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Testimonials for Craig Meachen

Craig did an excellent job getting our apartment ready to market and then completing a sale over asking price on a very tight schedule during the (supposedly) slow summer months!! He did it all with humor and humility. His communication skills, attention to detail and style are second to none. Highly recommend.
What a delight it was working with Craig on both the sale of my apartment and purchase of another. I created a unique challenge for Craig by falling in love with one of his listings before my apartment was anywhere near being on the market. But he took it all in stride and held my hand through the entire process of preparing my apartment for staging, thoroughly but tastefully marketing the sale, calming my nerves, finding multiple buyers in mere weeks and handling the numerous details which brought us to the closing table without a hitch. We pulled off back to back closings to boot! Craig was the upmost professional throughout - always attentive, responsive and well informed. I'm not sure how he did it all. Although he had a full roster of other clients, it never felt that way. I would be remiss if I did not mention what a truly kind person he is. I could not have asked for a better broker and will happily recommend him to anyone in need of a real estate professional.
My partner and I worked with Craig for ~6 months in 2017 and found him incredibly patient. We weren't sure if we wanted to continue renting or to take the plunge and buy. He helped educate us on the current market and what we could expect at various price points, identify what we really need (v. what would be nice to have), and guided us through all required considerations and neighborhoods. Upon deciding to purchase, he coached us through the entire process. Our first two offers didn't work out but it was the best in the end as we ended up in what is the truly right property for us. Craig was never pushy - he offered his opinions but also listened carefully to us and what we wanted. He reflected back to us what he heard and was quick to move once we made decisions. Thanks for your help, Craig, and we feel lucky to have you as a neighbor in Brooklyn Heights.
Craig is hands down the best real estate agent I have worked with. I am currently moving to New York from Los Angeles. Prior to meeting with me, Craig had a thorough phone call with me to discuss dealbreakers, the area I was interested in, budget and more. He was very diligent in follow up and preparing amazing options. My father and I met with Craig and he truly delivered. He showed us amazing options, educated us on what our price point would get in certain neighborhoods and really made us feel heard, and more importantly, listened to. Not to mention, he is a joy to be around. It wasn't just a business conversation. He took time to get to know our personalities and let us know his. At the end of our time with Craig, my father and I were so elated we went to a property he showed us and put down a security deposit. 15 out of 10 would work with Craig again. Absolutely will recommend him to my friends who move to New York.
Craig provided a remarkable level of service in the sale of our home. With careful attention to detail, his marketing and staging resulted in a fully executed contract in less than four days with multiple offers and above ask. Closing table in only 29 days. Highly recommend.
We had been living in our coop apartment for nearly four decades. When we decided it was time to move Craig worked with us over a long period - over a year - while we researched the best destination for our new home. Once we decided where to move Craig helped us plan for staging. This included planning for packing, choosing how much refurbishing was adequate, choosing new furniture appropriate for showing while being useful in our new home. Throughout the process, Craig helped us stay on schedule and when we were finally ready to list he finished the staging process by providing the pristine decorations that perfected the design. Immediately prior to listing Craig brought in a professional photographer for the listing photos, designed the listing ad and took care of all the details. All of these steps resulted in a sale significantly over asking essentially the same day as the open house. He helped make closing very fast and smooth. The entire experience was as positive as a major move can be.
Craig is an exceptional real estate agent who goes above and beyond. My wife and I contacted Craig to put our apartment on the market, he came to the first meeting with with a ton of market research to help us decide listing price and within a week of meeting he had a multi-page packet outlining his suggestions to improve the look of the apartment prior to listing it. The suggestions included a range of prices points and even included specific links to suggested products, his background in interior design truly came out during this phase. With less than $1,000 he completely transformed our place to a fresh-looking apartment you would see in a design magazine, the best part was that Craig ensured all the furnishings he suggested (chairs, accent tables, accessories) fit our style and would work in our new home. Soon after getting the place ready he had our apartment photographed, posted on-line, out to his massive network and an open house scheduled. His marketing of the space brought a large turn-out to the first open house and within a couple days we had an offer, after some negotiations which Craig handled like a pro, we had a signed contract. As with any sale there were hiccups along the way but Craig was always able to stay calm and take care of the situation, he did whatever it took to make sure all went as planned. Craig continuously checked-in with me and my wife to ensure we were always kept updated and that he was in-line with what we wanted. I highly recommend Craig to anyone looking to buy a sale a home, having him on your side gives you an enormous advantage.
