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Testimonials for Myriam Scialom

I have contacted Myriam on the recommandation of my friend who has been super pleased with her service few years ago. I have to say that i don't regret that choice of agent. Indeed, i particularly appreciated her patience and reactivity to find us the apartment in the right area (UWS). Far from being pessimistic regarding our selection criteria, she has been very receptive, full of enthusiasm... Moreover, Myriam has a lot of good addresses, smart advices to share when you are new in the big apple. Myriam is a very conscientious and professional person. Thank you so much Myriam ! Camille
Myriam is very professional. she has demonstrated a lot of patience and perception to find us the perfect dreamed apartment .. Due to her experience she really identified which housing we were looking for. She is a person in whom you can have total confidence.
We had a great experience working with Myriam. I couldn’t believe how responsive she was to all of our requests and questions, and she knew far more than we ever hoped to about the process of Renting an apartment in NY!. We were also impressed by how fast she understood what we were looking for, as we have 3 kids and not only the apartment had to be adjusted accordingly, but also the location, amenities and school were important factors to consider. We would definitely recommend her!
I made an account on a seemingly strange website (nakedapartments) which apparently was widely used for apartment rentals in NYC. I had only been to NYC twice, and wasn't currently living here, but needed to move into it. Upon making an account, several random real estate brokers and agents began reaching out to me, often with copy and pasted sales pitches and apartment listings which didn't meet any of my described criteria. Then, one day, Myriam reached out to me. Not only did she send me a message she typed specifically for me (not copy and pasted), she sent me a couple listings which could meet my criteria, and went through the extra trouble to inform me how the listings did or did not meet my criteria. It turns out, when you need a short term rental in NYC (I did), it is extremely difficult to find an available apartment which meets all of your specific criteria (relatively low budget, short term, not too far from downtown). I had looked for a while by myself to no avail. Myriam worked with me through the process the entire time, often making herself available to give me a phone call late at night (only time I could talk), in order to help me find such a specific listing. She worked harder for me than I could have ever asked for, and spent so much time searching for me, I felt guilty over how hard she was working for me. Ultimately, she found a listing which met essentially all of my desired criteria (and is even better than I was asking for). Myriam was extremely nice and professional throughout the entire process, and if I'm ever looking for a place in the city again, I'll definitely be sure to contact her first. I couldn't have asked for a better person to help me through the entire process, in a city which was foreign to me. Thank you Myriam!