Marc
ZACH BROWN (for Max Salazar)
05/09/2018 03:52AM
Max is one of a kind. He is charismatic and always on the move to find the apartment that's perfect for you...no matter your budget. He is flexible with his schedule and promptly responds to emails. More importantly, his 10+ years of experience in conjunction with his deep relationships across the city helped my roommates and I secure an apartment quickly...it came on the market 15 minutes before our appointment and we were closing by lunch (the landlord called him personally to give him first dibs). To sum up, if you need an apartment in NYC, call Max Salazar. You will not be disappointed.
KEITH (for Max Salazar)
05/09/2018 03:51AM
Max knows the apartment hunting game better than anyone else, and that's why he's extremely successful. As a newcomer to NYC, I had a lot to learn; many brokers came at me with lots of listings, and many of them wasted my time showing me places that clearly did not meet my criteria. Max, however, listened to exactly what I wanted in terms of cost, size, and amenities, so every place he showed me was a strong candidate. He also went out of his way to find places that weren't clearly listed. When it came time to do paperwork, Max was completely honest about all of the various fees and deposits, and I never felt pressured or confused during the process. Most importantly, Max is extremely quick and aggressive, and that is EXACTLY what you need in a NYC real estate broker...especially in the summertime when the demand is extremely high. If you know exactly what you're looking for, Max will find it for you (and he'll do it quickly), so be ready!
DANIEL (for Max Salazar)
05/09/2018 03:50AM
Max grew up here and knows his stuff, He's highly organized and efficient and stays in budget. He was able to figure out what I would like with just a few clues. Plus it's a pleasure to work with him.
AARON (for Max Salazar)
05/09/2018 03:49AM
Max did an incredible job helping my girlfriend and I find an apartment in Kips Bay. He's always on time and on top of things, and responds promptly to emails ant texts. He will only show you things in your budget that meet your requirements. He was able to get us a great deal on an apartment in a competitive market.
FRAN THORELY (for Max Salazar)
05/09/2018 03:48AM
I genuinely couldn't recommend Max any higher... he is just brilliant!! The viewing process was quick as he takes everything into account and ensures he is only showing you stuff that suits exactly what you want. He goes above and beyond for his clients... everything from picking up the documents to sign, dropping cheques off and providing constant reassurance and support with any questions. Max is the best!!
CATHERINE (for Max Salazar)
05/09/2018 03:47AM
Max helped my boyfriend and I find our first apartment together in New York City. I reached out to Max about the type of apartment we were interested in renting, along with the location and amenities we were hoping to get with our budget. Max promptly got back to us, and had a list of buildings he thought would fit our needs. The first place Max took us to we loved! Max was able to work around our busy schedules to accommodate us, and was always quick to get back to us with any questions we had. Overall, our experience working with Max was awesome! He was knowledgable about the building we moved into, and was genuinely happy that we found our first place together.
MATTHEW WHITE (for Max Salazar)
05/09/2018 03:45AM
Max is hands down the best and most detail oriented broker I have ever interfaced with. I have been dealing with real estate in NYC for over 5 years and have met with 20+ brokers, none of which hold a candle to Max's service. He will help you find exactly what you need as long as you are specific and upfront with him. Trust me when I say he is the example of how brokers should work in the modern age. Constant and honest communication and a knowledge level like no other. Thanks Max!
ELLIOT (for Max Salazar)
05/09/2018 03:45AM
Max is easily the best broker I've worked with in the 5+ years I've lived in NYC. In spite of how picky I am, he managed to find me exactly what I was looking for, incredibly fast, and under budget--it was unreal. Unlike many other brokers out there, Max is very efficient, trustworthy, and does not waste your time. Highly recommend.
TARA DANIELS (for Tyshawn Brathwaite)
04/28/2018 10:19AM
I'm so blessed to have worked with Tyshawn. In the past, I have had brokers talk down to me, show me apartments I couldn't afford, etc. Not Tyshawn! From the beginning, he listened to my needs. I felt like he treated my time with respect because he only showed me places that fit my needs. When I found my new home and had to do a bit of haggling with the landlord, Tyshawn kept on it, even when I felt like giving up. Because of his persistence, I am now living in a place that suits all my needs and was under my budget. Also, after I signed my lease, he checked in with me several times to make sure I got everything I needed from my landlord and was satisfied. I can't thank him enough for his professional and personable behavior while working with me.
IMANI THOMPSON (for Maria Monroe)
04/25/2018 09:49PM
Maria has provided me with outstanding service when I was first looking for an apartment to move. Although it was a long road and things did not initially work out where I thought it was my dream apartment I am now happy to say I am more happy than ever on where I ended up. She treated me less like a client and more like family and I will never forget the kindness she showed me or how tirelessly she worked to place me in an apartment that met all of my needs. If I ever am moving again in the future she will be the first person I call as well as referring any and everyone I can to her!
ALEX (for Maria Monroe)
04/21/2018 07:44PM
Ms. Monroe was very patient with me , great personality and great individual. She got me a great apartment . I am a single mother with a child. I have been looking for apartments few months earlier unsuccessful but when I met Ms. Monroe, she got me beautiful and ideal apartment for me and for my child just within few days.
LANDLORD MONALISA (for Maria Monroe)
04/21/2018 07:40PM
Good recommendation ,reliable real ea-state agent. She is able to work on your schedule, any time any day.
MR. ROGERS (for Maria Monroe)
04/21/2018 07:38PM
Maria did a outstanding job and went above and beyond to find me a beautiful apartment and in great location for my fiance and my baby boy. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a beautiful place to live. From her client Isiah Rogers.
LANDLORD MICHAEL (for Maria Monroe)
04/21/2018 07:36PM
Maria was very efficient .She kept her promise by giving the right tenant right away. She was professional and I appreciate her effort. She is really good at what she does. Thank you Maria!!
RAMSINGH (for Maria Monroe)
04/21/2018 07:33PM
Maria helped me and my future wife a nice apartment in just 2 days. We give her 5 stars!!!!
PEI PEI CHIANG (for Katherine L. Pino)
04/19/2018 11:17AM
Katherine is an hard working, responsible, willing to walk extra mile in order to complete a job , that kind of agent. For example, after she found me the tenants, the tenants requested that a clean apartment, in that morning when I was going to clean the apartment , I found her almost done cleaning the apartment , I was so touched by her enthusiastic and hard working spirit . After all, there were many real estate agents came to show my apartments, she is the most hardworking agent who showed the most. that ‘s why she is the one who got my apartments rented. I will definitely refer her to all my friends and family.
REBECCA ALLEN (for Katherine L. Pino)
04/19/2018 12:36AM
Katherine is a fantastic broker. She is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Katherine went above and beyond to help us out and make sure everything was in order to get the apartment we loved. I would highly recommend her services.
CRYSTAL (for Katherine L. Pino)
04/18/2018 05:42PM
First of all, Katherine is absolutely a pleasure to work with. She communicated with me constantly for my input regarding any prospective tenants. She is hardworking and she was constantly bringing potential tenants to show the apartment during this past winter, regardless how bad the weather was. She is dependable, fair and result oriented, she found my current tenant for me and she helped my sister too. The process was extremely smooth, and she did most of the heavy lifting. I will definitely want to work with her again!
STELLA JIMENEZ (for Shiv Babani)
04/16/2018 06:30PM
Within 2 days, he found me the perfect apartment! He listened when I told him what I was looking for and patiently showed me around Manhattan keeping in mind exactly what I told him. He knows his stuff and that’s what made it easy and painless. I’ve recommended him to all my friends who are looking for apartments in the city.
ROSEMARIE SIMPSON (for Tyshawn Brathwaite)
04/15/2018 01:30AM
Tyshawn Brathwaite I want to say thank you for finding me and my family the most suitable apartment every. You went out of your way for making the impossible possible. You are a man of your words and you are trustworthy. You are highly recommend to anyone I come in contact with about apartments. Thank you
KACEY MUSSON (for Sanad Zahrieh)
04/13/2018 08:23PM
Sanad was very professional. Even though I couldn't rent from him now, I will come back to him when I am ready.
LISA LECUYER (for Viviana Choi)
04/11/2018 11:12AM
I am so thankful to have worked with Viviana. From the second I met her she put me at ease with her warm and comforting personality. She went above and beyond to help me form a relationship with the landlord. Viviana truly helped me find my dream apartment and I would recommend her HIGHLY to anyone that wants a stress free experience!!
V.N (for Maria Monroe)
04/08/2018 04:26PM
Maria is a very kind and professional person, who always keep her eyes on the best sources for us. I really appreciate it.
GUI MU (for Maria Monroe)
04/08/2018 04:02PM
Very hardworking and kind woman. She helped us a lot in finding the new apartment. Best agent ever.
MENZAL (for Subhi Othman)
04/03/2018 07:55PM
I was looking for apartment I find agent subhi He was very helpful we make a deal few minutes call me every day for new apartment From 1 to 10 I give him 10
KEENA LOWE (for Subhi Othman)
04/02/2018 10:34PM
Subhi is a breathe of fresh air and I thoroughly enjoyed my experience working with him to find the perfect place to call home. Subhi is prompt, exceptionally professional, meticulous , and goes above and beyond to exceed expectations.
DIANA T (for Ana Maria Bazzani)
04/02/2018 05:11PM
Ana Maria was absolutely wonderful to work with. She was very informative and accommodated my schedule without hesitation. She has a very positive attitude and kept me up to date throughout the entire application process. I would highly recommend Ana Maria.
ANNA GOLUB (for Viviana Choi)
03/28/2018 11:56AM
I would absolutely recommend Viviana! My experience with her was above average. She was very forthcoming, knowledgeable and constantly went the extra mile for the customer. Her professionalism and great attitude makes her an asset!
SICILIA PERRY (for Shiv Babani)
03/27/2018 02:43PM
Shiv is one of the most patient agents I've ever met. I will always be thankful for the hours he spent taking me around the city before finally finding my dream apartment.
VANTASIA LEWIS (for Maria Monroe)
03/22/2018 08:01PM
Maria Monroe helped me get a place for a whole year! She has helped me in many many ways that no one else has been able to help me in. Thank you Maria for all of your help!
VANTASIA LEWIS (for Maria Monroe)
03/22/2018 08:01PM
Maria Monroe helped me get a place for a whole year! She has helped me in many many ways that no one else has been able to help me in. Thank you Maria for all of your help!
HYPATIA PORTER (for Lakesia Hickmon)
03/20/2018 01:33PM
Lakesia was an absolute gem to work with! She found my partner and I our dream apartment, and worked with us tirelessly to make sure the process was as smooth as possible. I would absolutely recommend her!
MS. JAMISON (for Maria Monroe)
03/17/2018 09:11PM
I really do appreciate everything that you did for us. You were sent to us and I am grateful for that. I wanna say thank you Ms. Maria.
S. HESSON (for Subhi Othman)
03/16/2018 07:06PM
Subhi was understanding of my rental needs and budget. He kept me up to date on possible properties that may be within my specific criteria. He was able to find me a place in less than a month and made my relocation to the area less stressful.
DAPHANE GRAY (for Maria Monroe)
03/14/2018 07:01PM
My family was blessed with an excellent agent Ms. Maria Monroe in finding the perfect apartment, Ms. Monroe did an amazing job and in a timely manner. If looking for home Ms. Monroe is the agent to call. Thank you Ms. Monroe.
THAINE WHITE (for Maria Monroe)
03/12/2018 12:19PM
working with Maria Monroe has been a great experience she was very hands-on and with us every step of the way and we were able to get the apartment and the transaction was very smooth and ms. Monroe made the process very easy and simple and did what she said she was going too do I'm very grateful for ms. monroe
DOMINION GRAY (for Maria Monroe)
03/12/2018 12:18PM
Ms. Maria was very helpful with helping me find my apartment. she was there with me step by step through the entire viewing and application process. I would glady refer her to anyone I know who is looking for an apartment.
MARIA CONSTANZA (for Barbora Chung)
03/01/2018 04:03PM
Before moving up from California a best friend recommended HIGHLINE Astoria so we could live in the same neighborhood. It was by chance I met Barbora and I was in a time crunch situation and she showed me only three apartments before I found the one I liked. Everyone told me finding an apartment in New York is tough but I guess I got lucky here. She was helpful with my paperwork and made the whole process smooth.
GEORGE PHOTOPOULOS (for Barbora Chung)
03/01/2018 03:25PM
I want to thank Barbora for helping find a very convenient location with the amenities I needed. She was quick to follow-up my emails and was very resourceful in finding me several apartments in the area that I desired. Definitely a big help and made my life easy.
CONNOR LEE (for Shiv Babani)
02/28/2018 06:35PM
I had the pleasure of looking around Manhattan with Shiv Babani. I've had experience renting with agents who have screwed me over and it was so refreshing to meet an honest agent like Shiv. He was up front with us the whole time and was efficient.
NANCY SULLIVAN (for Shiv Babani)
02/28/2018 06:34PM
Shiv Babani found me my dream apartment! One of the only genuine and honest agents in New York. I would highly recommend working with him.
ASHVIN MELWANI (for Shiv Babani)
02/28/2018 12:29PM
I had the pleasure of working with Shiv to help me find an apartment in the city just recently. I was currrently living and working in New Jersey but I was being transferred to New York and was in desperate need of an apartment. I spoke with Shiv one morning and by the afternoon he had several options for us to look at the very next day. He’s super prompt, extremely professional, and just an absolute pleasure to be a around. I’ve worked with some agents in the past who don’t give you that much attention but Shiv was constantly in touch answering my questions whenever I had them and just overall super helpful. If you’re looking to buy or rent, give Shiv a call or email, he’ll definitely go above and beyond to meet your needs.
