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Tips For Marketing The Exterior Of A Property To Millennials

Millennials are now a driving force in the real estate market, making up the largest percentage of the home buying market at 38%. It's a smart move to market your home to them since many of them are starting families and fleeing to NYC suburbs.

How can you woo -- and even better wow -- these millennial homebuyers? The first thing millennials -- and any other potential homebuyers -- notice is your property's exterior, whether they're driving by or (more likely) searching for a home online.

Here are some tips to market the exterior of your home to this key demographic:

Capitalize on Curb Appeal
When buyers see messy lawns, cracked driveways, or peeling paint, they may move on to the next listing. Weed and mow your lawn, clean up clutter, and cut back overgrown trees or shrubs.

Other ways to improve your property's curb appeal: Spruce up the front entrance with a new door, or paint or restain your existing one. Add a potted plant, a welcome mat, and a wreath on the door for a welcoming vibe.

Emphasize Outdoor Living Space
Millennials want to use their homes for socializing and entertaining, and that applies to outdoor spaces. Highlight your property's outdoor living space in your listing.

If you don't have an inviting, welcoming outdoor space, create one. Add seating or a weatherproof table to decks, patios, or a flat patch of grass. Update the space with simple touches like new cushions or potted plants. These pretty pops of color attract the eye and add vibrancy.

Update Your Landscaping
If you have the budget, invest in landscaping improvements. While millennials don't want a high-maintenance yard needing constant attention, they do want an attractive place to relax and spend time with family and friends.

You can make landscaping improvements -- such as a patio herb garden or vertical privacy gardens -- yourself or get help from a professional. LawnStarter estimates the average cost to improve landscaping in New York is $3,137.

Add Light
Help your brownstone or walk-up shine with lighting. Line driveways or walkways with simple-to-install solar lights, or go all-out with an exterior lighting design.

The right light will enhance your home's exterior and often make it look larger and more inviting. You'll make the unique exterior features easier to see during evening showings. You'll also add security and safety by lighting up the night.

Invest in Smart Tech
Millennials are a tech-savvy group, so add smart lighting systems inside and outside.

Smart lighting lets you turn lights on and off remotely with your smartphone. Some are motion activated for security, while others offer decorative color-changing options.

Outside the home, smart sprinkler systems can make caring for your lawn easier. Newer models monitor weather and soil conditions and turn on when your lawn or plants need water. Automated drip systems do the same thing while delivering water to the plants' roots where they need it most.

Highlight Your Exterior Improvements
Once you've made your New York property's exterior a millennial homebuyer's dream, highlight these features in your listing. Millennials start searching for homes online, so an eye-catching exterior will help your home stand out in virtual listings.

Bottom line: You'll have a better chance of getting millennials to take a look inside if you target what they want on the outside.

Cindy Mitchell is a home stager and lifestyle and landscape design writer. She is a social butterfly who loves to entertain guests at home with beautifully decorated spaces for any occasion.