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Daniel Rosen

Lic. Real Estate Salesperson / Astoria

(917) 232-8321

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I'm very picky about a lot of things. Apartments are one of them. Daniel was so accommodating to a lot of these while I was looking to move to Astoria. I definitely could not have done this with out him! Mr. Rosen was always on time to the appointments - which were a bountiful and impressive 3-5 every time. While looking, I never felt pressure to 'buy before it's too late'. Mr. Rosen was very sensitive to that, and made sure that everything shown was something he stood by and would even consider buying himself. In what i thought would take two weeks, we found the apartment I had been looking for in 2 days! When it came time for paperwork, lease signing, etc. Daniel was thorough, swift and made sure it all went of without a hitch. Working with Daniel was genuine and stress-free. 10 Stars.

- Matt

Daniel is a very knowledgeable, organized, and extremely helpful Real Estate Agent. He gave me a call the same day I initially emailed him and we spoke in detail about what I was looking for in my next apartment. Daniel took the time to send me several listings (with pictures) so that I could get a sense of what was on the market with my price range and location. He was very accommodating when scheduling apartment visits since I have a busy work schedule. In two days I will be moving into my dream apartment in Astoria, thanks to Daniel! I would recommend him to anyone who is on the hunt looking for their next home. Thank you so much, Daniel!



Daniel Rosen is a licensed New York real estate agent with Highline Residential in their Astoria office. If you are looking for the best real estate agent near you, please reach out to Daniel Rosen.


Address Neighborhood Price Type Beds Bath
122 GREENWICH AVENUE #26 (PH6B) West Village $3,925,000 Condominium 2 2
134 POWERS STREET #3C Williamsburg $1,515,000 Condominium
8-23 ASTORIA BOULEVARD Long Island City $1,515,000 House - Multi Family
36-20 29 STREET Long Island City $1,325,000 House - Two Family
36-20 29 STREET Long Island City $1,325,000 House - Single Family
57-19 MAZEAU STREET Flushing $1,170,000 House - Two Family
57-19 MAZEAU STREET Flushing $1,170,000 House - Single Family
18-37 26th Avenue #0 Astoria $820,000 Townhouse Studio 0
721 Flushing Avenue #6A Williamsburg $750,000 Condominium 2 2
384 NASSAU BOULEVARD Long Island City $700,000 Rental Building/Apartment
666 Greenwich Street #911 - $6,995 Rental Building/Apartment 1 2
134 POWERS STREET #3C Williamsburg $6,400 Condominium 3 2
95 CHRISTOPHER ST - $5,000 Rental Building/Apartment 1 1
250 EAST HOUSTON STREET East Village $4,500 Rental Building/Apartment 1 1
721 FLUSHING AVENUE #6A Williamsburg $3,695 Condominium 2 2
30-84 50 STREET Astoria $2,600 Rental Building/Apartment 2 1
28-07 8 STREET #2 Long Island City $2,500 House - Single Family 3 2
28-05 8 STREET #3 Long Island City $2,500 Rental Building/Apartment 3 2