TIM & DANA (for Cynthia Onyebuchi)
02/27/2018 02:57PM
Coming from Germany the NY rentals market was a completely undiscovered land. We've also briefly worked with other brokers before, some of them being very unprofessional. With everything being so different, we were thankful to have had Cynthia working alongside with us. She was able to quickly understand what exactly we were looking for and although our (partly changing) criteria were hard to match, she tirelessly came up with great and considerable rental units. She is always very friendly and helpful and always tried to use her conversational talent to get the most out any offer. Cynthia is a very kind person and a highly recommendable professional who was able to deliver what we demanded of an agent.
MAYA AND JESS (for Cynthia Onyebuchi)
02/27/2018 02:57PM
Cynthia went above and beyond in the search for our new home. She listened to our input and walked us around the neighborhood looking for a good fit. Highly recommend for anyone looking.
CHARLENE GARCIA (for Cynthia Onyebuchi)
02/27/2018 02:56PM
Cynthia was extremely professional and helpful, compared to many others my boyfriend and I worked with in seeking our first apartment in NYC together. From the beginning she would listen to what we wanted/liked and would be completely honest about what place would/wouldn't work for us. Although we didn't end up getting our apartment from her, I only wish we had because she was undoubtedly one of the best brokers we've worked with by far. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a place in NYC!
L. JAMES (for Cynthia Onyebuchi)
02/27/2018 02:56PM
Cynthia was very professional and listened to our needs. She was always on time for viewings and planned to show multiple listing so as to not take up too much of your time. She always followed up with emails and phone calls and offered suggestions that were in our area and price constraints.
JASPER M (for Cynthia Onyebuchi)
02/27/2018 02:56PM
Cynthia is the epitome of what you expect of a real estate agent. She quick in responding to your inquiries, offering suggestions beyond what I originally inquired about. Very understanding and accommodating to your needs. Always followed up with me even after my move to offer any help. It is rare to find an agent like Cynthia that is honest, shows great care as she works for you, offers wonderful service and does it all with a beautiful smile. First class indeed!!
DIANA LUGO (for Cynthia Onyebuchi)
02/27/2018 02:55PM
Cynthia was very professional, honest and helpful. She helped me throughout the entire process. Always followed up with emails and phone calls. She helped me find what I was looking for faster than I though. I am absolutely grateful for the service provided. I totally recommend her if you're looking for an apt in NY.
ERIC B (for Cynthia Onyebuchi)
02/27/2018 02:55PM
Cynthia was very professional and worked tirelessly to cater to our needs. She helped us out of a compromising situation with a prospective landlord and was in our court the entire time. Within two days of our first failed attempt, she had found us the perfect apartment, which we then rented. Cynthia is very kind, listens to your needs, and fulfills them, no questions asked.
ANDREA (for Cynthia Onyebuchi)
02/27/2018 02:55PM
Very professional and worked with the landlord to get me an apartment quickly. Thank you!
JACKI O'BRIEN (for Cynthia Onyebuchi)
02/27/2018 02:55PM
Cynthia was very helpful and accommadating of my schedule. I've recommended her to many friends.
BRIANA CATAPANG (for Cynthia Onyebuchi)
02/27/2018 02:54PM
Cynthia is seriously one of the best brokers I have ever dealt with in my renting experience. She really goes the extra mile for her clients and will stick her neck out for you to make sure you get the place you're looking for, and even if that doesn't fall through she still has your back until you find an even better place. She's also very easy to contact and to stay in contact with and is willing to work with you whatever your circumstances. She'll also keep it real with you, because let me tell you, this business is NOT easy. You're going to deal with sleazy landlords and shitty brokers, but just call up Cynthia and you at least only have to deal with one of those, instead of both. She also has an incredible amount of patience, because me and my roommates and our different circumstances caused a lot of headache not only for us, but also Cynthia as I can imagine. However, she did not complain or yell at us. She took the time to hear us out and fight for us. You won't find a better broker.
MATT (for Daniel Rosen)
02/27/2018 02:46PM
I'm very picky about a lot of things. Apartments are one of them. Daniel was so accommodating to a lot of these while I was looking to move to Astoria. I definitely could not have done this with out him! Mr. Rosen was always on time to the appointments - which were a bountiful and impressive 3-5 every time. While looking, I never felt pressure to 'buy before it's too late'. Mr. Rosen was very sensitive to that, and made sure that everything shown was something he stood by and would even consider buying himself. In what i thought would take two weeks, we found the apartment I had been looking for in 2 days! When it came time for paperwork, lease signing, etc. Daniel was thorough, swift and made sure it all went of without a hitch. Working with Daniel was genuine and stress-free. 10 Stars.
MELISSA (for Daniel Rosen)
02/27/2018 02:45PM
Daniel is a very knowledgeable, organized, and extremely helpful Real Estate Agent. He gave me a call the same day I initially emailed him and we spoke in detail about what I was looking for in my next apartment. Daniel took the time to send me several listings (with pictures) so that I could get a sense of what was on the market with my price range and location. He was very accommodating when scheduling apartment visits since I have a busy work schedule. In two days I will be moving into my dream apartment in Astoria, thanks to Daniel! I would recommend him to anyone who is on the hunt looking for their next home. Thank you so much, Daniel!
ROBERT MARTIN (for Kathleen A Eng)
02/27/2018 02:45PM
My wife and I have worked with Kathleen for all of our real estate needs in Queens. She goes above and beyond every time, and we have referred her to all our friends, and we will recommend her again and again without hesitation.
RENTER (for Kathleen A Eng)
02/27/2018 02:44PM
My partner and I rented an apartment with Kathleen and she just got it right from the very beginning. She knew that our problem was having the time to get it done, and she really went out of her way to help us literally with all of it!
HOLLY WHITED (for Kathleen A Eng)
02/27/2018 02:44PM
Kathleen was fantastic. She made the process so simple from beginning to end! I just signed and picked up the keys to my dream apartment. Thank you Kathleen, it was a pleasure working with you.
ANNE (for Kathleen A Eng)
02/27/2018 02:44PM
Kathleen went above and beyond for us-- when the owner of the property didn't understand our paperwork, she called him right away and walked him through it. She was available, attentive, and friendly, and we simply wouldn't be in such a nice apartment if it wasn't for her. She made sure to check in on us once we were moved in to make sure everything was as it should be. Highly recommended!
LINDSEY BLECHLE (for Nelly Mrakovcic)
02/27/2018 02:40PM
Nelly was a joy to work with and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a place to call home. Nelly went above and beyond my expectations and made the entire process less stressful. She listened to all of my husband and I's requirements and desires, arranged all meetings, drove us to each apartment and even took the time to show us around our new neighborhood. She has kept in touch as we settle in and has even made sure all home repairs have been completed to our satisfaction. Nelly at Highline Residential is highly recommended!
DAVID P (for Nelly Mrakovcic)
02/27/2018 02:39PM
Nelly was a pleasure to work with. She was prompt in all of her replies and always on time to every meeting. Throughout the entire application and approval process she helped guide me to ensure I received the apt I wanted including weekend and off hours assistance. I would highly recommend working with Nelly to help find your new home, she made the process as seamless and easy as possible. I will certainly be reaching out to her for my next move.
SHAKINA GARNES (for Aubrey Crooke)
02/27/2018 02:34PM
Searching for a place in the tri-state can be the most frustrating & exciting experience all in once. I can say Aubrey was beyond helpful; He was attentive of what I wanted as well as professional with his suggestions. Knowing your property as well as the neighborhood is a plus & Aubrey has that. I was satisfied with my experience & would love to work with him again. I referred him to a few poeple but will love to work with him again in the future.
SHEREE CAMPBELL (for Aubrey Crooke)
02/27/2018 02:34PM
Aubrey Crooke is very professional, he made the process of helping me find a great home easy. I recommended two other prospects to him and they were also very satisfied.
JUIHSI (for Sanad Zahrieh)
02/27/2018 02:30PM
Very helpful and patient with our questions and problems!
JEANNE K. (for Elvis Garcia)
02/27/2018 02:16PM
Elvis was very professional, helpful, hard working, efficient and honest. And he has a dog!
STEVEN BORDEN-WEILL (for Elvis Garcia)
02/27/2018 02:15PM
Elvis is the king...of NYC real estate!
STEVEN BORDEN-WEILL (for Elvis Garcia)
02/27/2018 02:15PM
A true class act.
BRANDON BURNS (for Elvis Garcia)
02/27/2018 02:15PM
While searching for my next rental apartment in Brooklyn, I had the pleasure of teaming up with Elvis Garcia to serve as my real estate agent. From start to finish, Elvis never stopped working for me. Elvis conducts himself to the highest level of professionalism. He’s extremely hard working, honest and transparent. There were never any delays in communication between us throughout the entire process. Based on my wonderful experience, I can honestly say I highly recommend Elvis Garcia.
HEATHER ROONEY (for Elvis Garcia)
02/27/2018 02:15PM
I would highly recommend Elvis to anyone looking for an apartment in Brooklyn. My sister and I were lucky enough to work with Elvis after making an appointment to view an apartment through naked apartments. The apartment wasn't for us but Elvis was personable and determined to find us the two bedroom we were looking for. Elvis embodied a "whatever it takes" attitude and found us the perfect apartment within two weeks. Elvis scheduled viewings around my busy work schedule and was always available to communicate and answer our questions. Even after the lease was signed and we moved in Elvis took the steps to make sure my sister and I were happy with our new home. Overall, Elvis helped make what can be a very stressful experience into one that was rather smooth and simple.
SHATIA STROTHER (for Carter Chen)
02/27/2018 02:11PM
My husband and I could not have asked for a better agent during our apartment hunt. Carter was friendly, honest, accommodating and we both felt that he genuinely cared about our needs. I will make sure to recommend him to both friends and family, it is rare to find someone who is truly invested in making sure potential tenants are happy.
CHITRA AGRAWAL (for Carter Chen)
02/27/2018 02:10PM
I have lived in NYC since 2005 and I have to say that Carter was the best agent I have worked with hands down. He is honest, reliable and caring - a total gem. He listened to us and really came through with an apartment that fit mine and my fiance's needs. He was great at letting us know where we stood in the process and also updating us with any new information. From start to finish, we felt that we were in good hands with Carter. We couldn't have asked for a better experience and I would highly recommend his services. We loved working with him!
TY B. (for Carter Chen)
02/27/2018 02:10PM
I have to say, Carter was the best agent I worked with during my apartment hunt. He was extremely accommodating, hands-on and patient. I would highly recommend him to anyone searching for an apartment.
GEORGE AND LEE ANNE (for Carter Chen)
02/27/2018 02:09PM
After years of craigslist apartments and accomodations that all had hidden asterisks that came attached, my wife and I decided to use a broker to assist us in finding a place we could settle and call a home. We contacted Carter with a set of specifics that we were looking for in a new home. From the get go, Carter was extremely responsive with quick and thorough communication. His accessibility and flexibility in working with our schedule made the process both smooth and enjoyable. After our first meeting, Carter had listings for us to review the same day fitting our parameters, and even with our tight schedule, we were seeing apartments within a couple days. The instant we saw the unit we loved, Carter was around the clock working with us to assist us in getting everything we needed to make the application process airtight and seamless. Carter let us know the minute we were approved for the apartment. From getting the keys to moving into the apartment, Carter felt like a liaison and friend that we could count on in helping us in an otherwise stressful process. The first day Lee Anne and I moved our boxes into our new home, I checked the mailbox and was surprised to find our first piece of mail, from none other than Carter. This was our first time using a broker; hopefully we won't need one for a long time, but if we do again in the future, we will know we have a relationship with Carter.
CHLOE AND LARS (for Carter Chen)
02/27/2018 02:09PM
Carter was a pleasure to work with and he helped us find a beautiful apartment! He is a nice, honest broker who genuinely wants to pair people with good apartments and landlords. Carter was extremely responsive to our requests/inquiries and he went out of his way to make meetings convenient. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.
RAMI EARASI (for Carter Chen)
02/27/2018 02:09PM
Words cannot describe how lucky we were to work with Carter Chen. I would highly recommend him to everyone. I was looking for an apartment for my son in Brooklyn, NY and were guided the whole way through the process with such care and professionalism. We are so new to find a place in Brooklyn, NY and are small beans but he never made us feel this way. Carter is not only knowledgeable, He truly cares about his clients. Carter understood the importance of getting us our apartment for my son and followed up on ALL angles possible to ensure that we would be able to attain our new apartment. He not only got us our great apartment, but he made the process seem like a piece of cake. He kept us informed, educated us on the process, and continues to follow up with us. I can't thank him enough. I agree with everyone else who has given Carter Chen five stars. He gives 110%. He is all about integrity and excellence. Top notch, tech savvy real estate professional dedicated to assisting clients to the best of his abilities, is what comes to mind when I think of Carter Chen. Extremely detailed and patient and on top of all this, he is such a kind soul. I really can't imagine getting any better service than this. If you want to be part of a winning team, you can with Carter. He is undeniably the BEST at what he does. Carter is a phenomenal agent, and one that I highly recommend.