Craig was very helpful in helping me secure an apartment. From giving me a quick tour of the area, visiting different apartments, to getting my lease over the finish line, Craig was there at every step along the way.
Craig is very professional and an all around good guy. He is meticulous in his detail. From his prompt response to my initial inquiry I was impressed from the start with his comfortable yet thorough way of giving me great service throughout my apartment search. Thank you Craig for such a warm welcome to the neighborhood. I must say, you certainly know Brooklyn Heights! I very much enjoyed not just your historic knowledge, but also all your great personal stories about the various shops in the area today!
Craig, You have been kind and professional throughout. I'm still hoping we can get this done through you, but who knows. I most certainly would recommend you to anyone in my network of colleagues and friends, and will do so. Thanks John
Craig, this is AMAZING! Wow! They say I should know by today, but things are looking good. Thank you for showing me so many apartments yesterday. Seeing such a variety really made making a decision easy! Thanks again, and I hope you had a very happy birthday, Ariel
Thank you so much, Craig! We really thought you were great, and looks forward to doing more business with you — hopefully as buyers next time!
Im so thrilled to have this new apartment and to have had the chance to work with you. I know I've said it before, but this has been such a wonderful experience thanks to your efforts. Thanks again for everything you've done to make this process so seamless and pain free :) Laura
Hi Craig, We are DIGGING the apartment--thank you again for helping us find the place and close the deal quickly! We are now pretty much set up. Any interest in swinging by for a peak? We are around most evenings after 6:30--let us know.
I highly, highly recommend Craig to be your broker! He's extremely responsive, organized and thoughtful. Throughout several months, he kept me updated on available apartments in a building I loved. He told me exactly what I needed in terms of paperwork and eased all my anxiety about the process! If he doesn't pick up when you call, you can feel confident he will get back to you very shortly! A true pleasure to work with!
Recently I decided to move from Los Angeles to the big bad city, also known as New York. That alone is a traumatic transition, nonetheless I did not have a lot of knowledge of New York real estate. And then came Craig. Not only did he emotionally comfort me with the stressful process, but you can just tell he loves what he does. And that he's good at it. Craig had the difficult job of communicating with both me and my adorable and loving (also known as "we want whats best for you") parents. (Talk about a tough job!) And trust me, he did a truly commendable job of making sure both parties were happy. Craig is extremely professional, polite, personal, patient, passionate, positive, and whole bunch of other P adjectives (only the good ones though). So whatever my opinion may be worth, as a highly emotional, easily stressed, and slightly dramatic person- I sincerely recommend Craig.
Knowledgeable. Efficient. Responsive. Unique in his level of care and attention to detail. Craig met me early on a Sunday morning in September at a local Brooklyn Heights coffee shop to discuss my rental needs and "must haves." From that moment through the signing of my lease and eventual move, it was clear that Craig was cut from a different kind of real estate broker cloth. The level of knowledge, attention to detail, and care that Craig brought to my search was unparalleled and, quite frankly, one which after 6+ years and 4 moves in NYC, I did not think could exist. Happily, Craig proved me wrong. I truly, truly look forward to working with him again in the future.
Very helpful and quick to respond. Thank you!
Craig is a great person to work with. He responds quick and takes action as quickly as possible. He knows exactly what you want.
Craig was a pleasure to work with. He understood my level of urgency and was able to find us a great apartment in our only day of apartment hunting. He made sure we knew our options and that we were able to make an informed decision, covering all bases. I highly recommend Craig to anyone looking for an agent to work with.
Friendly and extremely knowledgeable of area. Will definitely use Craig again when I move.
Craig responded immediately and was extremely attentive throughout the showing and beyond -- even going so far as to take time with us after the showing to explore the (amazing) neighborhood. Overall a pleasure to deal with, and we cannot thank -- or recommend -- him enough.
I am currently working with Craig and he has been a truly wonderful agent. He has been extremely responsive and has really been putting in a lot of effort to try and find me an apartment that will work well for me! I will update this again when my search is complete, but his high level of communication and dedication has inspired me to write an early review. I HIGHLY recommend working with Craig! He is top notch.
