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Blog Image for 5 Steps to Come Out On Top in a Competitive Market
by Highline Residential
If you're looking for a new home in New York City, you'll discover that there are 20% fewer homes on the market this Spring than last. It feels like there are more buyers looking than there are properties to buy. And mortgage rates are increasing for the first time in some New Yorkers' memories! Yet mortgage rates are still relatively low. Rates were double when I bought my first apartment! Now's the time to jump into the market to avoid any future increases in sale prices and mortgage rates. Here's what you need to do: 1. Choose a great real estate agent. As the Sales Manager at Highline, I can recommend one of our excellent agents to represent you and be YOUR fiduciary. One of our jobs is to teach you how you can come out on top in a competitive market. Your agent can show you what you can do to make your offer more appealing to a seller. 2. Get Preapproved. Speak with a mortgage professional to find out how much you can afford. Don't overextend yourself. History shows that your home WILL appreciate over the long term, but you also need to be able to afford it for the long term. Make sure that you're comfortable with the amount that you are going to spend, and make sure that you still have your emergency fund even after your down payment. Your Highline agent can recommend some skillful mortgage professionals. To make a competitive offer for your dream home and get the seller to consider your offer, your mortgage preapproval needs to be in order. 3. Be pr…
Blog Image for Designing Your Apartment With Mental Health in Mind
by Highline Residential
Your home should be a haven, but finding peace and serenity in the midst of an urban jungle can be incredibly challenging. After all, New York City may, indeed, be the greatest city in the world, but the city that never sleeps can sometimes be, well, exhausting. The good news, though, is that you can still reap the rewards of NYC-living and come home at the end of the day to a tranquil oasis in the metropolis. The key is to know how to design your apartment with your mental health in mind. We'll show you how! Go Minimalist If you've ever shopped for an apartment in a metropolis then you know that living space in the city is at a premium - to put it mildly. Even if your apartment feels like it has the square footage of the average postage stamp, though, there are still things you can do to help your home feel less claustrophobic and more comforting. The first thing to do is to embrace the minimalist ethos. Instead of stuffing your apartment with furniture, mementos, and whatnots, focus only on the most important elements. Incorporate only the furnishings you absolutely must have to feel comfortable in your home. Likewise, get rid of any art, knick-knacks, decor, or collectibles that you don't truly love. This way, everything in your home will be something you either need or cherish. That will inevitably boost your mood by surrounding you only with items that are meaningful or useful while nixing any useless thing that will only clutter your home and contribute t…
Blog Image for When to Make the Jump from Renting to Buying
by Highline Residential
For many Millennials - especially those in a big city - apartment living or staying in a rental home is the norm. One recent survey found that 18% of Millennials want to rent forever. Homeownership used to be a major part of the American dream. But for this and future generations, it might seem like an impossible dream. Renting is often easier and less of a financial burden on a generation that has had to endure everything from hefty student loans to a sluggish economy. But, there are more benefits to homeownership than you might realize. If you've been considering transitioning into owning your own home, understanding some of those benefits and weighing out the pros and cons will make your decision easier. So, should you make that jump from renting to buying? If so, when? The Pros of Homeownership If you've been renting for any length of time, you're probably well aware of the benefits, including things like not having to take care of your own maintenance, and not having to commit to one place on a long-term basis. But, there are also some cons to renting that might have you thinking about homeownership, in the first place. Your payments will never stop. Rental rates consistently go up. There are no tax benefits. Plus, most rental properties and apartments have plenty of rules and regulations you have to follow. While owning a home is more responsibility and a greater commitment, the benefits might make you think twice when you compare them to the d…
Blog Image for How should you prepare to purchase a home in the city?
by Highline Residential
Owning a home can prove to be your largest source of wealth throughout your life. You are investing in yourself and your future! How do you prepare to have a positive and successful experience? 1. Get your finances in order. You will need to present your financial qualifications not only to a lender in order to get a mortgage loan, but also to a coop or condo board, and to the seller of the property that you want. You don't want to find your dream home and then not be able to proceed because your finances aren't organized. The information that is important is: your current salary or income, credit score, assets, liquid assets, and also your financial obligations or debt. You should also ask yourself if you plan to make any other major life changes soon or are planning any other big purchases. 2. Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage Your Highline agent will be able to recommend a mortgage lender or mortgage broker who can help you. No seller will accept your offer for a property if you can't prove that you can get the mortgage loan that you need to purchase their property. 3. Make your Wish List This is the fun part! What is important to you? Where do you want to live? How many bedrooms do you need? Are you willing to make alterations to a new home to "make it your own?" 4. Find a Real Estate Agent If you haven't already, now's the time to find your real estate agent. Maybe a friend can make a recommendation. As a buyer, your real estate agent will be your "fidu…