VIRAJ AND DILA (for Carter Chen)
02/27/2018 02:08PM
Dila and I could not have been more lucky to have worked with Carter for placement in our new apartment. He is a genuine, hardworking real estate professional who was extremely responsive and helpful throughout the process. We found Carter through a listing of an apartment that we liked, and due to the family owned nature of the building, the process was pretty involved. Nevertheless, thanks to Carter, the process seemed like a breeze. He was able to answer any question we had throughout the process, and even drew up a floor plan for our planning purposes when one was not available through the owners. Carter is an exceptional agent, the kind that people deserve during the apartment search but hardly ever get. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new place to stay.
JADE (for Carter Chen)
02/27/2018 02:08PM
I had an excellent experience renting an apartment through Carter. He was straightforward, helpful, and honest, which is a real rarity in my experience of navigating the NYC real estate market. He responded to any questions or concerns I had with tact and a smile on his face to boot! He truly went above and beyond and was sincerely interested in helping me. It was a pleasure working with him and I'd heartily recommend him as a broker.
GEORGE (for Max Lucas)
02/27/2018 01:55PM
Deep knowledge of Williamsburg market and deals, definilty a good help, finally a guy that really knows how to perform his job from A to Z. Keep doing what you do !
BART P. (for David Saba)
02/27/2018 01:41PM
Dave was a pleasure to work with - responsive, informative and candid. He went above and beyond to help us with the apartment, as well as matters only somewhat related (e.g., he held our packages for us when UPS refused to leave them.) The service he provided was exceptional.
SID KRAMER (for Craig Meachen)
02/27/2018 01:38PM
Craig is very professional and an all around good guy. He is meticulous in his detail. From his prompt response to my initial inquiry I was impressed from the start with his comfortable yet thorough way of giving me great service throughout my apartment search. Thank you Craig for such a warm welcome to the neighborhood. I must say, you certainly know Brooklyn Heights! I very much enjoyed not just your historic knowledge, but also all your great personal stories about the various shops in the area today!
JOHN AND SUSAN BENEKE (for Craig Meachen)
02/27/2018 01:37PM
Craig, You have been kind and professional throughout. I'm still hoping we can get this done through you, but who knows. I most certainly would recommend you to anyone in my network of colleagues and friends, and will do so. Thanks John
ARIEL DUMAS (for Craig Meachen)
02/27/2018 01:37PM
Craig, this is AMAZING! Wow! They say I should know by today, but things are looking good. Thank you for showing me so many apartments yesterday. Seeing such a variety really made making a decision easy! Thanks again, and I hope you had a very happy birthday, Ariel
02/27/2018 01:36PM
Thank you so much, Craig! We really thought you were great, and looks forward to doing more business with you — hopefully as buyers next time!
LAURA FEDORYK (for Craig Meachen)
02/27/2018 01:30PM
Im so thrilled to have this new apartment and to have had the chance to work with you. I know I've said it before, but this has been such a wonderful experience thanks to your efforts. Thanks again for everything you've done to make this process so seamless and pain free :) Laura
02/27/2018 01:29PM
Hi Craig, We are DIGGING the apartment--thank you again for helping us find the place and close the deal quickly! We are now pretty much set up. Any interest in swinging by for a peak? We are around most evenings after 6:30--let us know.
CAT (for Craig Meachen)
02/27/2018 01:28PM
I highly, highly recommend Craig to be your broker! He's extremely responsive, organized and thoughtful. Throughout several months, he kept me updated on available apartments in a building I loved. He told me exactly what I needed in terms of paperwork and eased all my anxiety about the process! If he doesn't pick up when you call, you can feel confident he will get back to you very shortly! A true pleasure to work with!
ALISON MYERS (for Craig Meachen)
02/27/2018 01:28PM
Recently I decided to move from Los Angeles to the big bad city, also known as New York. That alone is a traumatic transition, nonetheless I did not have a lot of knowledge of New York real estate. And then came Craig. Not only did he emotionally comfort me with the stressful process, but you can just tell he loves what he does. And that he's good at it. Craig had the difficult job of communicating with both me and my adorable and loving (also known as "we want whats best for you") parents. (Talk about a tough job!) And trust me, he did a truly commendable job of making sure both parties were happy. Craig is extremely professional, polite, personal, patient, passionate, positive, and whole bunch of other P adjectives (only the good ones though). So whatever my opinion may be worth, as a highly emotional, easily stressed, and slightly dramatic person- I sincerely recommend Craig.
R. M. (for Gisela Kruse)
02/27/2018 01:17PM
Thank for good services and especially Gisela Kruse who will not hesitate to recommend to all friends who wish to travel to New York.Very safe and qualificated.Thanks again
K. A (for Gisela Kruse)
02/27/2018 01:12PM
Gisela was responsive, supportive and very professional.
S. V (for Gisela Kruse)
02/27/2018 01:12PM
Everything was perfect. From my point of view a quickly answer was basic and i got that from Gisela, despite the time difference, everything was perfect.
M. S (for Gisela Kruse)
02/27/2018 01:07PM
Everything was perfect. From my point of view a quickly answer was basic and i got that from Gisela, despite the time difference, everything was perfect.
M. M (for Gisela Kruse)
02/27/2018 01:06PM
Gisela Kruse did a great job by calling me directly, I was able to visit for the first time New York City and it's been awesome! She's been very very reactive, before finding the apartment, and when I arrived in New York.
SAM (for Gisela Kruse)
02/27/2018 01:06PM
Gisela is truly a real estate professional in every sense. She is thoughtful, efficient, and she works hard to get you into your dream apartment. She really knows the area and does not stop until you're happy. I highly recommend her to all of my friends and family.
SOFYA MARCUS (for Ken Berman)
02/27/2018 12:57PM
I would highly recommend working with Ken. He is very knowledgeable, patient & he truly cares for your best interest. He has a team of people working for him - I would get a response to my inquires within minutes (even if I e-mailed in the evenings or weekends). I could reach him very easily by just calling his cell number if I really needed to talk to him. Great experience. Thank you Ken!
02/27/2018 12:43PM
Marc made the process of finding a new apartment such a breeze. I explained what I was looking for and he showed me exactly that. By the end of our first day out on the hunt, I chose an apartment. He was extremely professional, knowledgeable and flexible with my needs. I will gladly refer him to my friends and family.
SARAH MALLIN (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:42PM
Thank you Marc. I love my new apartment. You made this experience delightful. It was so nice to have someone that attentive to my needs and deliver results so quickly.
JASMINE COOPER (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:42PM
Marc is a lifesaver. My husband and I had very specific criteria for the neighborhood we wanted to live in. No more than two blocks from the train, safe, convenient to shops and of course on a tight budget. Marc produced several options in Astoria and LIC for us to choose from. We took a beautiful 1 bedroom in Astoria we would not have found otherwise. Thanks Marc.
FRANK MILLER (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:41PM
Thanks for your help, Marc. I really appreciate your professionalism and promptness in finding exactly what I was looking for. I love the neighborhood you suggested.
JESSICA WEAVER (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:41PM
We had a wonderful experience with Marc. He showed us one apartment, it was perfect, and a week later he had helped us take care of all the details -- and the lease was signed!
OMAR (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:40PM
Marc was fantastic to work with - he helped our family find and review housing options in Astoria. We were deciding between continuing to be renters and purchasing a home - Marc helped us understand both options and found a number of outstanding choices for both avenues that we could compare against each other. He listened to our criteria and was very flexible, which we valued because of our difficult schedules. Definitely recommend him as a great broker to work with!
02/27/2018 12:40PM
Marc helped me find my 1st apartment and I'm a very happy camper thanks so much for all your help Marc! :)
GEORGE A. (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:40PM
My fiance and I were highly impressed with the listings Marc took us to see. Having shopped around for a while with other realtors, Marc was by far the most attentive and productive in our search. We'd highly recommend him.
JESSICA (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:39PM
Marc took us to one apartment - and it was exactly what we were looking for! We moved in last week and love it. He made the process of finding our first home in NYC very easy.
MARGARET (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:38PM
Marc showed us some of the best apartments we've ever seen. He found us a place that was perfect for us and made the whole process very easy. I would definitely recommend him to my friends!
ELIZABETH C. (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:38PM
I had a great experience working with Marc Dimov from Highline Residential. When I first approached him about his exclusive listings in Astoria while researching properties for my clients, he was very open and welcoming to working with me, which is not always easy with many of the small real estate offices in the area. As a real estate agent and REBNY member it was great working with another REBNY member of a firm that had a location in Astoria with great listings! Marc was professional, responsive and helped streamline the process from start to finish. I appreciated his patience and great work ethic. I would recommend any agent looking to do business for their clients in Astoria to reach out to him for his knowledge and expertise.
DAVID (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:37PM
Marc is the man! My wife and I were experiencing g a very frustrating apartment hunt in Astoria. We had very specific criteria of what we wanted in Astoria yet none of the other brokers we worked with could deliver exactly what we were looking for. Then we met Marc from Highland Residential who showed us several apartment options that met our specific criteria and we ended up signing a lease with the first apartment he showed us. We were impressed by Mark's professionalism and extensive knowledge of the real estate market in Astoria and were comfortable that he was looking out for our interests. We would highly recommend Marc to our friends.
KAREN & ALAN (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:37PM
We are residential property owners who have worked with many brokers over the years. Marc is one of the most tenacious, professional, caring and understanding brokers we have ever dealt with. He addresses the concerns of both the prospective tenants and the property owner. Of particular importance, he is there for both sides if after the lease signing any unexpected problems develop, and assists in finding a solution. In short, we highly recommend Marc to anyone either seeking an apartment or owners seeking to rent an apartment.
JOHANNA AND JOHN (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:37PM
We were very nervous about looking for our first apartment together. When we asked Marc for more information on a property we liked, we expected the process to be arduous and frustrating. Marc replied to us quickly and worked with us to find a time to see the property immediately. He asked us up front what we were looking for in a home and strove to find a property that was a good fit for us. When we viewed the home and met the landlord, Marc did an excellent job advocating for us to ensure that everything we wanted was worked into the lease agreement. Marc helped us get into the very first house we saw and it is absolutely perfect for us. We are very grateful and would absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for a responsive, helpful, and effective broker in the Astoria area.
TARA (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:36PM
Marc is awesome! He was determined to help us find the right place and he did! Marc was easy to communicate with and professional. I would recommend Marc to anyone looking for a great agent.
DANIELLE (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:36PM
My experience with Marc was nothing like my experience with other NYC brokers. He was always professional, well-mannered, and supportive rather than pushy. He also never gave up on finding the perfect apartment for me and my roommate. When the first place we liked was quickly scooped off the market, Marc was able to quickly find other listings that matched our needs. If I ever move again, Marc will be the first broker I call. So if you are looking for an honest broker, I definitely recommend using Marc.
JUDY (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:35PM
Mark is the nicest most honest and trustworthy broker. He worked very hard to find my daughter the perfect apartment. He replied to texts and phone calls quickly and showed her numerous apartments in an effort to find exactly what she wanted. A total pleasure to work with!!!
KUNAL (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:35PM
Marc is highly recommended by me for the one thing that matters most in a rental Timely Results and a quick rental. Marc got my apartment rented in a week as he promised with a good tenant I would recommend and hire Marc for all my real estate needs in future.
STEVEN PARDO (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:35PM
Marc is a great realtor. He is personable, enthusiastic, and very responsive. When my girlfriend and I first viewed our current apartment, Marc greeted us with a smile, showed us the unit, and then took the time to show us around the neighborhood and other places of interest. Then, when the landlord asked for an alteration of terms, Marc worked with us both personally and professionally to resolve any and all issues. Highly recommended.
TIMMARY (for Marc Dimov)
02/27/2018 12:31PM
Marc was a lifesaver. We were able to see an apartment, meet the Landlord, apply, get approved, sign a lease and get keys in ONE DAY. Marc was intelligent, knew the area, knew the questions to ask, and was ready to get us all set up. He was patient as we got all of the docs together, and was great about walking us through the steps. He even altered his personal schedule so we could sign a lease that day. Not only was he super helpful in all of the above, but he also commiserated with us about our previous realtor experiences. I guarantee you that the apartment you see with Marc will look like the photos, will be available, and be worth it! He is quick to answer calls, texts and emails and treats you with respect, which we all know cannot be said about most NYC Brokers. I highly recommend him, and I am one of those people that usually only writes bad reviews- so you can rest assured that I am not BS-ing you- he's the real deal. Good luck in your apartment search
DENA (for Steve Ragan)
02/08/2018 03:27PM
Steve immediately stood out from the rest with his relaxed yet professional manner. He worked patiently with me as I looked for just the right place and always gave me the best options available for my budget and wish list. Steve is an excellent communicator and is very organized throughout the entire process. He knows neighborhoods well both in and out of Manhattan and introduced me to some new areas I wouldn’t even have thought about after living in NYC for 21 years. It has been my pleasure to find my apartment with Steve’s help. Steve made every effort to make sure the place I found was just right for me and not just another transaction. I cannot recommend Steve Ragan highly enough and it is my pleasure to write this review for someone who did such an amazing job for me. Thanks, Steve!
NZINGHA (for Lakesia Hickmon)
01/29/2018 12:47PM
One word to describe Lakesia is AMAZING. Lakesia's hard working ethics, diligence and dedication is nothing short of outstanding. She was so attentive to our needs and housing requirements. She stayed in constant communication to ensure we had all we needed in our new home. Lakesia ensured all residences that were viewed covered all basis that were previously discussed. She is patient, polite, understanding, kindhearted and understands the importance of having a residence that is family oriented. I am happy with my new apartment, but am sad that the process with Lakesia has ended.
