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John Vetere

Lic. Real Estate Salesperson / New York

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John M. Vetere is a seasoned real estate professional with a lifelong connection to New York City. Raised in the Bronx, John grew up in a community filled with diverse housing options, ranging from private homes to multi-family buildings. This early exposure instilled in him a deep appreciation for the diversity and opportunities that city living offers.

John's educational journey began in the City of New York's public school system, culminating in a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Fordham University at Lincoln Center, where he double majored in English and Stage Lighting Design. His academic background provided him with a strong foundation in communication and creative problem-solving, skills that he brings to his real estate career.

For over three decades, John has resided in a cooperative apartment in Long Island City, Northwestern Queens. His extensive experience as a cooperative owner and his active role on the Board of Directors—serving in key positions such as President, Vice President, Secretary, and currently Treasurer—have given him a comprehensive understanding of cooperative management and governance.

John's professional journey in real estate includes over a decade as a Property Manager, overseeing cooperatives and condominiums across Queens and Nassau Counties. This hands-on experience has equipped him with invaluable insights into property management, maintenance, and the operational aspects of residential communities.

Whether you are a first-time renter, home buyer, or looking to downsize, John leverages his wealth of experience to guide you through every step of your real estate journey. His commitment to client satisfaction, coupled with his in-depth knowledge of New York City's real estate landscape, ensures that he delivers personalized solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Let John M. Vetere assist you in finding your next home and navigate the complexities of the New York City real estate market with confidence.



John Vetere is a licensed New York real estate agent with Highline Residential in their Manhattan office. If you are looking for the best real estate agent near you, please reach out to John Vetere.