My husband and I contacted Craig to see an apartment, but unfortunately, it was no longer available. Craig managed to get us into a unit in the same building, same day, on extremely short notice. Craig was very knowledgeable about the neighborhood, and the market. Craig felt more like a friend giving us advice, than a Realtor just trying to get paid. We did not rent the apartment, but will definitely keep in touch with Craig for any future real estate needs.
I am currently working with Craig in my search, and he has been an absolute joy to work with. Craig really takes the time to connect with clients and get to know them as individuals, giving him the ability to accurately and quickly find just the right units based on their specific needs, must-haves, and wishlist items. His background in design means that when he's taking you through a unit, he doesn't just talk about what's there, but what COULD be there with a little decor, helping you to envision the space and see yourself in it. He'll go to bat for you as a client, and do everything possible to get you the apartment that you love - even in this white-hot market. More than anything, Craig takes a lot of time with each client - no matter how busy he is, he makes you feel like you're his #1 priority, and that's rare in NYC. I will update when I settle on an apartment, but I can say definitively that Craig is the agent I will use and recommend whenever I am looking for an apartment in New York. No question.
Craig is one of the best brokers we have had the pleasure of dealing with. Not only did he show us some great apartments, but also took the time to show us around the neighborhood and provide interesting tidbits about the area and its history. He is extremely personable and rather than employing high-pressure sales tactics, he actually considers your needs, wants and goals.
In short, Craig is wonderful! We had the best experience with him, not only did he show us great apartments (over 15) but he found places that would accommodate to my special circumstances (foreign parents/guarantors). He was careful and considerate and highlighted what each place had that would interest us. The more he got to know us, the more detailed the guidance became. It was a delightful and rewarding experience thanks to Craig. Don't hesitate, call Craig now for the best brokerage experience!
I worked with Craig. He was an incredible source of knowledge in the real estate market. I always had the best time looking at potential apartments with him. Not only does Craig understand the market, he has a wealth of historical facts and made a point of exploring the neighborhoods with me to allow a broader overall picture. I highly recommend Craig! The ELEVATION brand of real estate is classy and elegant. I am so lucky I found Craig and greatly appreciative of his time. I knew that I would find the perfect new home with his talented guidance. I am loving my new space and now referring colleagues and friends to Craig knowing that he'll deliver! BRAVO!
This review is long overdue, but I’m strongly compelled to spread the word on what an amazing contact Craig is. My boyfriend and I were extremely lucky to meet Craig during our recent apartment search. His enthusiasm was contagious, and we looked forward to meeting him to see apartments (which was a feeling not applied to meeting with other brokers!). His knowledge of Brooklyn was absolutely astounding, and we knew that with every apartment came a story of the neighborhood, how to best commute, festivals, how to place the furniture, etc. He really is the full package… and I look forward to using him to purchase a home in the future. I would wholeheartedly recommend him.
My boyfriend and I found Craig on Naked Apartments, and scheduled a viewing the very next morning. We told him up front that were not interested in signing until July. Upon meeting him, he brought a whole list of places and mentioned that it was a learning day; he sought to teach us about the area and explore options to better define our needs and wants. He never rushed us. He took plenty of time to show us apartments as well as give us a tour of the area, describing features and the history of the town. Although it was my first time renting in a building (I only previously rented houses on Long Island), he walked us through the process and did not talk down to us when we had very basic, and arguably stupid, questions. As two full-time professional-degree students, our budget was very strict and on the low end of the area’s market. Unlike other agents we worked with, he only showed us places that were in that price range, and never made us feel bad about what we could afford. It was a pleasant surprise. My favorite part about Craig is his devotion to the area; he himself has been living in the town we were viewing for years. That comforted me that his incredible rating of the town was genuine and not a sales-driven bloated one. His love for the area and New York City as a whole was indisputable and knows the area like the back of his hand. While we walked down the street, people waved to him and it was clear that he was a respected fixture in the neighborhood. Being rooted in that area gives him connections and knowledge that probably surpass many other agents. Regardless of our original timeline, my boyfriend and I decided we loved one so much, that we applied immediately. The building had very particular requirements, which necessitated a great deal of work on our part. Although we hit a few little bumps, Craig was there to assist and advocate on our behalf. It is about two weeks since we saw the place and we have already signed. We are both thrilled to be moving to this area, and I am so happy we found Craig. Craig’s knowledge, resources, and professionalism are to be admired. I highly recommend his services.