KATIE (for Taylor Henderson)
01/28/2018 07:41PM
Mr. Henderson was Very professional and knowledgeable -
RANDALL H (for Taylor Henderson)
01/27/2018 12:25PM
I received immediate feedback and assistance from Mr Henderson and am very impressed with his overall knowledge of each unit and his professionalism
IEVA LUKAUSKAITE (for Taylor Henderson)
01/27/2018 12:25PM
Taylor was very professional and accommodating. He went out of his way to help me find an apartment that was a good fit for me. Very punctual, always responds in a timely manner. Made the whole process painless.
JESSICA GUINAMAND (for Taylor Henderson)
01/27/2018 12:24PM
Taylor is a wonderful agent! I visited several apartments with him and he was patient and understanding in helping me find the perfect place in a relatively short amount of time. He is very easy to talk to and always quick to respond. I'd highly recommend working with him.
TAUREAN BLAKE (for Aubrey Crooke)
01/24/2018 08:15PM
When I first saw this young man I really didn't want to give him a chance but once I did he showed me that he was very knowledgeable and very much capable of finding Me a place. He's very diligent and honest and likes to get to the point. I was very happy with his work and successfully finding me a place. You're in good hands with Aubrey Crooke
ANDREW AND NED (for Shiri Rahamim)
01/21/2018 06:44PM
If you get to work with Shiri, consider yourself lucky! We had the best experience working with her. We are generally skeptical of working with brokers, but Shiri has completely transformed our opinions, She got go know us personally, and listen to our reactions as we saw apartments so she could hone in on soemthing that would be the perfect fit. Shiri really got into our heads ( in a good way!) and eventually brought us to the perfect West Village apartment that we adored and that was well within our budget. Thank you Shiri!
SAM C (for Shiri Rahamim)
01/21/2018 05:19PM
Shiri was insightful and personable and probably the most responsive real estate agent I've ever worked with in the city. She picked up on the look and feel of the place we were looking for very quickly and would let us know when there were properties on the horizon that we'd be interested in seeing. our new apartment in the West Village is well maintained but displayes character, and the location couldn't be more ideal. Can't recommend her enough!
ANNA DORTA (for Shiri Rahamim)
01/21/2018 05:03PM
Shiri Rahamim was amazing, more than an agent she was a friend. Being away from home and family members having someone so kind like Shiri by my side during this process made all the difference. She genuinely cared about finding the right place for you. She was quick, new how to find great spots to goo see. Friendly, smart, extremely kind, new the answers to all my questions. Would 100% recommend to my friends. Thanks Highline for having such great employees, where you feel that you are more than just a client.
NICOLE CAMPBELL (for Shiri Rahamim)
01/21/2018 05:01PM
Shiri was absolutely AMAZING! I was working with a broker a friend referred but Shiri made me drop her the day I met her. She is extremely attentive and really makes an effort to understand your likes without being to pushy! I am recommending her and Highline to all my friends! She made this moving experience more enjoyable!
KARA MEYER (for Shiri Rahamim)
01/21/2018 04:57PM
Shiri was an absolute pleasure to work with. I've experienced many brokers in NYC & at times its felt less about the client and more about their commission earnings. Shiri was so attentive and was highly motivated to find exactly what I am looking for, fast. I wanted West Village and she knew the neighborhood very well. She was highly responsive and quick thinking. For any future needs and for any of my friends/clients, Shiri would be my go to recommendation.
JENNY (for Steve Ragan)
01/17/2018 03:56PM
This was the only agent that showed me the listing I enquired about and didn't lie to me! So grateful. He was so informative.
VANEET (for Steve Ragan)
01/17/2018 03:56PM
He showed me around downtown area for almost all available buildings and helped me find the best apartment that fits my needs. He was able to understand what I'm looking for and showed me only the relevant units at a scheduled time without wasting any time in between. I would definitely recommend him.
PATTY (for Steve Ragan)
01/17/2018 03:54PM
Excellent service and professionalism by Steve. He was sincere and helpful from beginning to end. Just the type of person you need when looking for your first apartment . He gave me his honest view which helped me with my final decision. Would definitely recommend.
BETSY (for Steve Ragan)
01/17/2018 03:53PM
Steve was timely, very prepared and a pleasure to work with.
DIANE (for Steve Ragan)
01/17/2018 03:50PM
He was a great help in me finding my dream NYC apartment. I had a lot of specific requirements and Steve managed to find a place that met every single one. Would definitely use again and recommend to family and strangers alike. Steve rocks!
MADELINE (for Steve Ragan)
01/17/2018 03:48PM
Steve was an absolute pleasure to work with - he made my apartment hunt as easy as could be! He was knowledgeable about the different areas we saw and gave me his honest feedback about what each place. He understood my preferences and exactly what I was looking for. Most importantly he was extremely professional and an excellent communicator- I felt like I could reach out to him whenever during the process and he would be there to help me out!
01/17/2018 02:58PM
Maria is very professional and pleasant to work with. She also recommended some workers when we needed help. We would highly recommend her and will use her again for any real estate needs. Very friendly and easy to get in contact with.
ESTHER PARK (for Faisal Masoud)
12/22/2017 11:42AM
Faisal was great to work with!! He's easy to get in contact with and has a fast response time. If he doesn't answer right away he'll likely respond to you within the same day. he helped me find the apartment I live in now. After a crazy and stressful situation with another agent, Faisal was able to quickly find me another apartment within my range and area of preference. He made the process easy and simple. I would definitely recommend him!
YUMI ALANOLY (for Faisal Masoud)
12/22/2017 11:36AM
Faisal was wonderful to work with! He is very easy to contact and if he doesn't pick up after the first try you will definitely get a call back the same day. I had to find an apartment for rent in only a couple of weeks time. With an infant that made my time schedule harder to work with but Faisal always accommodated and was always on time. The questions he asked the apartment agents were always informative for me and he always made sure to provide valuable viewings - for instance I required a tub instead of a standing shower, elevator, and dishwasher and he always made sure these items were checked off before requesting a viewing. With Faisal's help we were able to find an apartment within 2.5 weeks. Than you!
MOE S. (for Faisal Masoud)
12/22/2017 11:29AM
Faisal is friendly and great to work with. He was able to find me a great apartment with everything I was looking for and in my budget. He was very responsive and answered all of my calls and texts, which made this process so easy. I would definitely recommend to a friend!
REY (for Faisal Masoud)
12/22/2017 11:26AM
I've been trying to look for an apartment for the longest time and had no luck. I finally tried out Highline and Faisal helped me find the apartment I'm in now. I'm in love and it's within the price range I've been looking for. Faisal was great to work with, very understanding of what I wanted, and will keep looking till you're satisfied. Def recommend! He's awesome
SHERRY DALEY (for Maria Monroe)
12/08/2017 08:40PM
Maria was sent by GOD to me .I am so proud of her and very happy with everything she has done for me . Tonight, i can sleep well. I appreciated it from the bottom of my heart. GOD bless you and thank you very much for helping me with this apartment. I could not have done without you.. Keep up the good work. Sherry
ALEX LOUGOVTSOV (for Frank Fisher)
12/08/2017 02:57PM
Frank is hands down the best agent I've ever worked with. He quickly got a solid understanding of what it is that I was looking for, provided excellent options and skipped over units I would not like based on feedback I provided him. Fast turnaround on an apartment, super responsive, friendly and fair. Complete upfront and transparent. Would recommend to anyone.
CRYSTAL IMERA (for Juliana Loureiro)
12/04/2017 06:49PM
Julianna was an absolute pleasure she tried so hard to help find a place for us. She refused to give up on us. I would recommend her to any one looking for an apartment in a budget she really works to help you! Thank you so much for everything ♥️
BRAD H. (for Frank Fisher)
12/04/2017 01:18PM
Francisco was an INCREDIBLE broker. I'd never done apartment hunting before, so I came into the process pretty uneducated - and as a result, likely easy to take advantage of. But throughout the process, Francisco made it very clear that if I told him everything we were looking for and our price range, he'd show me spaces perfect for our criterion. He set up several viewings, and as we viewed, he developed a stronger idea of exactly what we were looking for. Sure enough, the place he had been saying he thought would be perfect for us ended up being, well, perfect for us! He sat with us through the meeting with the property management, and even helped us get a cheaper deal so that we could afford the building's fitness center. Overall, fantastic experience.
GRIFFIN GOLDMAN (for Frank Fisher)
12/01/2017 05:52PM
Frank was the absolute best broker I could have had. I contacted Frank with a weeks notice to help find me an apartment and he was extremely accommodating. He Showed me exactly what I requested to see and found me multiple apartments to look at. I am recommending Frank to anyone I know moving into New York City and consider him the best broker I've worked with.
JONATHAN WALKER (for Chris Wilson)
11/30/2017 10:16AM
Chris was fantastic from the start. He not only responded to my initial inquiry immediately, but he was honest and fair! A broker like him is very hard to find in this market. We found a beautiful apartment, in no time! I will definitely work with him again next year when I might buy a place.
JOSE BASCES (for Chris Wilson)
11/30/2017 10:15AM
Chris was a great help for my in my search. He was very nice and courteous, it was a pleasure working with him. He did a great job at looking for places that fit my needs. Even though I did not close with him, he was an invaluable resource and would definitely contact him again.
ENRICO (for Maria Monroe)
11/28/2017 04:45PM
professional and helpful find my apartament very fast
JASMINE DAY (for Aubrey Crooke)
11/22/2017 02:59PM
Working with Aubrey was an amazing experience. He explained every step of the process and made finding a place easier than I could have imagined. Highly recommend working with this guy!
DEREK (for Shawn Crabb)
11/20/2017 10:27AM
Shawn is a true professional. He provided an unmatched level of customer service. I would highly recommend him for any real estate related needs, and will lean on him for guidance for future real estate transactions.
FELICE ARCHBOLD (for Duran Doughlin)
11/20/2017 10:08AM
Duran was extremely pleasant, accessible and tremendously helpful in my search for the perfect apartment. Excellent service!
LAURA (for Craig Meachen)
11/14/2017 10:46AM
Knowledgeable. Efficient. Responsive. Unique in his level of care and attention to detail. Craig met me early on a Sunday morning in September at a local Brooklyn Heights coffee shop to discuss my rental needs and "must haves." From that moment through the signing of my lease and eventual move, it was clear that Craig was cut from a different kind of real estate broker cloth. The level of knowledge, attention to detail, and care that Craig brought to my search was unparalleled and, quite frankly, one which after 6+ years and 4 moves in NYC, I did not think could exist. Happily, Craig proved me wrong. I truly, truly look forward to working with him again in the future.
MOLLY (for Craig Meachen)
11/14/2017 10:45AM
Very helpful and quick to respond. Thank you!
KEVIN (for Craig Meachen)
11/14/2017 10:44AM
Craig is a great person to work with. He responds quick and takes action as quickly as possible. He knows exactly what you want.
YURY (for Craig Meachen)
11/14/2017 10:43AM
Craig was a pleasure to work with. He understood my level of urgency and was able to find us a great apartment in our only day of apartment hunting. He made sure we knew our options and that we were able to make an informed decision, covering all bases. I highly recommend Craig to anyone looking for an agent to work with.
STEVE (for Craig Meachen)
11/14/2017 10:42AM
Friendly and extremely knowledgeable of area. Will definitely use Craig again when I move.
BRIAN (for Craig Meachen)
11/14/2017 10:41AM
Craig responded immediately and was extremely attentive throughout the showing and beyond -- even going so far as to take time with us after the showing to explore the (amazing) neighborhood. Overall a pleasure to deal with, and we cannot thank -- or recommend -- him enough.
NICOLA (for Craig Meachen)
11/14/2017 10:38AM
I am currently working with Craig and he has been a truly wonderful agent. He has been extremely responsive and has really been putting in a lot of effort to try and find me an apartment that will work well for me! I will update this again when my search is complete, but his high level of communication and dedication has inspired me to write an early review. I HIGHLY recommend working with Craig! He is top notch.
EMILY (for Craig Meachen)
11/14/2017 10:38AM
My husband and I contacted Craig to see an apartment, but unfortunately, it was no longer available. Craig managed to get us into a unit in the same building, same day, on extremely short notice. Craig was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood, and the market. Craig felt more like a friend giving us advice, than a Realtor just trying to get paid. We did not rent the apartment, but will definitely keep in touch with Craig for any future real estate needs.
CHERIE (for Craig Meachen)
11/14/2017 10:36AM
I am currently working with Craig in my search, and he has been an absolute joy to work with. Craig really takes the time to connect with clients and get to know them as individuals, giving him the ability to accurately and quickly find just the right units based on their specific needs, must-haves, and wishlist items. His background in design means that when he's taking you through a unit, he doesn't just talk about what's there, but what COULD be there with a little decor, helping you to envision the space and see yourself in it. He'll go to bat for you as a client, and do everything possible to get you the apartment that you love - even in this white-hot market. More than anything, Craig takes a lot of time with each client - no matter how busy he is, he makes you feel like you're his #1 priority, and that's rare in NYC. I will update when I settle on an apartment, but I can say definitively that Craig is the agent I will use and recommend whenever I am looking for an apartment in New York. No question.
BRANDON (for Craig Meachen)
11/14/2017 10:35AM
Craig is one of the best brokers we have had the pleasure of dealing with. Not only did he show us some great apartments, but also took the time to show us around the neighborhood and provide interesting tidbits about the area and its history. He is extremely personable and rather than employing high-pressure sales tactics, he actually considers your needs, wants and goals.
