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Apartment Renovations to Make Space

If you love city life, you may be considering permanently relocating to an urban area. This could mean finding a long-term rental agreement or it could involve making the leap by purchasing your own apartment.

When you own your apartment, you have much more control over how you can impact your living space. You can tackle larger renovation projects without the fear of upsetting a landlord. Specifically, this frees you up to make your apartment feel bigger.

Here are a few renovation ideas that can help you turn even the tiniest apartment into a larger living space.

Use Bright Paint
One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your space feel bigger is using both bright and light colors. White, pale, and neutral paint colors reflect light well and can create an open effect. Additionally, they can contrast with darker room accents, adding a further layer of depth to limited space.

Work with Your Lighting
In addition to paint, consider looking for ways to maximize your apartment's lighting. This includes both natural and artificial lighting options.

For the former, keep windows uncovered, get rid of heavy drapes, and let in as much natural light as you can. For the latter, do your best to evenly distribute lighting throughout your home. Consider hanging up a mirror or two to make each room feel both brighter and bigger.

Opening Up a Room
Another great option is to remove any cumbersome walls that hamper traffic flow throughout your home. Taking out a wall can open up your space and make it feel much bigger.

Before you pull out that sledgehammer, though, consider hiring a contractor for this one. Many walls are load-bearing (meaning they're integral to the structure itself). Taking out a wall can be a complicated demolition project that shouldn't be DIY.

Choose Minimalistic Decor
Organization is a crucial aspect of living in an apartment. It doesn't matter if you're living the bachelor life or prepping for a baby with your partner, you want to keep a limited living space organized and orderly at all times.

One of the best ways to do this is by choosing minimalist decor. While minimalism is more than simply getting rid of your stuff, it can certainly help you keep a better-organized space. Reduce the number of items that you own, make sure everything has its own space, keep pathways clear, and so on.

Go Vertical
When floor space is sparse, remember that you can always go up. Bunk beds, stackable washers and dryers, upright freezers, floor-to-ceiling pantries, and many other options can help you utilize as much vertical space as possible throughout your home.

Capitalize on Storage
Storage is another area that can quickly consume your space. If you're angling to make your apartment feel bigger, choose sleek, efficient storage options to help you maximize space, such as:

  • Using built-in storage.

  • Hanging shelves in closets.

  • Relocating dressers to the laundry room to free up space in your bedroom.

  • Utilizing hooks to hang coats and clothes.

By capitalizing on storage, you ensure that as much of your space is available for everyday use as possible.

Making Space in Your Urban Apartment
You don't have to sacrifice your space to live in the city. On the contrary, there are many ways that you can create new spaces even in a small urban apartment.

If you want to open up your living space, all you have to do is think outside of the box. Can you be more efficient with your storage? Are you decorating with minimalism in mind? Are you using paint and lighting to your advantage?

All it takes is a little creativity to find plenty of extra room in your living space.