Craig was fantastic! We discussed our apartment needs with him over the phone and via email a couple of times throughout the week. Then on Saturday we met Craig, went through how the process would look and were taken on a tour of a dozen different apartments. All were on a sliding scale - from some more modest and well within our budget, to others more extravagant and at the top tier of what we could afford. Each one however, delivered on all our previously outlined requirements. Once we'd settled on our two favorites Craig helped us narrow down to the one that was right for us. We certainly are glad for the guidance and could not recommend Craig enough to anyone looking for a new place to live.
Craig delivered a highly professional service. He took on board all my needs and requirements to create a comprehensive tour of six apartments. This gave me the ability to make side-by-side comparisons to ascertain fair value, and also saved time. All the apartments I was shown fit my requirements. I would recommend Craig to anyone searching in the Brooklyn area because he also knows the nuances of the area intimately. Thanks again Craig.
Craig is an Above & Beyond broker. He showed me units within my budget and responds quickly to emails. I moved back to the city from out of state making the process even more stressful. Craig is really there for his clients even after the lease has been signed, which is pretty much unheard of! He truly wants to make sure your new home is what it should be. I had some issues with my new unit that was very stressful me to deal with and Craig took it upon himself to make sure everything would get made right. Even after being in my new home for 2 weeks he was still following up with me to be sure things were on track. Thanks Craig!
I'm not sure what made me read the reviews of each agent but I read all of Craig's before contacting him. Sure enough, the experience matched, if not surpassed, what other have said on here. He goes lightyears ahead of the extra mile and you can feel it. Not only did Craig respond to my initial email to him first thing the next morning, he also made the experience immediately comfortable. The only reason I did not find an apartment through him is because after some in depth emails and phone calls (I told you he goes above and beyond), we decided on a long-term solution to my search in order to improve my chances with the neighborhood of my choice. Long story short, I'm going to be using Craig as my agent later on in the year. Craig is an awesome agent! You won't be disappointed.
If you want to settle into the perfect home in the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, then Craig Meachen is your man! Craig is a long time resident and real estate expert in the area. We fell in love with Brooklyn Heights and were determined to move into an apartment in the neighborhood. We saw all of the lovely reviews and decided to give Craig a call. Craig was extremely attentive and always available. Within a few days, Craig had us scheduled for a full day of viewings and helped us prepare a competitive application. The Sunday of our viewing, we met with Craig in the morning and continued on to view 8+ apartments. Craig showed us a variety of units, all in our price range AND that were accommodating of our English Bulldog. We fell in love with a gorgeous Brownstone garden apartment on a picturesque block and submitted our application that day. From there, Craig worked with the property manager and secured the apartment for us within the week. The entire process was seamless and stress free. We highly recommend Craig Meachen if you are serious about moving into the Brooklyn Heights and surrounding area, he's the best!
We needed to find an apartment in NY for our daughter, an NYU student––but we live in California. Craig worked with us long distance, and helped us find a great place for her that is everything we could ask for: a secure building in a terrific neighborhood, plenty of space, and even an amazing view! Our daughter now has a lovely first apartment that is close to her part time job, with convenient subway access for school. In short, Craig found us a place that meets all her needs, and he was able to walk us through the process from 2700 miles away! Thanks to Craig, what could have been a very difficult search was easily accomplished!
There is simply no other way to say it- Craig is AMAZING. (People often seem to be drawn to caps- so allow me to elaborate). Craig was very understanding, NURTURING, and supportive. He understands the gruesome task of finding an affordable apartment in New York, and will FIND YOU AN APARTMENT IN YOUR BUDGET that FITS YOUR DESIRES. And if he doesn't, he will keep on looking until he does. (Seriously we looked at 15 apartments in 1 day.) Not many brokers are as friendly or TRUSTWORTHY as Craig... But he is one for the books. GO CRAIG.
My 22 year old daughter is moving to Brooklyn from Los Angeles. She worked with Craig in person while her Mother and I worked from New Mexico with him via phone and skyp. We feel like we know Craig personally and we hope to meet him on our next trip to New York. He is thorough, an encyclopedia of information, kind, understanding and worked with our daughter as if she was his. He took her lofty wish list, show her 15 apartments, and found the one that we all feel in love with. He negotiated a good deal with the landlord to make it affordable as well. We highly recommend Craig. We are quite sure you will like him too!