KEITH ANDRADE (for Nelly Mrakovcic)
11/10/2017 09:41PM
Nelly helped my partner and I move into a beautiful, safe, and rewarding apartment in Longisland City two years ago! She was kind, compassionate, and attentive to our needs; LGBT friendly, safe neighborhood, and efficient commute time. I highly recommend you consult with Nelly to help source your new home to be!
DEBBIE (for Maria Monroe)
11/08/2017 02:06PM
Maria is a trooper! She stuck in there with me & negotiated on my behalf to help me get the space I wanted. She is a sweet- heart too, which made the experience that less painful!
MOHAMED (for Mauricia Cadillo)
11/08/2017 01:51PM
Muricia is fantastic, I was looking for an aparyment this week and she was very eager to help, she was on time for our appointment and she on top of all my papers afterwards. Although I ended in an apartment without a broker fee, she kept helping me through the whole process and she was smiling and cheerful the whole time. I give her 10/10.
INDRA S. (for Ben Yoon)
11/06/2017 05:53PM
Ben helped us find a new home for our growing family. He was the consummate agent -- handling every touchpoint with professionalism and speed. He'll work around your schedule and needs. Ultimately, we're happy with the end result; I'd recommend Ben to future buyers, sellers, and renters.
RICHARD L. (for Ben Yoon)
11/06/2017 03:29PM
Recently one of my properties became vacant and I was having a hard time finding a new tenant. A family friend who has helped find tenants for my family before was not having any success and I became unhappy with his effort and performance. I decided I needed to branch out to a different agent to try to tap into different networks and connections. An old high school friend reached out to me and highly recommended Ben. He told me that Ben had helped him find a house and to give him a shot. I contacted Ben and he was exactly how my friend described him. Ben is very articulate, helpful, professional and most of all accessible. He responds to text messages, emails and phone calls promptly and immediately relays any new updates or information. Before posting any advertisements of the property, he schedules a strategy meeting to discuss your goals and how to achieve it. He also utilizes a nice camera to ensure pictures taken of your property are of the highest quality and at the optimal angles. None of my previous agents ever sat down with me for a strategy meeting or bothered to take pictures of my property (not even on their camera phones). This just shows you how much of a meticulous planner Ben is and how he seeks to obtain the best results for you, the home owner. In a short amount of time, Ben was able to find a tenant, took care of all the paperwork and delivered the final application package to my building’s management team for approval. He takes care of all the headaches and hassles of trying to find a new tenant and delivers high quality work. If you are looking for a highly professional, intelligent, and friendly real estate agent, Ben is your guy.
FRANK RICHARD (for Maria Monroe)
10/30/2017 09:48PM
Maria has gotten me an apartment, truly Maria was amazing. She worked very hard for me for everything .I really appreciate it and hoped to do business with her again sometime in near future. I would recommend her to anybody as an agent to find the ideal apartment. She is truly an amazing person.
MATT NEWMAN (for Frank Spaulding-Bey)
10/26/2017 10:47AM
As a large landlord in the area, it was imperative to know that we were working with someone on “our team” and motivated by our best interests. From our first inquiry, Frank Spaulding-Bey of Highline Residential gave a fantastic first impression. Even before I put a face to his name he was able to demonstrate professionalism and trustworthiness. It was evident from the start that he could balance his client's best interest as well as keeping his perspective buyers informed. It's very important as an active buyer/investor to feel engaged and informed throughout the whole process. That being said, Frank and his teammate were not lacking in any of the above. 0 complaints! Frank made things simple and clear for us from the onset. He walked me through the building and quickly understood the things that were important to us in further expanding our portfolio. He has truly exceeded our expectations from day one. For that reason, Frank Spaulding-Bey has gained our utmost respect here at Silvershore Properties. We look forward to meeting at the closing table many more times in the future. I highly recommend Frank and his teammate Devone Graham. Both Frank & Devone gave their 150%; this process would not have been the same without their expertise. They collaborate in the best, most efficient way. I had zero doubt in the ability of these two brokers. They as a team, stick strong to their word. When something needed to be done there were no excuses – everything was completed on time and as planned. Thank you Frank & Devone for your assistance. Again, we look very forward to working together moving forward. You’re all true assets and you make a fantastic team. We are fortunate to have been given the opportunity and extremely appreciative of your work. Best, Matthew Newman Director of Acquisitions Silvershore Properties, LLC
MELANIE SULLIVAN (for Maria Monroe)
10/23/2017 04:39PM
On a beautiful Saturday afternoon in BedStuy, while walking down Fulton street and contemplating where my future residence would be, I noticed a newly built apartment building. As I approached the building for more information, I heard a lovely voice say, “Are you looking for an apartment?” I looked over to my left and without hesitation, I said, “Yes! Yes, I am.” At that moment, I met my broker, Maria Monroe. Maria asked me if I had time to head to her office to discuss/determine available rentals based on my desired square footage, amenities, location and budget. Again, without hesitation, I said, “Yes!” Within 24 hours after our discussion, Maria secured multiple rentals for viewing. Maria was so amazing! After viewing only two rentals, I knew which one I wanted. I believe this was due to Maria paying such close attention to the details of my needs. Although I wanted to select the 2nd place I viewed, Maria encouraged me to view all options and make a final decision afterwards. I followed Maria’s advice! Today, I’m so thrilled about my new space. Maria’s advice, friendly and honest spirit and amazing knowledge makes her a broker sent from heaven. Thanks for being my angel, Maria! Warmest Regards, Melanie Sullivan
LAURA (for Craig Meachen)
10/19/2017 09:27AM
In short, Craig is wonderful! We had the best experience with him, not only did he show us great apartments (over 15) but he found places that would accommodate to my special circumstances (foreign parents/guarantors). He was careful and considerate and highlighted what each place had that would interest us. The more he got to know us, the more detailed the guidance became. It was a delightful and rewarding experience thanks to Craig. Don't hesitate, call Craig now for the best brokerage experience!
MARIA (for Craig Meachen)
10/19/2017 09:22AM
I worked with Craig. He was an incredible source of knowledge in the real estate market. I always had the best time looking at potential apartments with him. Not only does Craig understand the market, he has a wealth of historical facts and made a point of exploring the neighborhoods with me to allow a broader overall picture. I highly recommend Craig! The ELEVATION brand of real estate is classy and elegant. I am so lucky I found Craig and greatly appreciative of his time. I knew that I would find the perfect new home with his talented guidance. I am loving my new space and now referring colleagues and friends to Craig knowing that he'll deliver! BRAVO!
CATHERINE (for Craig Meachen)
10/19/2017 09:22AM
This review is long overdue, but I’m strongly compelled to spread the word on what an amazing contact Craig is. My boyfriend and I were extremely lucky to meet Craig during our recent apartment search. His enthusiasm was contagious, and we looked forward to meeting him to see apartments (which was a feeling not applied to meeting with other brokers!). His knowledge of Brooklyn was absolutely astounding, and we knew that with every apartment came a story of the neighborhood, how to best commute, festivals, how to place the furniture, etc. He really is the full package… and I look forward to using him to purchase a home in the future. I would wholeheartedly recommend him.
ERIKA (for Craig Meachen)
10/19/2017 09:20AM
My boyfriend and I found Craig on Naked Apartments, and scheduled a viewing the very next morning. We told him up front that were not interested in signing until July. Upon meeting him, he brought a whole list of places and mentioned that it was a learning day; he sought to teach us about the area and explore options to better define our needs and wants. He never rushed us. He took plenty of time to show us apartments as well as give us a tour of the area, describing features and the history of the town. Although it was my first time renting in a building (I only previously rented houses on Long Island), he walked us through the process and did not talk down to us when we had very basic, and arguably stupid, questions. As two full-time professional-degree students, our budget was very strict and on the low end of the area’s market. Unlike other agents we worked with, he only showed us places that were in that price range, and never made us feel bad about what we could afford. It was a pleasant surprise. My favorite part about Craig is his devotion to the area; he himself has been living in the town we were viewing for years. That comforted me that his incredible rating of the town was genuine and not a sales-driven bloated one. His love for the area and New York City as a whole was indisputable and knows the area like the back of his hand. While we walked down the street, people waved to him and it was clear that he was a respected fixture in the neighborhood. Being rooted in that area gives him connections and knowledge that probably surpass many other agents. Regardless of our original timeline, my boyfriend and I decided we loved one so much, that we applied immediately. The building had very particular requirements, which necessitated a great deal of work on our part. Although we hit a few little bumps, Craig was there to assist and advocate on our behalf. It is about two weeks since we saw the place and we have already signed. We are both thrilled to be moving to this area, and I am so happy we found Craig. Craig’s knowledge, resources, and professionalism are to be admired. I highly recommend his services.
SONNY (for Craig Meachen)
10/19/2017 09:20AM
Craig was fantastic! We discussed our apartment needs with him over the phone and via email a couple of times throughout the week. Then on Saturday we met Craig, went through how the process would look and were taken on a tour of a dozen different apartments. All were on a sliding scale - from some more modest and well within our budget, to others more extravagant and at the top tier of what we could afford. Each one however, delivered on all our previously outlined requirements. Once we'd settled on our two favorites Craig helped us narrow down to the one that was right for us. We certainly are glad for the guidance and could not recommend Craig enough to anyone looking for a new place to live.
KRISTEN (for Craig Meachen)
10/19/2017 09:20AM
Craig delivered a highly professional service. He took on board all my needs and requirements to create a comprehensive tour of six apartments. This gave me the ability to make side-by-side comparisons to ascertain fair value, and also saved time. All the apartments I was shown fit my requirements. I would recommend Craig to anyone searching in the Brooklyn area because he also knows the nuances of the area intimately. Thanks again Craig.
CARRIE (for Craig Meachen)
10/19/2017 09:20AM
Craig is an Above & Beyond broker. He showed me units within my budget and responds quickly to emails. I moved back to the city from out of state making the process even more stressful. Craig is really there for his clients even after the lease has been signed, which is pretty much unheard of! He truly wants to make sure your new home is what it should be. I had some issues with my new unit that was very stressful me to deal with and Craig took it upon himself to make sure everything would get made right. Even after being in my new home for 2 weeks he was still following up with me to be sure things were on track. Thanks Craig!
JEFF (for Craig Meachen)
10/19/2017 09:19AM
I'm not sure what made me read the reviews of each agent but I read all of Craig's before contacting him. Sure enough, the experience matched, if not surpassed, what other have said on here. He goes lightyears ahead of the extra mile and you can feel it. Not only did Craig respond to my initial email to him first thing the next morning, he also made the experience immediately comfortable. The only reason I did not find an apartment through him is because after some in depth emails and phone calls (I told you he goes above and beyond), we decided on a long-term solution to my search in order to improve my chances with the neighborhood of my choice. Long story short, I'm going to be using Craig as my agent later on in the year. Craig is an awesome agent! You won't be disappointed.
TORI (for Craig Meachen)
10/19/2017 09:19AM
If you want to settle into the perfect home in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, then Craig Meachen is your man! Craig is a long time resident and real estate expert in the area. We fell in love with Brooklyn Heights and were determined to move into an apartment in the neighborhood. We saw all of the lovely reviews and decided to give Craig a call. Craig was extremely attentive and always available. Within a few days, Craig had us scheduled for a full day of viewings and helped us prepare a competitive application. The Sunday of our viewing, we met with Craig in the morning and continued on to view 8+ apartments. Craig showed us a variety of units, all in our price range AND that were accommodating of our English Bulldog. We fell in love with a gorgeous Brownstone garden apartment on a picturesque block and submitted our application that day. From there, Craig worked with the property manager and secured the apartment for us within the week. The entire process was seamless and stress free. We highly recommend Craig Meachen if you are serious about moving into the Brooklyn Heights and surrounding area, he's the best!
SARAH (for Craig Meachen)
10/19/2017 09:19AM
We needed to find an apartment in NY for our daughter, an NYU student––but we live in California. Craig worked with us long distance, and helped us find a great place for her that is everything we could ask for: a secure building in a terrific neighborhood, plenty of space, and even an amazing view! Our daughter now has a lovely first apartment that is close to her part time job, with convenient subway access for school. In short, Craig found us a place that meets all her needs, and he was able to walk us through the process from 2700 miles away! Thanks to Craig, what could have been a very difficult search was easily accomplished!
ALISON (for Craig Meachen)
10/19/2017 09:18AM
There is simply no other way to say it- Craig is AMAZING. (People often seem to be drawn to caps- so allow me to elaborate). Craig was very understanding, NURTURING, and supportive. He understands the gruesome task of finding an affordable apartment in New York, and will FIND YOU AN APARTMENT IN YOUR BUDGET that FITS YOUR DESIRES. And if he doesn't, he will keep on looking until he does. (Seriously we looked at 15 apartments in 1 day.) Not many brokers are as friendly or TRUSTWORTHY as Craig... But he is one for the books. GO CRAIG.
TODD (for Craig Meachen)
10/19/2017 09:18AM
My 22 year old daughter is moving to Brooklyn from Los Angeles. She worked with Craig in person while her Mother and I worked from New Mexico with him via phone and skyp. We feel like we know Craig personally and we hope to meet him on our next trip to New York. He is thorough, an encyclopedia of information, kind, understanding and worked with our daughter as if she was his. He took her lofty wish list, show her 15 apartments, and found the one that we all feel in love with. He negotiated a good deal with the landlord to make it affordable as well. We highly recommend Craig. We are quite sure you will like him too!
GEOFF PLEISS (for Sharon Raizer)
10/16/2017 04:28PM
Sharon was phenomenal to work with. I was extremely nervous renting my first apartment in New York, but Sharon made the process so easy. She was so friendly and courteous throughout the whole process, even though we went back and forward between her and the landlord way more than the average client would. After we signed the lease, she even gave my roommate and I a housewarming gift! Overall, she made the stressful NYC renting experience much nicer! *I rented an apartment from this agent*
TAYLOR COMBS (for Sharon Raizer)
10/16/2017 04:28PM
Although I did not rent the apartment Sharon showed me, I really enjoyed working with her. She was quick to respond to my initial email, and communicated clearly when we had to reschedule our appointment a few times. We had a great conversation about Brooklyn neighborhoods while waiting for the landlord; it really informed how I felt about the apartment I eventually did take. Sharon has a local's knowledge of Brooklyn that should put anyone at ease. Contact her!
JULIA KERN (for Marina Sinebok)
10/16/2017 02:42PM
Marina was so, so helpful in my apartment search in Brooklyn. She clearly knows the neighborhood very well and was receptive to all of my outlined parameters. She was honest and did the search with my best interest in mind. I would absolutely recommend Marina to anyone looking to rent in Brooklyn!
FAYE AND JOEL WALTER (for Marina Sinebok)
10/16/2017 02:41PM
Thank you for Alll your help. Finding this amazing place Just right in time . You're the best !!!
JACOB D. (for Marina Sinebok)
10/16/2017 02:41PM
For finding and securing a perfect rental in Brooklyn, Marina we absolutely instrumental. Her excellent communication allowed confidence in securing an apartment with minimal showings and busy lifestyle. I would highly recommend Marina Sinebok for any and all your rental agent needs! Thank you Marina.
JORDAN GREEK (for Marina Sinebok)
10/16/2017 02:41PM
Forget about any negativity you've heard about Brokers... Marina is the exact opposite! She is truthful, genuine and truly goes to work for you, not for herself. She helped my wife and I travel from Seattle to NYC and made the process incredibly easy. She adapted to our communication style whether it was email, phone call or text and we were informed through every step of the process. We were greeted with multiple listings within a neighborhood we desired and she set aside time to make us feel important. My wife and I are happy to give Marina and honest, raving review of her excellence and commitment to client satisfaction. We are sincerely grateful for her help.
P. GONZALEZ (for Ben Yoon)
10/12/2017 03:07PM
Ben is a consummate professional and a pleasure to have as my real estate agent. I also was incredibly impressed with Ben’s detailed oriented action. He obtained clients full cooperation in the leasing application process and never once missed a beat. Ben never left any questions unanswered and always responded promptly to my questions. I would highly recommend him over any conventional broker. I never had to worry about him returning phone calls, as well as offering the best service any agent can provide. I know from experience, we were able to lease our apartment quickly in using Ben. Ben offered excellent advice, answered every question and helped me make informed decisions on numerous real estate and leasing issues. I highly recommend Ben as an exceptional broker for all your Real Estate needs. Thank you Ben! -Peter.
MOHAMMED KASSEM (for Maria Monroe)
10/07/2017 04:58PM
I love Maria, she helped me find the apartment and she was there for me from the beginning. I would recommend her to anybody. She is the best person to work with.
MELANIE SULLIVAN (for Thomas Sloane)
10/02/2017 07:03PM
I had a wonderful experience working with Thomas. He was very professional and always available to answer all of my questions. I also found him to be very genuine and full of positive energy.
BRIAN M. (for Maria Monroe)
09/29/2017 01:17PM
Maria was such a great help during the whole process of obtaining an apartment. She was very attentive and also always available day and night to take my call.. If I'm ever looking for another place, Maria would be my first and only call.
09/28/2017 10:32AM
We had a wonderful experience working with Shawn on a new apartment. He was very friendly and willing to work around our complicated schedules. He was very honest and upfront with us about the property we were looking at, as well, as provided details on the type of landlord we would be dealing with. Was very communicative throughout our entire application process and made the entire experience a breeze! Would highly recommend working with him!
CHRISSY (for Isacc Berman)
09/27/2017 08:25PM
Isaac has been awesome with me! I am international, and after moving from my country to California I decided to move to NYC. Based on my situation, several agents refused to help me because they believed that my case was too "complicated" to be dealt with. However Isaac was not only understanding, but he took the challenge to show me the best places according to my criteria, and talked to the landlords for me. What I loved the most about him is that he completely destroyed the preconceived ideas that I had about agents in NY who give the impression to only be about the money. Isacc took the time to follow-up with me after the visits, he made me discover the neighborhood when we were waiting in-between two appointments, and he showed some real care for my situation and my adaptation to the NY life. I will definitely recommend him if you're looking for a someone honest, professional, determined to find you the best apartment that matches your criteria, and interested in building a good client-agent relationship!
KRISTEN (for Katherine L. Pino)
09/27/2017 03:56PM
Katherine was such a big help in my apartment search! She knew a lot about the area and worked so hard to find me an apartment. I would highly recommend her!
NATALIYA DERGUNOVA (for Katherine L. Pino)
09/27/2017 03:56PM
Very professional Agent. Very satisfied with her services. Our needs very always met fast and in s right manner
LEIGH TOOTHAKER (for Katherine L. Pino)
09/27/2017 03:56PM
I had met Katherine from living in the area for a while and was so surprised to see her walk up to show me an apartment! She is so personable and sweet, I felt like I was at the viewing with a friend. Beyond that she is detail oriented and very timely in her communication. Any questions or concerns I had she was on top of them helping to resolve the issues right away. Since I've moved in, she has been great at following up with me to make sure the apartment is meeting my expectations. She made sure the process was clear, fast and easy and worked around my schedule. I have already been recommending Katherine and would be pleased to work with her again on future moves!
TASHA MILEY (for Christopher Duran)
09/22/2017 02:54PM
My fiance and I briefly worked with Christopher Duran, we did not rent from him because we found a more suitable apartment through a private family. However, I can't thank him enough for how kind, helpful and patient he was. Even though our interactions were limited to one day he out-shined all the agents we dealt with in our moving process. He was very honest, up front, and helpful. Even showing the same apartment twice so my fiance could see it later in the evening after he finished work. I will 100% keep his name on hand for anyone looking to move to or within Brooklyn because he was such a pleasure to work with!
09/19/2017 06:27PM
Mr Graham is an exceptional young man he was very courteous and helpfully, he showed concern for my urgently in finding a new place i will definitely refer him and his company to others thank you and good luck
NICHOLAS S. (for Charlie Le Grice)
09/19/2017 05:04PM
Charlie was thorough and always detail oriented, making sure everything was covered and nothing left to chance. Able to close the deal in rapid time, communicating essential information to be able to make decisions confidently. A true professional. Highly recommend working with her.
WILLIAM CARROLL (for Charlie Le Grice)
09/19/2017 03:28PM
Charlie was a complete professional and extremely helpful as we searched for our new apartment. She was extremely responsive and diligent throughout the process. The paperwork and application was streamlined and organized and we were able to move very quickly to secure our new home. I would recommend Charlie to my friends and family.
JOHANNA (for Max Lucas)
09/12/2017 03:08PM
Max has been a blessing in our apartment hunt, his professionalism and deep knowledge of the east village/lower east side have made him a real plus in this adventure. Thanks again
KIM (for Max Lucas)
09/12/2017 03:08PM
Max knows his stuff. We were looking for a very particular sort of place. He quickly lined up places for us to see, scouted them himself, and showed us the good ones. In the end we decided not to move but that wasn't because Max didn't show us anything worthwhile. He's a standup guy who never wasted our time.
LIZ & JON (for Lakesia Hickmon)
09/12/2017 03:01PM
Lakesia worked with us tirelessly to get us the apartment of our dreams. Even after we'd gone through countless apartments she stayed with us and helped us negotiate a rent on our current apartment so it would be within budget. Would definitely recommend for her persistence alone, but also a great realtor.
NINA DABRAVOLSKAYA (for Sanad Zahrieh)
09/12/2017 02:24PM
Honestly, I have not expected such a GOOD relation to the customers. Sanad is not "just pay me your money" guy. He is an agent who provides high professionalism and clear understanding of our needs. Very helpful, friendly and caring.
MAN-NING LIN (for Sanad Zahrieh)
09/12/2017 02:23PM
Our agent Sanad was super helpful with giving us informations about the house before we sign our lease and responsed to our questions very quickly. Everything went smoothly before and after signing the lease. He definitely knows the area around our neighborhood very well and he was able to show us around and made us feel welcome to live in this new area.
PETER L (for Oksana Kononenko)
08/30/2017 05:15PM
Oksana is a pleasure to work with. She is responsive, patient, knowledgeable, and has your best interests at heart. She also listens to what you are looking for and does not bombard you with suggestions or insist that you see listings that are not what you are looking for, which I think is huge. Highly recommend working with her!
NICOLE TISHMAN (for Oksana Kononenko)
08/30/2017 04:42PM
Oksana was fantastic. She was kind, honest and listened to what our needs and wants were during our apartment search. She responded to my emails quickly and at all hours of the day/night. We had a different opportunity arise which is the only reason we did not rent an apartment from this agent, as she found us many excellent choices.
JESSICA (for Oksana Kononenko)
08/30/2017 04:17PM
This review is long overdue - Oksana hands down provided the best experience I've ever had renting apartments in any city. She noted my needs but proactively anticipated my wants/hopes in a building with only an exchange of a few emails. Having a vague idea of what I initially pictured, Oksana transformed my basic bullet points into an apartment I would not have found otherwise. She provided a thorough, comfortable, organized and even fun experience in place of the usual stressful ordeal. She truly cares about the people she works with and values building those relationships. Not only is she a true professional, but a genuinely great person! I will always recommend Oksana to anyone looking for an apartment in the city. I couldn't be happier!
S. E (for Gisela Kruse)
08/28/2017 09:37AM
She contacted me right after I submitted the request and was very eager to find us an apartment that matched our needs and wishes. Her work performance was great.
C.L (for Gisela Kruse)
08/28/2017 09:36AM
I was most satisfied. Gisela Kruse was a great agent. Always available, kind, intelligent, she did all that she could to satisfy my questions and demands. Having an agent of such quality proved absolutely decisive for me when I finally had to choose an apartment among several possible choices.
JULIET GLAZER (for Ana Maria Bazzani)
08/25/2017 04:11PM
Ana Maria was a dream to work with. She's kind, forthcoming, and accommodating, and made the process easy and pleasant. She let us know what was realistic to expect, and saved us the trouble of seeing apartments she thought we wouldn't like. She even helped us think about where we might put furniture. She responded quickly by text and email at all times of day. I'd highly recommend working with her!
CHRISTOPHER BRYAN (for Maria Monroe)
08/22/2017 08:49PM
Maria Monroe is very amazing person. She helped me and my other two roommates a lot. I recommend her if you're trying to find wonderful spacious apartment. Her attitude and personality is excellent fit with highline.
JAWHAR WALCOTT (for Luis Estrella)
08/16/2017 05:11PM
Luis Estrella was an excellent agent to me and my family. He did every thing in his power to get me and my family an apartment because he knew how badly we wanted to find a new home. He never gave up no matter how many issues we ran into while trying to pursue a home. I would truly recommend him to anyone because he is a person that is very reliable and can always count on no matter what .
NERESA DOUGLAS (for Luis Estrella)
08/16/2017 05:10PM
Luis Estelle Is a great agent and a beautiful human being. When I met him, I had a lot of challenges and I was very anxious, however after speaking with him he assured me he could help and he did. He approach his job very professional however he has a great sense of humor. I would recommend him to anyone who needs his services.
RYAN (for Luis Estrella)
08/16/2017 05:08PM
Luis Estrella was a very good agent for me from the first day we met. His explanation and guidance throughout the process was exceptional being new to rental. Further he was very helpful in mediating discussions with the owner which resulted in very quick agreement. I have no hesitation in recommending Luis.
CHIVAS K. (for Oksana Kononenko)
08/16/2017 11:21AM
First off, thank you again, Oksana! Oksana is hands down the best broker I have worked with since living in NYC and having moved around 5 neighborhoods in as many years, that says a lot! I had to recently move rather unexpectedly and quickly, so I came across Highline Residential to inquire about an apartment I saw posted in Astoria. Oksana responded immediately, showed me the apartment that day and had me signing that night. It all took less than 24 hrs and I was moved in less than 5 days later! The entire process was seamless and easy thanks to Oksana, I can't sing her praises enough. Courteous, professional and knowledgeable through and through with an unparalleled work ethic and sense of humor is what set her apart from any other broker I have ever
GAVIN BROADY (for David Saba)
08/15/2017 03:44PM
Dave was great to work with: he was thorough, low-pressure, and helped us find an apartment that we absolutely love.
JEANETTE SUELTO (for David Saba)
08/15/2017 03:44PM
I had such a great time working with Dave. Not only was he pleasant and professional, Dave was patient and took the time to explain the process and each step. He was always within immediate contact and answered every one of my (million) questions. I highly recommend working with Highline Residential and Dave!
GAGAN GUPTA (for Christopher Duran)
08/15/2017 03:43PM
I speak from experience in saying that not all brokers are created equal. I have worked with many brokers, and Christopher stands out as among the best: patient, thorough, detail-oriented, prepared, and knowledgeable. He is also among the friendliest people I have ever met. Most importantly, the apartments that he showed us were what we were looking for, he was honest about the market and the listings, and he was never pushy (he prides himself on NOT being pushy, and that pride is well-deserved). In short, I recommend Christopher without reservation (and also note: he will entertain you with stories of his time in the restaurant industry, which were a delight!). We are sharp, savvy housing consumers, and Christopher exceeded our standards. Thank you, Christopher!
ALEX C. (for Christopher Duran)
08/15/2017 03:43PM
Chris stood above and apart from the many sketchy and dubiously qualified brokers that we all come across in NYC. He showed me a co-op rental in Brooklyn that I ended up applying for and ultimately getting, in part definitely thanks to his input. Along the way, Chris was patient, responsive, and went out of his way to ensure the process was smooth and trouble-free for everyone involved. Those are good traits to find in any broker, but especially when applying to a co-op with a 45 page application and over a dozen personal documents - having a knowledgeable and helpful ally in that process is invaluable. Although I only worked with Chris directly on that apartment rather than hunting around (I found everything on Streeteasy), I have no doubt he's an asset to have there too. Definitely recommend him for anyone looking at rentals in Brooklyn!
SUSAN (for Olena Siganov)
08/15/2017 03:42PM
Thanks to Olena, I found a great apartment! Olena made what is usually a stressful process as calm and relaxed as possible. She made herself available 24/7 to answer questions and concerns. the application process was fast and organized. I know I would still be searching for a place if I had not met her. Thank you Olena! Highly recommended!
FRANCESCA (for Olena Siganov)
08/15/2017 03:42PM
Given that Olena was our new landlord's agent rather than our own, the fact that I am writing this very positive review is telling in itself! We have secured a wonderful apartment through the hard work, above and beyond efforts of Olena working in partnership with our broker. Usually a tricky situation and each broker working for only half their usual fee if they had a dedicated client, Olena still went above and beyond to accommodate the many hoops the landlord required for us to jump through whilst showing us understanding and supporting us impeccably throughout. I highly recommend Olena as an honest, trustworthy, dedicated and hard working agent. Thank you Olena!
D. MEJIA (for Marc Dimov)
08/15/2017 03:38PM
It's refreshing to meet an agent who's actually knowledgeable about the listings he shows. In our first meeting, Marc showed not only his professionalism and honesty, but his familiarity with the area we were interested in. He quickly got a read of what we were looking for, understood our concerns, and even answered questions on other listings that we had not emailed to him prior to meeting. He proved to us he was there to work with us and not just collect a fee. Thanks Marc!
JOE (for Marc Dimov)
08/15/2017 03:38PM
In a word: fantastic. I've used brokers before and I'm usually hesitant to go down that road due to the hard sell aspect of most I've worked with. We got lucky with Marc. He didn't seem interested in merely "closing" us so much as he was finding the right place for us. Pressure was non-existent and he answered our questions in a straightforward manner without trying to put a sales spin on them. He was patient while my wife and I deliberated, but followed up in a friendly, laid back demeanor to check on us. All in all, this was the best broker experience I've had in the 11 years I've been in NYC. HIGHLY recommended.
EAMON O'NEILL (for Maria Oddy)
08/15/2017 02:56PM
Maria is a fantastic broker. She was honest, communicative, and knowledgeable about the market. During the NYC apartment search madness you end up dealing with a lot of frustrating people and Maria was a breath of fresh air. Could not recommend her enough.
ANDREA CORDOVA (for Maria Oddy)
08/15/2017 02:56PM
I was nervous to use a broker as I had never rented an apartment in NYC before but she was so helpful and kind and I would highly recommend her. She worked the impossible for our apartment and we got a great deal.
PAOLA (for Maria Oddy)
08/15/2017 02:55PM
She was great. Really helped my roommate and I get the best deal for the place we got. I still can't believe our luck. Maria was quick to respond and always available to help with any questions or concerns we had.
TINA (for Kathleen A Eng)
08/15/2017 02:36PM
Kathleen came highly recommended by a handful of people so naturally I contacted her. I'm so glad I did! Kathleen is approachable, professional, knowledgeable, and honest. She goes above and beyond to find your perfect home and will guide you through every step of the process. Get your ducks in a row and give her a call. You won't be disappointed.
JULES (for Kathleen A Eng)
08/15/2017 02:36PM
Kathleen was a lifesaver for us! We were looking for an apartment in Astoria and Kathleen made quick work of gathering various options for us. She was responsive and flexible, and we could tell she wanted to make sure that we found the right fit. When one of the apartments that we loved fell through, Kathleen found an immediate backup apartment that we fell in love with even more. She checked in on us during the process and even negotiated upgrades to the apartment that we did not think of. To top it all off, she gave us a small housewarming gift. I can't say enough wonderful things about this agent. She was amazing!
FRANK MACO (for Kathleen A Eng)
08/15/2017 02:36PM
Kathleen was great to work with. Very patient and knowledgeable about the neighborhood, and she was always available for me when I had questions or concerns. I’d highly recommend her to help you with your search.
SAM (for Alina Jumagulova)
08/15/2017 02:35PM
Alina was most patient and helpful in helping me find an apt within a small time frame. If you have your papers in order she'll work rapidly to make the application process go smooth and quick.
RICKY COMUNIELLO (for Alina Jumagulova)
08/15/2017 02:34PM
Alina started out as just my realtor and ended up my friend. As a young professional looking for my first apartment I could call my own, Alina treated me like her first priority all the time. I knew I could trust her very early in the process and she showed tremendous patience when my criteria was constantly changing as I was learning my way in the market. For almost two months she went out of her way to find me places that weren't even listed on the major rental sites, and even when I backed out for one reason or another, the phone was ringing the very next day with places that better suited my needs. She never showed me an apartment that she herself wouldn't live in, and I found that to be a very personal touch that is hard to find these days. Sensing that I was new at this, she even taught me how to be a more educated realtor, which I appreciated because she could have just as easily preyed on my lack of knowledge and experience. Instead she empowered me and used my questions to find me a place I couldn't be happier living in. If you're with Alina, you're in the best hands in Queens!
MEREDITH G. (for Alina Jumagulova)
08/15/2017 02:34PM
Alina is an outstanding broker. She is trustworthy, organized, hard working, and caring. She worked very hard to help me find the best apartment for me. She also helped me to review my application to make sure it was the best it could be. I would highly recommend her to anyone!
WILLIAM HARRIS (for Cheyenne Watson)
08/15/2017 02:32PM
Cheyenne could not come more highly recommended! Excellent, and always available agent. Sold our home much sooner than expected!
DAVID AND MICHELLE (for Cheyenne Watson)
08/15/2017 02:31PM
From the start, Cheyenne was incredibly helpful, friendly and down to earth. She was able to identify multiple locations and really worked to meet our needs and wants. While we ended up going with another place, we would definitely recommend Cheyenne for your rental needs.
DOMINIC (for Tyshawn Brathwaite)
08/15/2017 11:01AM
Tyshawn really found the best apartment for us, and went out of his way to match our needs and requests to the ideal apartment. In addition, it was always easy to get ahold of him, even on weekends and nights, and he made the application process incredibly easy and straightforward. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a place.
WAYNE ADAMS (for Tyshawn Brathwaite)
08/15/2017 11:01AM
Mr. Tyshawn is by far the best realtor I've ever worked with. With every viewing I received down to just working with me in my circumstances, he as exceptional. told him what I wanted in an apartment, and he delivered. I would highly recommend him to any and all friends and family for a new home, should the need arise. Thanks for all the help Tyshawn. MUCH appreciated. --- Wayne Adams
IVY L (for Tyshawn Brathwaite)
08/15/2017 11:00AM
I'm more than happy to recommend Tyshawn for his service. We were very happy to have Tyshawn work with us to rent an apartment. He is by far the best real estate agent I have ever known. He has incredible attention to detail, excellent follow-through, and is extremely kind and personable. I would highly recommend him to anyone, and it was a real pleasure working with him!
MARY MICHEL (for Tyshawn Brathwaite)
08/15/2017 10:59AM
We thank you Tyshawn for your service. You are extremely professional, courteous and you took time to listen and helped us find what we want. YOU ARE THE ONLY AGENT who spent more than 2 months with us looking, visiting all over our area. We especially appreciate that and would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional real estate agent. Thanks again Shawn☺.
BRETT SILVERS (for Tyshawn Brathwaite)
08/15/2017 10:59AM
Thank you for everything Tyshawn! Your hard work and dedication helped us secure our new apartment. We will definitely reach out to you for any realtor needs we have in the future.
GENESIS CORNIEL (for Alex McClary)
08/15/2017 10:57AM
Alex is the most phenomenal real estate agent I have met. He connects with his clients in a personal way which is impressive. He is extremely professional. Alex just got us an apartment which is absolutely perfect for my fiancé and I. He worked with us to ensure we had all the paperwork required and was very thorough with his responses to our questions and concerns. We worked with many agents before Alex which were more concerned with our credibility than who we are and what we wanted. We are so happy our paths crossed and that he was able to be part of getting us our great apartment. I would highly recommend Alex to anyone and everyone I know. If you work with Alex you will not regret it!
LIZZY (for Francesco Alessandra)
08/15/2017 10:56AM
Fransesco listened to our needs and wants in a new apartment and sent us listings that were reasonably priced and often fresh on the market. In a city full of pushy, "salesmen" brokers, he was truely the opposite and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Francesco as a broker if you're looking for a new apartment in Brooklyn.
ARIANNA (for Francesco Alessandra)
08/15/2017 10:55AM
Francesco was a great advocate for us through the process of looking for an apartment. He was responsive, kind, and had a nice selection of apartments that he was happy to show. He did a great job of working within our budget, too. I absolutely recommend Francesco to anyone looking for an apartment in the area.
G. LOSAVIO (for Francesco Alessandra)
08/15/2017 10:55AM
My entire experience with Francesco was seamless from beginning to end. Not only was he quick with responding to me, but it seemed like he genuinely cared about finding me a space that I would love-not just like it. He took the time to listen to my needs and requirements, and was diligent in notifying me as soon as a property within those parameters became available. Moving to NYC can be stressful in a lot of ways, but Francesco definitely helped reduce a lot of the anxiety that people experience when searching for their new home. Would highly recommend!
MICHELLE YI (for Steve Schul)
08/15/2017 10:53AM
Had a great and easy experience working with Steve! He was very helpful and friendly in assisting me with the entire apartment/application process. Steve was also very quick and responsive to all of my messages and questions.
DANA ASHLEY (for Steve Schul)
08/15/2017 10:52AM
We worked with Steve to find a new apartment in Brooklyn. Steve is kind, easy going, was never pushy and a real pleasure to work with. I'd happily recommend him to anyone.
ERICH WEISS (for Steve Schul)
08/15/2017 10:52AM
Steve was extremely helpful and friendly throughout the entire process. He took me to a number of of units and explained the ins and outs of renting. He forwarded units that fit my description in took me to others that I found by viewing Highline listings on-line
ERICA PEREZ AND MAX BECK (for Alexander Pierre Louis)
08/15/2017 10:52AM
First off, when we first came upon this agency, the agents we needed for a specific listing were on vacation. Highline is full of such AMAZINGLY kind and helpful people. Although late at night and out of state, they relayed me to someone who could help, and we had the fortune of getting Alexander as our agent. Professional and on time, bending over backwards to make sure we saw an apartment, he was the absolute sweetest. Transported us where we needed to be, didn't feel rushed or pressured, and felt very at ease in his company as he filled us in on details. Now a year into our move, he's always been there to check in of his own accord and make sure we're still happy and doing well. This was probably the best move experience we've ever had. Alexander is someone you'd absolutely want assisting you on the search for a new home. You can consider him not just your agent, but your friend.
JOE KELLY (for Alex Vega)
08/15/2017 10:51AM
Alex did an outstanding job showing us the apartment and surrounding neighborhood. He was available and prompt with his responses 24/7 and truly made the process of finding the right apartment easy. I without a doubt recommend him for to any and all individuals searching for rentals in the area.
MARK SISTI (for Alex Vega)
08/15/2017 10:50AM
Alex is the one!...I called several realtors, very hit and miss regarding their reliability.....BUT...Alex was there for me, returned all calls reliably, and stuck with me from soup to nuts and found me my new home. Go with Alex.
FELIX BALON (for Mauricia Cadillo)
08/15/2017 10:49AM
I dealt with several Brooklyn brokers while looking for my perfect apartment, and Mauricia was the hardest working one out of all of them. Very kind, knowledgeable, and professional. Highly recommend.
OSAMA ALMANASTIRLY (for Mauricia Cadillo)
08/15/2017 10:49AM
Mairicia is a great dealer, she showed me one apartment and we did the application in the same day, i got approved in the next day. She was very nice and helpful. The apartment prive was really good. 1 bedroom for 1500 with NO broker fee. I highly recommen her
ELSAYED (for Mauricia Cadillo)
08/15/2017 10:48AM
She is a great agent! Very quick to respond to all my questions and my requirements. She helped me alot to get what I need . Thankyou so much exactly.very knowledgable. Trusting woman
08/15/2017 10:38AM
I went out on an apartment showing with John, the 1st apartment that he showed me I fell in LOVE with! We saw a couple more, but the 1st one was perfect. After showing my boyfriend we applied and were approved. John made the process seamless, easy and answered all our questions. He even ended up negotiating on furniture for us that the previous tenant had and wanted to sell! FULL SERVICE BROKER! Thank you for all your hard work. Hartley & Adam.
08/15/2017 10:38AM
John found us a HUGE 2 bedroom Apartment in East Village! We couldn't be happier with the location & the amount of closets space we have! He was knowledgeable, professional and had great negotiation skills! Got us into the apartment a week earlier then our move in date, at no extra charge! If you are looking for a rental or have any real estate needs please give this him a call! THANK YOU JOHN FOR FINDING US AN AWESOME APARTMENT!!!
NANCY VADEN (for John Nolano)
08/15/2017 10:38AM
John was an amazing broker, he help me find the perfect apartment on the 1st day out. He was very professional and knowledgeable about the Manhattan market. He answered all my questions and made my experience seamless. If you are looking to buy, sell or rent in New York I would strongly suggest using him for the job!
LEANDER A. GREEN III (for Trevor Hunte)
08/15/2017 10:37AM
Heavenly sent. This guy is incredible. When other brokers in NYC wouldn't give me the time of day, Trevor came alone and went above and beyond. He kept me posted on every move and had a back up plan for his back up plan. Without him I would not have the peace of mind I now have. Talk about turning water into wine. Thank you very much.
08/15/2017 10:29AM
Devone Graham of Highline Residential is THE broker to hire. Whether dealing with rentals or investment sales, Devone gets the job done! As a millennial in the Brooklyn brokerage community, Devone is able to relate to his clients, understand their wants and needs and puts them into action. He responds right away and makes himself available 24/7... His communication skills are a 10/10! Devone is a community guy; it helps tremendously that he knows Brooklyn so well and has built great relationships with many landlords in several neighborhoods. I highly recommend Devone to all interested buyers and renters looking to make a move in or out of Brooklyn. He's professional, approachable and an extremely hard worker. His hustle is 100% - on our first meeting I was able to tell that he had all of the assets that make a successful broker. As a larger landlord in the boroughs, Silvershore has multiple brokers reaching out constantly for business. Devone and his teammates at Highline Residential have Silvershore Properties up-most respect. He is a man of his word - his clients are his first priority. Devone Graham is one of the few brokers in the market that we trust and we look very forward to conducting more business with down the road!!!
JESSE SUNQUIST (for Ana Maria Bazzani)
08/15/2017 10:29AM
Ana Maria helped us get the exact apartment we wanted. She was organized, super responsive, and advocated for us with the landlord to get a better move-in date. She was also very flexible when it came to exchanging information and even payment. She was super easy to work with, not pushy, and I would definitely recommend to a friend.
LIZETTE GARCIA (for Ana Maria Bazzani)
08/15/2017 10:28AM
Ana Maria was so helpful finding me a place. She knew what I wanted and steered me in the right direction when trying to decide. She drove me all over Brooklyn to look at multiple listings. She went above and beyond for me and I am so happy I finally have a home!
SAILIFA NANIT (for Myriam Scialom)
08/15/2017 10:28AM
We had a great experience working with Myriam. I couldn’t believe how responsive she was to all of our requests and questions, and she knew far more than we ever hoped to about the process of Renting an apartment in NY!. We were also impressed by how fast she understood what we were looking for, as we have 3 kids and not only the apartment had to be adjusted accordingly, but also the location, amenities and school were important factors to consider. We would definitely recommend her!
MATT HANSON (for Myriam Scialom)
08/15/2017 10:27AM
I made an account on a seemingly strange website (nakedapartments) which apparently was widely used for apartment rentals in NYC. I had only been to NYC twice, and wasn't currently living here, but needed to move into it. Upon making an account, several random real estate brokers and agents began reaching out to me, often with copy and pasted sales pitches and apartment listings which didn't meet any of my described criteria. Then, one day, Myriam reached out to me. Not only did she send me a message she typed specifically for me (not copy and pasted), she sent me a couple listings which could meet my criteria, and went through the extra trouble to inform me how the listings did or did not meet my criteria. It turns out, when you need a short term rental in NYC (I did), it is extremely difficult to find an available apartment which meets all of your specific criteria (relatively low budget, short term, not too far from downtown). I had looked for a while by myself to no avail. Myriam worked with me through the process the entire time, often making herself available to give me a phone call late at night (only time I could talk), in order to help me find such a specific listing. She worked harder for me than I could have ever asked for, and spent so much time searching for me, I felt guilty over how hard she was working for me. Ultimately, she found a listing which met essentially all of my desired criteria (and is even better than I was asking for). Myriam was extremely nice and professional throughout the entire process, and if I'm ever looking for a place in the city again, I'll definitely be sure to contact her first. I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me through the entire process, in a city which was foreign to me. Thank you Myriam!
MELIA (for Adrian Armor)
08/15/2017 10:24AM
I had a great experience working with Adrian. I couldn’t believe how responsive he was to all of my requests and questions, and he knew far more than I ever hoped in finding the right place for me. Thank you again.
C. WATSON (for Jeff Augustin)
08/15/2017 10:22AM
From day one I could tell that Jeff was the real deal! I've had less than stellar experiences navigating the Brooklyn apartment hunt so Jeff was a breathe of fresh air. I gave him the task of finding me a unicorn and he did just that. Not to mention he was super professional and easily accessible. If I have any friends looking for an apartment he's the one I will recommend.
SARA LEVITZ (for Jeff Augustin)
08/15/2017 10:22AM
Jeff was extremely professional and prompt. Thanks to him I have my dream apartment!
SERETA S (for Maria Monroe)
08/15/2017 10:18AM
She has a very warm personality, knows what she is doing and did a great job with finding me an apartment.
PAUL MOSLEY (for Maria Monroe)
08/15/2017 10:17AM
Maria's friendliness and sense of urgency set all my anxieties about moving to NYC at ease. She found one of the best options for me and locked it down within a matter of 3 days.
SEBASTIAN O. (for Pinar Tuncel)
08/15/2017 10:14AM
The apartment I really wanted got rented, but she was very helpful throughout the whole process. Very friendly.
BERNARDO SORIANO (for Pinar Tuncel)
08/15/2017 10:13AM
She is a great agent, always answering quickly the email and all the questions I had. Thanks for all.
MELISSA (for Alex Vega)
08/14/2017 03:41PM
Alex was great to work with! He was super helpful in finding apartments in the area/price range I was looking at, very friendly, and great at promptly following up with whatever information I needed to move forward with getting my apartment. I would definitely recommend him to anyone apartment hunting in the area!
COLLETTE PHILIPPE (for Maria Monroe)
08/13/2017 02:06PM
Meeting Maria was a blessing to my family and I on so many levels. She was very professional, honest and kind hearted. Maria helped us to find a beautiful place that we can call our home. I will recommend her to everyone, she is absolutely wonderful. Thank you Maria .
GREG PHILIPPE (for Maria Monroe)
08/13/2017 11:34AM
Finding a good Broker is hard to come by. Finding a good friend is God send. I have found both in Maria. I am blessed to be in her presents. This process of securing a location to live can be mind boggling, but Maria made this na easy process. Thank you Maria
SALVATORE C. (for Christine Araman)
08/01/2017 09:33AM
Christine was a fantastic help in the leasing process of my current apartment in Upper East Side, NYC. She helped guide the process quickly and efficiently representing both the owner and us honestly and openly while also diligently pushing along my application to lease the Co-op. Christine was readily available, reachable and helped both sides smoothly transact. I appreciated her hard work, integrity in representing the buyer and also help throughout the process. I look forward to working with her in the future knowing that she will be able to find me another lease or purchase property that won’t compromise my needs or preferences. Thanks again!
VERO T. (for Christine Araman)
08/01/2017 09:29AM
Christine has been great for me. She listens to what is needed and goes the extra miles in finding a place. She is great at scheduling views and will value your time. I warmly recommend her.
JOYCE Z. (for Christine Araman)
08/01/2017 09:27AM
Christine is the first agent I ever know in nyc and she is wonderful. Always keep me up with latest apartments and provide me with information and suggestions that are more than just renting. Overall she is efficient, trustworthy and very helpful. I feel welcome and motivated thanks to her work.
JENNIFER K. (for Christine Araman)
08/01/2017 09:25AM
Very helpful and courteous. Still helping us find an apartment. Excellent to do business with her. Thanks.
SALVATORE C. (for Christine Araman)
08/01/2017 09:24AM
Christine was a fantastic help in the leasing process of my current apartment in Upper East Side, NYC. She helped guide the process quickly and efficiently representing both the owner and us honestly and openly while also diligently pushing along my application to lease the Co-op. Christine was readily available, reachable and helped both sides smoothly transact. I appreciated her hard work, integrity in representing the buyer and also help throughout the process. I look forward to working with her in the future knowing that she will be able to find me another lease or purchase property that won’t compromise my needs or preferences. Thanks again!
STEPHANIE M. (for Ben Yoon)
07/25/2017 02:57PM
Ben was extremely helpful throughout my tedious search for apartments. Not only did he have patience with me every time I changed my mind, he also walked me through what felt like a million different apartments. Ben responded very quickly to each email I sent him and was always on time to our meetings. Ben was very easy to communicate with and he had a tremendous amount of knowledge about neighborhoods and had quite a knack for knowing exactly what I wanted. If you are looking for an amazing agent to help with your search, Ben Yoon is the man for the job.
ZOCHA (for Ben Yoon)
07/25/2017 02:57PM
Ben went above and beyond while helping me look for an apartment. He responded to emails promptly, was ways on time, and super organized. He made a very hectic time, very simple and enjoyable. I would recommend Ben to anyone.
JAMES W. (for Ben Yoon)
07/25/2017 02:56PM
Ben was a true pleasure to work with and exemplified integrity and professionalism throughout every part of the process. His attention to me made it seem as though I was his only client: communication and ideas flowed as if we were sitting in the same room at all times. After finding the right apartment for me, Ben stayed closely involved and guided me through the paperwork process, including helping me quickly resolve any unforeseen administrative issues. Ben is a true pro - from start to finish. - James W.
DANNY W. (for Ben Yoon)
07/25/2017 02:56PM
After the great assistance and support Ben provided me on my condo purchase, it was natural that I enlisted Ben’s service and expertise to help me rent out my condo. Given that this is my first experience in being a ‘landlord’ I did not have much of an understanding of the rental process and additionally, living overseas made it impossible for me to be involved in the process so I needed to find an agent that I could rely on and trust to carry out the necessary activities. Within a day or two of my closing, Ben had already provided me some comparable show sheets so I could understand what the going market was for in my area (and building) as well as had taken the marketing photos and put together a preliminary show sheet. Within a week or so, he had organized the first open house and sets of appointments to show my condo. Needless to say, his immediate attention and guidance on all aspects of renting out a condo (e.g. fair market rent for my apartment, terms of a lease, etc.) helped me to get my condo rented within a month of my closing when other comparable units in my building have been on the market for 60+ days! Additionally, Ben had a planned vacation during this process and the activity never skipped a beat and he was attentive throughout which allowed the transaction to be completed by the end of the month as expected. Thanks Ben!
AMRO E. (for Ben Yoon)
07/25/2017 02:55PM
Ben is your ideal Real Estate agent ... he is courteous, on time and professional ... he also has a good sense of humor and very good experience with the housing market. He will not stop until you get your dream house .. he is patient and will always be there no matter how many houses you saw. In my life, I have dealt with many Real Estate agents, and Ben stand out as the ideal agent. You will be glad you chose him
VINCENT L. (for Ben Yoon)
07/25/2017 02:55PM
We worked with Ben on the sale of our condo in Queens as well as our purchase of a new condo, also in Queens. For the sale, he was able to provide us with multiple offers at near asking in a very short time. We had a tenant in the unit that would be transferred over to the new owner, and Ben was able to work very well with him on coordinating showings. We closed successfully thanks to Ben's hard work, expert knowledge and quick response time. He also helped us tremendously on working through our purchase, especially with getting the appraised value required for the financing. We were also able to close the purchase successfully and on time due to his efforts. We highly recommend Ben to be a exclusive agent for sales and purchase.
ADAM MERRIAM (for Ben Yoon)
07/25/2017 02:51PM
Finding an apartment can be a daunting experience, however dealing with Ben Yoon made the whole experience more streamlined and much easier. Ben responded to all of my phone calls, texts, and emails immediately, and always found answers/solutions to any problems and/or tasks in a timely manner. Ben is highly competent, organized, and efficient. I would highly recommend working with Ben in any given real estate transaction.
FENG L. (for Ben Yoon)
07/25/2017 02:51PM
Ben is very helpful, keeps the client up to date, and makes himself available whenever needed. I had a great experience having him as an agent.
SPENCER SMITH (for Erik Abazorius)
07/24/2017 12:09PM
I'm glad we had Erik assisting us. He stayed on top of a multitude of complications that could have prevented us from getting the apartment and kept us updated. We lucked out.
FRANCINE R. (for Erik Abazorius)
07/24/2017 12:08PM
Erik was amazing!! He listened to our needs (I am a little picky!) and was thoughtful about which apartments to show us. He made the whole process painless and was very communicative about everything! Would absolutely recommend his expertise and services.
OLIVIA M (for Erik Abazorius)
07/24/2017 12:08PM
Erik was incredible at assisting my roommates and I with everything for securing our new apartment. During the paperwork process, my three roommates and I were constantly reaching out to Erik with clarifying questions via text/email and he was fantastic at responding immediately - which ultimately helped us submit everything quickly and secure the apartment. He made the whole transaction painless!
KARAN KALHAN (for Erik Abazorius)
07/24/2017 12:08PM
I was happy with Erik's quick and knowledgeable responses to my questions.
CADY (for Erik Abazorius)
07/24/2017 12:07PM
Erik was such a great help to us in securing our apartment. He was really wonderful about responding to our (many) emails right away. He made the process so easy and stress free.